Author's Note:: This fic will be a Tommy Rizzoli/Maura fic. Originally, I had intended for it to be an OC, but I don't really like OC. That, and Maura makes much more sense for this one than any random character. Set waaaaay before Maura begins working with Boston P.D, so she doesn't know the Rizzoli's already.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Rights belong to Tess Gerritsen, Janet Tamaro and TNT.

"Maura, where is my other sock?" Tommy called out from the bedroom as Maura was wrapping her hair in a towel as she exited the shower.

Things had gotten slightly heated between Tommy and Maura, and all that seemed to cool them down were the tiles when Maura had leaned back against them after Tommy had released his hands from the cradle they had made around her thighs. Now, the two were rushing so Tommy could make it out of the door in time to meet with Maura's father and make a good impression on him.

"Tommy, I can't hear you!" she replied as she left the en suite and entered the bedroom, looking to him as she crossed the doorway.

"I asked if you had any idea where my other sock was?" Tommy asked, his back still turned to Maura. He didn't see as she lifted the sock between her thumb and pointer finger, holding it up as if it were a deadly arachnid, with her other hand perched on her her hip. When Tommy turned, he frowned and then chuckled, "Oh...thanks." he flushed a little as he took the sock, "I'm so damn nervous!" he cleared his throat, sitting back on the bed as he pulled on the elusive sock.

Maura rounded the bed and sat beside him, gently caressing over his back, "Don't be. I know my parents said things about you yesterday, but my father really isn't like that, Tommy." she smiled to him gently, touching his face and making him turn towards her. Maura placed a chaste kiss on his lips before she moved her hands down to fix the collar of his polo shirt, smiling again and nodding when it was situated correctly.

"We'll see." Tommy responded and cleared his throat again, standing now and leaning to kiss Maura once again, his hands pressed into the mattress on either side of Maura's hips. As he pulled back from the first kiss and was leaning in for a second, he noticed the clock beside the bed, "Oh, shit! Maura, I gotta get goin'!" he cursed again, under his breath and grabbed his jacket from the seat beside the bedroom door, "I'll call you when I'm on my way back!" he called out to her.

Tommy left, leaving Maura slightly confused about how fast everything had happened, however she made her way into the kitchen to make sure Bass was fed and happy for the morning. She smiled seeing her beloved tortoise on the floor, next to the fridge and she moved, bending down next to him, petting his shell gently. She sighed as she heard the car door slamming, and seconds later the ignition beginning before Tommy revved away, out of the driveway and along the road.

It was nearing 10:10 and the drive was a good forty minutes out of Brookline, Tommy was never going to make it in time unless he took the slip roads and punched the gas. As he weaved through the city streets, checking the SatNav screen to see where he could turn off and speed his way to the selected meeting point, Tommy passed by the church where his family and Maura's were members of the parish.

The traffic lights had all been in his favour, so he continued driving. Driving over the allowed speeding limit. As he was looking to the SatNav screen, he didn't see the parish priest, Father Crowley until it was too late. Feeling the car lurch sideways slightly, Tommy slowed and saw people were looking to his car and covering their mouths, all pointing. Slowing, Tommy glanced in his side mirror and to his horror, saw the priest laying on the floor behind his car.

"Shit!" he exclaimed, looking to the time on the SatNav, noticing it was now 10:20.

He had to leave.