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Mycroft woke up, then closed his eyes again.

"I know you're there." he said, sighing.

Sherlock leaned on the doorway, almost smirking.

"I somehow thought you would be more impressed that your dead brother was standing in front of you." he said.

"You haven't exactly been inconspicuous."

"Why did you ruin my life…again?" Sherlock said.

"Yes, was this the…" Mycroft said, searching for the answer.

"Fifteenth time. Don't let it become a habit."

"Have you told John?"

"No. It would be a rather unpleasant experience. First he would think he was hallucinating. Then it's really me, and he's shocked, maybe even to the point of passing out. Then he attacks me, because with John, attacking seems to be involved with strong emotions. And you never know, he might skip the first stage." Sherlock said, without taking a breath.

"You should go over there, and apologize for ruining his life for the…"

"Something like seventh time. I don't know if you count when I accidentally collapsed a building on his girlfriend. She was alright, but she just kept hitting me. Couldn't really understand why."

Mycroft shook his head, then said, "Go."

And Sherlock did.

John woke up screaming, again.

All he ever had dreams about anymore was Sherlock jumping, or the pool blowing up.

He got out of bed, and collapsed on the couch, not noticing anything out of the ordinary.

He did a double take, and saw Sherlock sitting across from him.

"Oh, Jesus Christ." John said, closing his eyes and opening them again, "No, still there….Not my imagination?"

"Definitely not." Sherlock said.

John proceeded to hold him to the chair and punch him, while screaming, "HOW COULD YOU? YOU LEFT... JESUS CHRIST, SHERLOCK, HAVE YOU NO HUMANITY?"

He finally released Sherlock, who said, "Obviously not."

"You have a lot of explaining to do."

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