Author's Note:: This fic will be a Tommy Rizzoli/Maura fic. Originally, I had intended for it to be an OC, but I don't really like OC. That, and Maura makes much more sense for this one than any random character.

Set waaaaay before Maura begins working with Boston P.D, so she doesn't know the Rizzoli's already.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Rights belong to Tess Gerritsen, Janet Tamaro and TNT.

Smiling as he held her hand, Tommy looked at his stunning fiancee and nodded to her, "Babe, it's going to be fine. My mother will love you!" he told her, looking over her body, not subtly either. Tommy raked his eyes over her, drinking in her curves and nodding appreciatively at what he saw.

As she looked to him, she nodded, "I know, I'm just nervous. What if she gets angry that she hasn't met me sooner? We've been together for only a short time, Tommy and we're engaged. We've already begun planning our wedding..." she tilted her head softly, caramel curls tumbled down from behind her ear and crossed her face as she blinked to him.

"Just relax, she's going to love you. I promise." Tommy smiled brightly to her, showing his pearly teeth, "I promise Maura."

Maura nodded and waited with baited breath outside the Rizzoli family home, standing next to her fiance. She heard footsteps and a lot of noise inside the house as the doorbell rang out. She swallowed gently as the door opened and she caught her first glimpse of Mrs. Angela Rizzoli, Tommy's mother. Softly, she smiled up at her before glancing to Tommy.

"Tommy? Oh my God! Frank! It's Tommy!" Angela yelled over her shoulder, back into the house to her husband, "Frank! He's home!" she beamed, bottom lip quivering as she looked over her baby boy before giving Maura a gentle glance, "And, he's brought a lady!"

There was no doubt about it, Angela was a brilliant mother. Maura could see it in her eyes. Angela was protective of her children, all three of them, but especially of Tommy as he was the youngest. She didn't care that he had spent time in prison, he was repaying back his crime, and she was proud of him for that.

"Oh, where are my manners, come on in!" Angela quickly wiped her cheek and ushered Tommy and Maura inside, "It's just so good to have you back, Tommy."

"It's good to be back, Ma." Tommy smiled brightly, pulling Angela into a hug before stepping back and smiling to Maura. He nodded a little, taking her hand, "Ma, this is Maura." he introduced her, "Maura, this is my mother, Angela."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Rizzoli. Tommy's told me so much about you." Maura nodded and offered her hand to Angela, who shook it and nodded, smiling back to the younger woman.

"I wish I could say the same for you...Tommy's told us nothing on you." Angela winked a little, "Kept you all to himself for too long." she chuckled and looked to Tommy, "But, I'm glad you're both here. Tommy hang up Maura's coat. Maura would you like anything to drink?" Angela asked, guiding her through the hallway and along into the kitchen to meet Frank and Frankie.

Maura smiled to father and son as she was introduced by Angela, she nodded shyly and sipped the wine Angela then gave her. Maura softly swallowed as she sat between Angela, at the head of the table, and Tommy who sat beside her. It had just been a stroke of luck that Angela had decided on cooking extra, as usual. Although, she hadn't really decided on cooking extra, rather it just happened that way. A lot.

"So, how long have you known Tommy for?" Angela smiled to Maura.

"A few months, we met in Thailand, it was very beautiful."

"Just like you, huh, babe?" Tommy smirked and nuzzled Maura's neck, making her flush slightly.

Maura giggled as she looked to Tommy, "We were attracted to each other instantly. It's a biological trait, genetic, of course." Maura began spouting before she looked to the blank expressions around the table, "Opposites attract?" she raised her brows in hopes at least one member of the Rizzoli family would know what she was referring to.

Short lived stunned silence.

"Ma!" a deep, but obviously female voice rang out through the house as the front door slammed shut.

"In here Janey!" Angela called out, not as loudly as her daughter had done.

Jane Rizzoli stormed through the house, in a flurry of hair and Police uniform. She pulled out the empty chair next to Frankie and slumped down into it, grabbing at the bowl which housed the potatoes, growling as she dished them onto the pre-set plate in front of her. Setting down the potatoes with a satisfied thud, Jane then reached for the lamb in the middle of the table, ripping some of the meat from the shoulder and dumping it next to the potatoes.

"Jane..." Angela muttered, glancing briefly to Maura before she looked to Jane, "We have company..."

"Yeah? Oh, hey Tommy." she grunted a little, drizzling an endless amount of gravy over her food.

"Yes, Tommy, and his new girlfriend." Angela continued, "Maura."

Jane sighed harshly, setting down the gravy boat and she looked up sullenly to the new girlfriend. She took a second before blinking a little and raising a brow, " long you know her for, little brother?" she asked, her voice gravelly as she lifted just her fork, jabbing it straight into an oversized potato.

"Few months." Tommy nodded gently.

"We met in Thailand." Maura interjected into the conversation, smiling to Jane across the table, "I was working at a Medical Aid center in Chiang Mai, and Tommy came in looking for a bed and some supplies..." Maura looked to Tommy then and giggled, "He thought we were a hotel..." she looked around the table then, "I gave him the supplies anyway and allowed him to stay."

"Free of charge too!" Tommy smirked.

"Not entirely..." she smirked back to him and bit her lip softly.

Jane watched the exchange with a raised brow before Angela spoke up and touched Tommy's arm, "Honey, would you mind helping me bring in drinks and take out the plates?" she smiled, standing, "Excuse me."

Tommy leaned in to kiss Maura before he stood and followed his mother into the kitchen.

"Tommy, did you tell her about prison?" Angela whispered.

"Yeah, she's cool with it..."

"And, why you got arrested?"

"Ma, Maura's okay with that...I mean, she's not okay with what happened, but she understands and she forgave me, just like you did."

"So, she's okay that you ran down a priest and just left him there?" Angela questioned her son, leaning against the counter with a hand on her hip.

"Ma." Tommy smiled and leaned to kiss her cheek, "I said it's fine."