Don't Leave by BruceDiana

I wrote a draft of this while thinking about a scene for the book I've been writing. Instead, I came up with this (A BMWW plot) and I decided to post it here. I don't own any of the DC Comics characters (although I wish I did) . . .

Chapter 1

Tonight would be the last time Diana would be staying in Man's world. Tomorrow, she would be going back to Themyscira and would be staying there for good. She had thought about it for quite some time. She knew that if she would leave, her responsibilities as an Ambassadress of the UN and her role as Wonder Woman would also be left behind, but she was determined to leave. She wanted to forget the memories she had during her time in Man's world. She wanted to forget about a certain person, a man who tore her heart apart.

Diana was in her New York apartment packing up the last of her clothing. She looked around her room and sighed. She would miss this place especially those times when she and Donna would share about their respective love lives. She smiled at the thought of her beloved sister. 'She'd be devastated if she finds out I would leave just because of him.' Her musing was interrupted when her phone rang. She went by her desk and grabbed the phone, "Hello?"

"Hello, Diana," said a certain familiar voice to her. It was Clark or Kal as she would always call him. "Hello, Clark," she smiled, "What made you call?" She heard him chuckle, "Well, Wally decided to give you a farewell party. He would want it to be in your NY apartment," he paused, "Will that be alright?" Diana nodded, "That would be lovely, Kal." She swore she heard Clark sigh in relief, "Great. I'll go tell Wally." Then Diana asked, "What time will you be here?" Clark chuckled again, "It'll be a surprise. See you." Diana chuckled as well, "Okay then, bye."

She put down the phone and thought about her friends. She'd miss them when she would leave especially the people in the league. The thought of leaving them made her sad. Eventually, the thought of a farewell party for her made her smile back again.

Diana decided to take a shower so she would be feeling fresh by the time Clark and the rest would come. She took off her blue sweatshirt first, her black shorts next, and finally her black Victoria's Secret lingerie. She got in her shower and turned on the knob. As the warm water trickled down her soft skin, Diana suddenly thought of him. She found herself imagining his callous hands running through her smooth skin, his savory lips tracing her neck, and his firm chest resting against her bare back. She shook her head at the thought of him, 'How could I even think about him? He's the reason why I'm leaving.'

After twenty minutes in the shower, Diana got out of the shower with clouds of steam followed her trail, making her look like a goddess. She grabbed a bottle of lotion and sat down on a brown leather chair. She uncapped the bottle and dabbed some on her legs and arms. After that, she clutched the towel wrapped around her and went to her closet. She grabbed a white state university state he had given her and jeans Capri pants. She had wondered why she wore the shirt he had given her, but she didn't take it off. The shirt was large for her body so she tied up the bottom part until it fitted her tiny waist. She got out of her room in time for the doorbell to ring. She hurried down the stairs and headed for the door.

When she opened the door, she heard her friends shout out "Surprise!" altogether. "Hey, Diana," Wally greeted her with a hug, "thanks for letting us give you a farewell party on such short notice." Diana hugged him back, "It's nothing, Wally." She said to him as she patted his back. Wally was like her brother. She'd do anything to make him happy. "I'm going to miss you, Di," said Lois as she hugged Diana. "Me too, Lois," Diana replied. "Kal," Diana said as she saw her best friend. Clark just smiled at her. Diana knew he was hurting deep down. He sat down right beside Lois on the couch along with the others.

Diana smiled as she looked upon the people who came by to celebrate. Dinah and Oliver were in the kitchen helping John and Shayera in taking out the food they brought in. Wally and Linda were mixing up the drinks. Linda made sure that her husband wouldn't spike the drinks like what he did during the league's Christmas party. J'onn, her other best friend, was decorating up the place with balloons and all. Clark and Lois eventually joined in the decorating. One person was definitely missing. Diana wondered why he hadn't come with them. She honestly admitted to herself that she still wanted to see him before she left even though her departure was because of him. She ignored the thought of him and celebrated with the people close to her heart.

During the dinner, they talked about Diana and her plans when she would return to Themyscira. Some of them gave Diana gifts for her to bring with. Dinah brought her a gift as a remembrance of staying in Man's world. It was a picture of the whole league members placed in a frame. She hugged Dinah, "Thank you so much, Dinah." The blonde woman smiled, "It's a pleasure, Diana." She received a lot of gifts from them which Diana was thankful for. They had shared a lot as they talked in the living room about their league adventures. Lois and Linda were in the kitchen cleaning up since they wouldn't be able to understand what the others were talking about.

After the party, the others eventually bid farewell. Clark and Lois decided to stay a bit longer to talk to her about a certain someone. They stayed at the kitchen and drank coffee. "Diana," uttered Clark. Diana looked up, but did not say a word. "Are you sure about leaving?" He asked her, his face no longer showed any happiness. Diana then looked down at the coffee cup she was clutching. She did think about it, but her heart and mind were still in a fight. Lois grabbed something from her bag and gave it to Diana, "This is our little token for you." It was a box wrapped up with silver gift wrap and a pink ribbon. As she was about to open, Lois stopped her. "You may want to open it upstairs in your room," Lois smiled although it never reached her eyes. "We'll be here waiting," Clark added. Diana looked at Clark and Lois before she headed up to her room.