Chapter 10

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A few days later, a funeral was held for Mrs. F. Johnny and Jem stood side by side, with the rest of Johnny's family. As far as the town knew, Mrs. F was a victim of the new maniac around town. The one who had tried to murder Julie. However, the truth behind it was, Jem was in fact the one who murdered mrs. F, and attempted to do the same to Julie. Jem, Johnny's best friend, his one and only friend, had killed her mother. She had admitted both of these to him the other day. It was a secret he would keep until the end of his days.

After the funeral, Mrs. C had invited Jem to stay with them. Since Jem had no immediate family, aside a father she had never met, Jem took Mrs. C up on her offer. Something, Mr. C wasn't too happy about. Of course Jem would never acknowledge this displeasure of his, and would continue to act as though she had no idea of how Mr. C felt about her. Although she and Johnny both knew, that he despised her. As to why, neither of them knew.

"Oh Jem I'm so sorry for what happened hun." Mrs. C said softly, hugging Jem tightly, "Thank goodness you weren't hurt."

"When could the murderer have done this though?" Mr. C asked. Mrs. C scowled at him, trying to silently tell him to drop it. Jem was silent for a while, attempting to fix her glasses as she lied limply within Mrs. C's embrace.

"Jem dear, you are more than welcome to stay with us for as long as you need." Mrs. C said sweetly. Jem nodded.

"Thank you Mrs. C." She mumbled, when Mrs. C released her from the ever so tight and loving hug. She then looked to Johnny who stood silently lost in thought next to her. He still couldn't get over the fact that Jem had been the one behind it all. Julie's hospitalization, and her mother's death. He would never forget Jem's expression, it wasn't remorseful at all. Even now as she looked to him she wasn't mourning the loss of her mother. She seemed free.

'The voices, they told me what I had to do. They told me how I could get away with it all.' Jem's words echoed in his mind, 'I'm still the same Jem I've always been, I'm just liberated.'

That's what she had told him the night he went to murder Mrs. F. that's what she told him when he found her, covered head to toe in her mother's blood. Johnny bit his lip. Had his one and only friend gone insane? If so, what did that make him? He hadn't told anyone of what really happened. That Jem had slashed her mother's throat, and had tried to murder Julie. Nor did his feelings toward Jem change. So then, did that make him crazy too?

"Nny, you there buddy?" Jem;s voice called, breaking Nny from his thoughts. He shook his head.

"W-what? Sorry, I zoned out." He said, Jem smirked and crossed her arms as she looked up at her much taller friend.

"Everyone's left already. Mrs. C said we could hang out in town if we wanted." She said to him. Johhny looked around; everyone really had already left. Though by everyone Jem really meant Mr. and Mrs. C. No one else in the town really cared for, or even liked the F. family..


"I think it would be good to go get some Cherry Brainfreezies. Hang out in town for a bit, what do you think Nny?" She asked him. Johnny nodded.

"Jem, can we talk?" he asked, Jem scowled at first.

"What about?" she asked back.

"About how you tried to kill Julie." Johnny said. Jem frowned at him and crossed her arms.

"Not so loud Johnny. Don't want the entire town to find out what I've done. Even if the bitch did deserve it." She said, "But what about it?"

"Not here…" Johnny mumbled. Jem nodded.

"Good. We can talk anywhere else, your mom said we just had to get home before it got dark." She said, then gave a slight smirk, "You know with a maniac hanging around town. It's not safe to be out at night anymore."

"Jem, this is really serious. You could get into real trouble if anyone found out." Johnny said, Jem frowned.

"Relax Nny. It's fine." She said then turned and started walking, "No one has even the slightest clue that I was behind it all. I'm not in the least bit worried. Neither should you."

"But Jem…!"

"Listen Nny, the voices are saying that it's fine. I won't get caught. You don't need to worry." She said, Johnny bit his lip and followed her.

"But Jem, what if they're wrong?" he asked, Jem paused and looked back at him.

"They haven't been so far. Why would they suddenly be now?" She asked back, Johnny shrugged. The whole idea that someone was hearing voices usually meant they had gone insane. However the way Jem had talked about them before. How they were liberating. It made him feel as though she made sense. Or maybe…maybe he was just going along with it.

"I'm just saying, maybe, you should lay low." He said, Jem scowled at him through his glasses.

"If I do that Julie will make a fast recovery. You know as well as I do that she doesn't deserve the breath she sucks in everyday." She said, "and after what she did to me, she deserved it."

"Yeah but…"

"Nny, why are you so against this? You hate Julie too. And," Jem continued pulling a kitchen knife out, "Let's not forget who brought this little trinket over to my house."

"J-Jem!" Johnny shouted attempting to rip the blade from her hands. Jem, however snatched it away, "Jem when did you lift that from your house?"

"Before the police showed up." She said calmly, "The voices said that if I took it I'd get away with it. It's a good thing I did too. This thing was covered in momma's blood, and your finger prints. If I didn't you'd be behind bars."

Johnny gulped, he must have dropped it when he freaked out over what happened. However, now Jem was holding it too, what if someone saw her with it? She'd get caught, and be sent to prison, and then Johnny would have lost the only friend he ever had.

"By the way, Nny, how is it your parents haven't noticed this thing missing?" Jem asked, using the tip of the blade to push her glasses back in place.

"Mom hasn't cooked anything the past few days I guess. I-I dunno." He mumbled. Jem frowned, and looked up at the taller teen.

"Come on Nny," She said grabbing Johnny by the arm, "We'll dump the knife over the bridge outside of town, then come back and get cherry Freezies!"

"Jem, you know I hate those things." Johnny said, then shook his head and smiled, "Alright let's go."


Later in the day, Johnny and Jem returned to his house. They had dumped the knife Johnny had taken from his house, and then spent the day messing around in town. However since there wasn't really much they could do, being a small town, they ended up just hanging around the roller rink.

"Hey, yaknow Ann?" Jem asked, randomly as the two went up to his room. Johnny scowled.

"Who Ann Guish? Yeah what about her?" He asked, Jem shrugged.

"I talked to her while you were in the bathroom at the roller rink." She said, "I'm a little surprise, she came up to me and told me she was dating that boy who wears the fake fangs."

"That's not Ann Guish like. Doesn't she usually avoid…well…everyone?" Johnny asked. Jem nodded.

"I know that's what was so weird." She said, "Anyway I'm just throwin that out there."

"Welcome back you two." Mrs. C announced when the duo entered the living room. Jem and Johnny looked to the older woman, Mrs. C had a happy smile on her face. It was almost as if she was trying to act like the whole death of Jem's mother hadn't really happened. It sort of freaked Johnny out, however Jem didn't seem at all effected by the strange smile Mrs. C had on her face.

"Hey Mrs. C, thanks again for letting me stay here." She said walking further into the house, Johnny followed.

"Of course Jem," Mrs. C said, "You two go get washed up, and I'll fix dinner."

The two teens nodded then headed upstairs. The two were silent for a while until they were in Johnny's room, once there Johnny shut the door and turned to Jem who was removing her glasses to rub her eyes.

"Jem, I just realized something," He said, Jem paused and looked to Johnny, her glasses still in her hand.

"Yes?" She asked.

"W-what if Julie wakes up and she remembers you were the one who tried to kill her?" He said in a whisper shout, "She could tell the police and you could get caught!"

"Yes, I'm, aware of that too." Jem said calmly as she pocketed her glasses. She then was quiet and stared at Nny's wall she then looked to Johnny with those eyes that seemed to stare off into a different world, "Which is why I've decided that later tonight I'm going to finish the job."

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