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Batman went to Arkham Asylum where Selina was imprisoned. He was still bothered with the news article. He was also bothered at how impossible it was for him to make with Selina if she was nowhere near Gotham. He got in by means of the vents above every prison cell that was locked through the inside.

"Here to lecture me too?" Selina spoke in a soft voice. Batman softly landed on his feet while he stood behind her. Selina was sitting while she clutched her knees in front of her. Batman looked down and swore to himself that he heard a soft sob coming from her. "No," he responded in the gentlest way he could. He behind her slowly then asked, "Selina?" She slightly turned her head back, "Yes?" He sighed. He couldn't find the right words to say, "Did you feel anything different two days ago?" She laughed a bit, "Why do you ask, handsome?" Batman could feel the smile that was about to appear on his face when he heard her endearment. He no longer replied and Selina had understood it. "Well, I was sitting at a small café in India one early morning when this woman came up to me," she responded. Batman raised his brow in wonder, "and then what?" He felt her shift from behind him, "She sat with me on my table and said that she knew where the rare diamonds I was looking for were." It was his turn to shift, "Did she tell you who she was?" Selina fell silent for a second, "No, but I do remember the color of her hair." Batman calmly asked her, "What color was it then?" Selina almost laughed, "It was in the color of purple. It was pretty funny for a hair color, if you asked me."

Batman's eyes had widened in surprise, "Purple? Then what did she do?" He immediately got up from where he sat and looked at Selina. He helped her out when she got up as well, "She waved her hand at me and I felt a wave of magic. Then and there I saw where the rare diamonds were located." Batman then turned around, their backs now facing each other, "Thank you, Selina." Selina smiled, but when she had turned around, he was already gone.

Batman had immediately gone down to where Zatanna was. She was staying in a small hotel up north. He needed her help in finding Circe. He wanted to go to Diana and explain to her everything, but he knew that she was still furious at him. "Zee," he said while standing in the shadows. "Bruce!" Zatanna got startled. She was about to pour herself a cup of coffee when she heard Bruce. "There's trouble," he said when he stepped out of the shadows. "What kind of trouble, Bruce?" She said in a worried tone. "Circe," he simply stated.

"Why would she be involved in this?" Zatanna asked as she sat on a worn-out chair. "Selina told me she saw Circe appear in front of her and told her were the diamonds were," Batman looked down at her. Zatanna sighed, "Why would she do it?" Batman looked away and laid his eyes towards a distance. "To get in between my relationship with Diana," he replied in a hush. "You mean, she's the reason why you and Diana are not in good terms right now?" Batman only sighed in reply. Zatanna placed a hand on his shoulder, "We'll find a way to clean up this mess, Bruce." With that, Zatanna had seen him smile again. "Thank you, Zee," he said. "If you want, we can do the locator spell again, Bruce, to know where Circe is," Zee suggested as she looked at Bruce deeply. "You don't have to, Zee," he replied as he turned away from her. "I want to, Bruce. I want you and Diana to be together again," she pleaded. He turned to face her, but he did not utter any word. Zatanna stayed silent for a moment. She retreated to taking a seat back on her chair. "You deserve her, Bruce. I can see it. Who, in the right mind, would sing in front of a crowd in order to save someone knowing their reputation would be on the line? That would be you. The Batman, a legendary myth feared by everyone." Bruce tried not to laugh at the last line. In the end, Bruce smiled at her and nodded his head in agreement.

They went to Sid's, the only magic shop standing in the dimension, to do the locator spell. "What brings you back here?" said the old man with a frown. "We need to do a locator spell," Zee said. "Last time I let you, you took the payment away even after it was a flop. Not another chance, lady," Sid crossed his arms in front of him. "Come on, Sid. This time, I'm sure it'll work," She said reassuringly. Sid shifted his gaze to Batman who was standing stiffly behind Zatanna then looked down at his feet, "Where's the pig? Is it the pig that you're looking for?" Batman silently shook his head. "The pig is somewhere safe," Zatanna almost stuttered when she replied, "Listen, Sid, are you going to give me the things I need for the locator spell or not?" Sid then smirked, "At a cost." Zatanna nodded, "Name it." Sid once again smirked, "Same thing, Zee, but this time, no refunds." She sighed, "Alright," she held out her hand, "esrup, raeppa," and a red purse appeared on her once empty hand. She handed him the coin, which made the old man happy. Sid and Zee arranged the necessary things needed for the locator spell. Zatanna looked at Bruce. He nodded and so did she. A blinding light surrounded the room and there, in a floating orb, they saw Circe in the amphitheater living up her dream like her cousins, the sirens. "Now we know where she is, Zee," Batman said behind her, which made Zatanna almost jump up in surprise. "Thanks, Sid," she thanked. "Anytime," he replied as he bade to the two goodbye.

They both got in the Batmobile and Batman revved up the engine. "Where are we off to?" Zatanna asked as she buckled up her seatbelt. "The manor," he simply replied. Batman parked the Batmobile on its place as they arrived in the cave. He slipped off his cowl revealing his flawless and handsome face. He started taking off his cape, gloves, and belt. Bruce took off the upper half of his uniform. Zatanna could not help but gaze at Bruce's broad chest that held scars. Sweat has glistened from his chest then down to his abs, to the midriff and downwards to where—"Meet you upstairs, Zee," Bruce's voice brought her back to reality. She slightly shook her head from the dirty thoughts that rummaged her mind, "Yes," she simply replied and hastened in heading up to the manor. Bruce sat down on one of the locker room's benches and thought about his plan. He took off his boots one by one then followed by his pants until he was fully naked. He got inside the shower and continued to think about the plan he was about to do.

Meanwhile at the Watchtower

"So, I'm resigning from the league, effective immediately," Diana closed her eyes. Every member in the conference room were surprised with what she had just announced. "No, Diana. You can't just leave," said Flash who was still shocked by the way his eyes had widened. "What made you decide to leave?" It was now GL's turn to ask her. Diana eyed both J'onn and Superman, "It's a bit confidential. Only Kal and J'onn know about it." They all nodded their heads in understanding. Flash then hugged her all of a sudden, "I'm going to miss you, Di," he said sadly. Diana smiled and patted his back, "I'm going to miss you too, Wally."

After the short meeting in the conference room, Diana headed towards her quarters to fix up her things. She didn't bother turning the main light switch on. Instead, she sat down on her bed and turned on the lamp on her nightstand. She then noticed a picture frame beside it. She clutched it in her hand and all of a sudden, her tears started falling. It was a picture of Bruce staring out a window with his hands in his pockets. He was clad in his usual red tie and black suit. She ran her fingers on the picture and closed her eyes. Truthfully, she still loved him no matter what he had done to her. She hated herself for that. She didn't know how to get mad at him. She placed the picture on her pillow and she laid down, crying with the picture beside her. She screamed out his name, "Bruce!" Fortunately, the quarters was soundproof. She cried out loud. She hated being weak especially when it had been a man who had made her feel that way. She hated the thought of an Amazon shedding tears for a mere man, but she couldn't help it. She was in love with him so much.

Bruce Wayne's bedroom

"Why are we here? And why are you in a civilian attire?" Zatanna asked as she stood in front of Bruce who was sitting on his king-sized bed. Bruce was wearing a blue oxford long-sleeved shirt and black slacks. "We're here to lure Circe," he said in a baritone voice. "Really? In your bedroom?" Zatanna took off her top hat and placed it on one of the dressers. Bruce simply stared at her. "Alright, what do you want me to do?" She asked in defeat. "Summon Circe," he replied monotonously. Zatanna raised her brow, but she trusted Bruce and she knew he knew what he was doing. "ecno ta ecalp siht ot reh gnirb dna ecriC nommus ot stnemele ruof eht fo stirips eht nopu llac I" She chanted until there was a loud crashing sound and purple smoke started appearing in the middle of his room. In that moment, Circe appeared. She gave a leering smile to Bruce then turned to Zatanna and merely deadpanned at her. "You may leave now, Zee. Thank you," he said in an ordering tone. "Yes, Zatanna, leave," Circe mocked and grinned at Zatanna who was fuming in anger. Zatanna glanced at Circe, at Bruce, and then left the room without saying a word.

"Why did you do it, Circe?" Bruce asked as he stood up from where he sat, but Circe raised her hand and forced Bruce to sit down on his bed once again. "Ever since I met you, Batman, or should I say, Bruce, I found you very interesting. Such mystery and the darkness within you intrigue me. It always made me wonder how you looked like beneath your cowl and now I have seen it," Circe explained as she sauntered towards him and traced his jaw teasingly. She laughed throatily, "No wonder the little princess has a thing for you. Like her mother, she finds men with dark and mysterious ways attractive. You're attractive both physically and psychologically." He turned away from her lingering tease, "Why did you disguise yourself as Selina that night?" Circe chuckled, "I wanted to get to you without having any problem. I know you and Zatanna were once old flames, but there was something about this Selina Kyle that made your blood boil and your masculinity swell in pleasure." She lecherously grinned at him, "I knew you wouldn't be able to resist if you'd ever encounter her again. Plus, I wanted to get a taste of you." Bruce bent his head and took in a deep breath in discomfort, but he was determined to end this. It was time to play with his tricks then.

Circe laughed, but stopped when she noticed that Bruce was grinning, "You could've just said so." Circe raised her brow, "What?" Bruce looked up at her with his pupils dilated, "If you wanted to have sex with me, you could've just said so." Circe chuckled, but this time she sounded a bit nervous. Circe's laugh died down when she looked down at him and he was now unbuttoning the first three buttons of his shirt, "What are you doing?" He stopped unbuttoning the fourth button and looked at her, "You don't want me anymore, Circe? I thought you wanted to have passionate sex with me. I'm offering myself to you now." Circe wolfishly grinned and placed a knee in between his legs. Bruce could feel the heat of her breath on his skin. "You dare challenge me, mortal?" She did the unbuttoning of the remaining buttons of his shirt and pushed them back from his shoulders. Bruce placed his hands on both her shoulders and turned the tables. He was now the one striding her. "Yes, witch," he merely replied. Bruce planted soft kisses on her neck and collarbone. Bruce was disgusted of what he was doing. He couldn't betray Diana again, but this was the only way he could think of. This was the only he could think of so that Circe would never bother him and Diana ever again. "Circe," he gazed at her. She looked at him as if she was gazing at heaven. "If I pleasure you until you are satisfied, will you leave Diana and me forever? Will you let us be together?" Circe marked an X with her finger across her heart, "A deal's a deal."

As Bruce continued in exploring Circe's body, he imagined that it was Diana instead. He imagined it was Diana that he kissing that moment. He imagined that it was Diana moaning his name in pleasure. He imagined that it was Diana grasping his hair tight. He imagined that it was Diana kissing him so sweetly. He imagined that he was inside Diana. It made him feel better rather than facing the reality that he was making love with Circe. No, it couldn't be called making love. He pitied Circe for wanting to have a taste of him. Bruce didn't know what to call what they were doing right now. He missed Diana. It was her that he really needed right now. He wanted every single moment to be with Diana. He wanted to make love to her every single moment. He wanted to hear her moan out his name in pleasure. He fought the tears that he knew were coming. He didn't want the witch to see him weak.

After a few hours, Circe felt exhausted and lied down on Bruce's right. She covered up her body with the white linens of the bed. All Bruce could do was stare up at the ceiling bluntly. "I was very satisfied, Brucie," she said almost in a moan. "As a deal," she got up from the bed. She snapped her fingers and she was wearing his attire again, "I'll leave you and Diana alone now." In poof of smoke, Circe vanished, leaving Bruce lying in bed, exhausted, and feeling numb. He got up from the bed after a few minutes and went in the shower. He turned the knob letting the ice-cold water harshly fall on him. He leaned both of his arms on the cold tile wall and shouted furiously. He slammed his hand on the wall in frustration. He turned off the knob revealing the tears that had fallen from his azure eyes.

Zatanna heard the racket from upstairs and hurried to see how Bruce had been doing. "Bruce?" she called out loud. She noticed the empty messed-up bed and walked inside. The room had that heady scent of sex and she hated it. She noticed the bathroom's light was open and checked it out immediately. She saw Bruce damp after taking a shower sitting down on the floor and she could hear his sobs. "Bruce!" She immediately sat down beside him. She no longer cared if she had just seen him bare-naked. She clutched his head in her arms and shushed him, "It's over, Bruce." She let a robe appear out of nowhere and let Bruce wear it. "Come on, Bruce. Put this on or you'll catch a cold." She helped him stand up and let him sit down on his bed. "I don't want to hurt Diana again, Zee," he whispered with his head bowed down. "Circe's gone, Bruce. It's all over," She let his head lean on her shoulder. They stayed like that for a few minutes. "Get dressed, Bruce. I'll call Alfred so that he can clean this mess up." Zatanna looked at him before she went out of his room. Bruce stood up from his bed and dressed up. He got out of his room wearing a black wife beater and grey sweatpants. "Where are you headed off to, Master Bruce?" Alfred asked as he passed the butler by. "The cave," he paused for a second, "Tell Zatanna my thanks and that she can leave now." He strode towards the old grandfather clock and ran towards the gym to let out a few anger towards the punching bag.

"Sir," Alfred called calmly. "What?" Bruce irately replied. "A call from Mr. Kent," Alfred replied still in a calm way as he handed out the phone to Bruce. He took it with a nod and sat on one of the benches. "What is it, Kent?" He asked, irritated at the Boy Scout for interrupting him. "I thought you should now, she's leaving tomorrow morning. We're preparing a farewell party for her tomorrow night in her apartment in New York," Clark said with concern in his voice. Bruce fell silent for a few seconds. "I'll keep that in mind, Kent." Then he hung up the phone. Bruce handed the phone back to Alfred. "I have taken the liberty of changing your bed linens, Master Bruce. I have advised Master Dick, Master Tim, and Miss Barbara to take over for you while you take two nights off for a rest," Alfred paused, "It has been a long day for you, Master Bruce. Your heart needs mending." Bruce gazed up at him and stood up. "Thank you, Alfred," he gave his surrogate father a hug. Alfred patted Bruce's back, "Happy to be of service, Sir." Bruce smiled as he stared at Alfred again, "Can you fly me to New York, Alfred?" Alfred raised his brow in question, "Now, Sir?" Bruce smirked, "I've got a girl to catch."

Zatanna decided to tell Diana and explain to her everything that had happened. She called up Diana in her apartment in New York. Gladly, she was there to pick up the phone. As Diana listened to Zatanna explaining what had happened, she hated Circe even more. She didn't want to see Bruce in pain. He had done everything to patch things up between them and she even loved him more because of that. Once again, he had sacrificed himself to prove how much he loved her. If only she could see him again and make him feel that she appreciated what he had done for the both of them. "Thank you, Zee. I hope I'll see him before I leave," Diana fought the tears that filled up her eyes. "Wait, you're still leaving?" Zatanna asked in surprise. "Yes, I am," Diana said in a sad tone and Zatanna could hear it clear. Zatanna knew that Diana didn't want to leave. "Well, I hope , if you ever see him again, he'll help you change your mind, Diana. I'll see you soon, Diana. Bye," Zatanna bade disappointingly. She thought she could convince Diana to no longer pursue her plan of leaving, but she was wrong. "If I see him, Zatanna. Thank you and goodbye," Diana bade and hung up her phone. She sat down on her bed, placed her hands on her face, and wept.

That night, Alfred flew the Wayne Enterprises private jet towards New York. Bruce knew he needed to see her again and make her decide to stay. Everything was all right now. He had everything cleaned up. He just hoped it was not too late to ask the forgiveness from the Princess. Bruce stayed in a five-star hotel. He was given the penthouse suite and had a great view of the city. It was just also a few blocks away from Diana's apartment. The window of his bedroom had a great few of her apartment too. He felt that he was now a few inches closer to where she was. He lied down in bed and gazed at the apartment building. Diana owned the highest floor of the apartment. He smiled when he saw the light flicker on and it was a sign that she was in her room. He closed his eyes and eventually dreamed of her.

The next night, Bruce put on his Bat suit and was determined to get Diana back. He took a sharp breath in before he fired his grappling gun and swung silently to Diana's apartment. He slowly opened the windows of her balcony and stayed in the shadows until her presence was in the room. He was determined to get her back, to have her trust back, and to be forgiven. Bruce heard a soft creak of the door. His heart was beating fast and he closed his eyes at the sound of the door being closed. She was there. 'Diana', he breathed in her name to himself. He missed her and God knows how much he loved her.

"Princess," he said in a gruff whisper. 'I love you'.