As Rick sits in his office trying to type out his new manuscript that is already three weeks late. He tries to stay focus on the screen but when ever he writes her name "Nikki Heat" he just gets images of his wife and mother of his child in his head completely withdrawing him and the concentration he needs to write. Just as he is about to go and try and find his wife who is somewhere in their loft, he feels the tiny figure on his chest squirm and slowing settling again. As Castle sighs in relief, that he didn't wake his Son, it took him ages to get him to try and fall asleep in him crib but he kept waking up whenever Castle left the room and Castle needed to get some serious writing done, so he let him sleep on him chest, Mother like Son he thought. Just as this thought came across him mind he felt a warm pair of lips that he knew far to well on the side of his neck. His smile grow larger as he realizes how much he has truly missed her.
"Hey, i was just about to come looking for you" He said "Beat you to it i guess" She replied placing another kiss on his neck He turned his head to see her face, God she was so beautiful, he keeps wondering how he got someone so beautiful and perfect for him.

"Castle" she pauses awaiting his response "Yes?"
"You haven't kissed me yet" she teases Castle couldn't believe it he had been so wrapped in simply just staring at her. With this thought he slowly leaned in for a soft, warm and reassuring kiss, as her top lip slides between his two. The kiss was full of need, they hadn't realized but the two of the hadn't shared an intimate moment like this in a couple of days, they had both been so busy. She busy feeding, bathing and teaching their Son while he had also helped with all that Kate told him he need to get some serious writing done because she knew how far behind he was. All these thoughts were washed away when she leaned into him intensifying the kiss but it went no further as the tiny figure laying on Castle chest started to awake because of Castle heart thumping louder than he though, with his Son laying right on top of his heart her wondered how he hadn't waken up sooner. As she slowly pulls away opening her eyes, lips a little puffy and pinker than usual.
"I'll give him a bath and clean him up give you some time to write alone with no distractions for an hour or so" She says inches away from his face "But I need distractions I am having the worst writers block, I need a distraction or at least some inspiration" he replies with the lift of his right eyebrow As she stands slowly stretching her arms out to retrieve their squirming Son off her Husbands chest. Walking slowly towards the exit of his Study swaying her hips more than nessasary, she turns on her heels.
"Hey Castle, if you write at least two more chapters" She pauses "I'll give you a little inspiration tonight" She says with a wink and a low tone laugh.
God Castle will never be able to concentrate now.