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'Ghost Hunt - Resurrection'

A Ghost Hunt Fanfiction by Alara Phoenix

Chapter 7

"What the hell are you doing here?!"

Oliver raised an eyebrow at her, "Are you going to let me in or are you going to stand here yelling and looking like an idiot?" Realising that he was right, May glanced around a little sheepishly to see if anyone had seen before grudgingly stepping aside to let him in.

"You didn't answer my question." She reminded him with a pout, shutting the door after him and following him inside. He smirked at her over his shoulder, "Why do you think I'm going to?" Before she could reply they moved into the main room and Damian looked up from his book. His face seemed to ashen and he gaped. "What are you doing here?" He asked, a mixture of nervousness and surprise written across his face. Oliver's eye twitched, "I could ask you the same thing." he replied frostily and Damian 'eep'ed.

"He stalked me here yesterday and was waiting in the lobby when I returned this morning." May said somewhat blatantly, returning to examine her eggs. Damian pouted, "You didn't have to tell him that..." he grumbled, sinking in his seat and hurriedly returning to his book. Oliver simply blinked. "...You let a stalker into your apartment?" May just gave him a look as Damian spluttered indignantly, "Play nicely Oliver." She reprimanded sarcastically before returning her attention to the eggs, and he couldn't help but smirk.

A meow caused him to look down to where Yuki sat staring up at him with wide overly innocent blue eyes. He merely raised an eyebrow, not buying it at all and May heard Yuki giggle distantly. 'He knows I'm not an ordinary cat,' She commented with a degree of satisfaction, 'Not sure what gave it away but he knows.' May took the information thoughtfully without turning to look, although somehow she wasn't surprised. 'He always was annoyingly observant.' was the somewhat dry reply and Yuki just giggled again.

Swiftly ridding the eggs of their now cracked shells, May dumped the four of them into a bowl before putting the kettle on. "So do you have any information for me then?" she called over her shoulder as she brought out a clean cup. Oliver left his coat over the back of the couch and instead of answering, stole one of her eggs. Blue eyes watched for her reaction as she turned back around to find him biting into it, but she just rolled hers and set a cup of tea down in front of him. As she moved away once more in order to find the salt she could have sworn that she heard a 'tch' of disappointment behind her but it was so quiet that she knew she wasn't supposed to. Trying to fight off a smile, she decided to pretend that she hadn't.

Taking one for herself as she returned and slapping away Oliver's hand as he sneakily reached for another, she peered around him to find Damian once again completely engrossed in the book. The sight made her smile slightly. Turning back to Oliver she had to choke back a laugh. He was drinking his tea seeming somehow a little disgruntled, and glaring at the wall. Since when has he been so child-like? Wondering if he could possibly be put out just because she had denied him another egg, she quietly moved the bowl so that it was a little closer to him and left it unguarded, turning her head away and watching out of the corner of her eye. It didn't take long before his eyes flickered back and paused in slight surprise. May concentrated on consuming her own egg in case he looked at her.

But Oliver just sighed quietly and drained his tea before moving back to the lounge, and May watched him go with a slight frown. So it hadn't been the egg? Looking down upon the food in question, May then promptly choked in disbelief when it was obvious that there was only one left in the bowl and dashed to get a drink to help her swallow. Hearing her, Oliver smirked smugly from the lounge as he finished licking his fingers.

"The place you're looking for is an hour or two South West of here." He announced, folding his arms and sitting back. May swallowed painfully and quickly came to sit next to him listening intently. "The victim was a twenty eight year old woman called Elaina Wildwood; apparent cause of death was two deep knife wounds to the throat, she would have bled out almost immediately. The last she was seen was at the zoo, three days before her body was found, with her twenty nine year old husband Jared and five year old son Ethan on the fourth of September last year; both of them also went missing on the same day. However, blood found on the walls of the home was discovered to belong to Jared Wildwood, so it is assumed that he too was killed. Nothing of the child was found but judging by the fate of his parents, he has also been considered a victim. Because the bodies of the father and son had yet to be found, investigations continued for a few months but after finding no leads the case was closed and the investigation stopped. The house was re-sold not too long after, but the new owner soon packed up and left claiming that he always felt like there was someone right behind him. It was sold again twice more with the same consequences before the rumour that it was haunted spread and no one wanted to buy it anymore. Because of this, it is currently unoccupied and hasn't been touched since."

Opening his eyes to find May frowning at the floor, he watched as she twirled a lock of hair between her fingers thoughtfully. "That is all of the information I can give you; it wasn't at all easy to get it either so be grateful." She smiled albeit a little vaguely, still deep in thought. "I am grateful; if not for you I probably would have ended up in a different country again..." The cat hissed from its position on Damian's lap, and Oliver felt an eyebrow raise in confusion as she got up to absently search her desk for something, mumbling under her breath.

When she found what she was looking for; another small notebook about the same size as her palm, she shoved it into her handbag before searching for her shoes and jacket. Oliver just watched, a tiny smile making its way onto his lips as she stumbled around before he also got up, grabbed his coat and followed her as she headed for the door. Damian was ignored; "H-hey, wait! Where are you going!?" May didn't even look like she'd heard him as the door swung shut behind them, and Oliver could not keep the smug smirk off his face.


It took around an hour and a half to reach the building by cab, and it even took a while to work out exactly which house it was because there were about five of them in a row that all looked exactly the same. "Nice location." Damian commented nervously, looking around. It really was a nice looking place; there was a small park over the road and sounds of children playing echoed from it distantly. A crisp breeze rustled through the large old trees lining the street and birds sang merrily. All in all, it was a very nice place indeed, and Damian was sure that had Oliver not been emitting a murderous intent for a while now that would surely cause even Death himself to shit his pants, he would probably have liked it a lot. He could not help but think that perhaps it hadn't been the best idea to follow the two of them when they'd left, for somehow he felt unwanted...

Blue eyes bore into his head from behind and sweat rolled down his face; as soon as the car stopped he scrambled to get out, his face more than a little pale. May didn't even seem to notice that things were... slightly tense, between the two of them. She hurriedly payed the driver before fixing her eyes on the house. The door was locked but Yuki graciously took care of that before they got there.

Pushing the now unlocked door open, it swung silently and without hesitance she entered, looking around as she did so. There was nothing really special about this house; it looked just like an average English styled home. There was still furniture, curtains and on the whole it still looked lived in. Things that were different from a normal house came in the form of a prominent layer of dust coating everything, and an old metallic scent that May knew only too well. Covering her nose, she calmed herself and ignored the familiar nausea that enveloped her every time she smelt it. She wondered ironically why she wasn't used to it yet, after all God only knew how many times she'd been faced with it. A hand casually gripped her arm gently, steadying her and she glanced up to see Oliver looking around like he wasn't aware that he'd helped her. Rolling her eyes at his pride, May took a breath through her jacket and made her way to the stairwell.

Almost immediately she caught the sound of a woman crying and taking a sharp intake of breath, May made her way upstairs swiftly, leaving Oliver and Damian to follow quickly. "Mai!" "May, wait up!" Cursing her reckless behaviour even as he reached the top of the stairs, Oliver glanced swiftly around the landing only to find she wasn't there. "Mai!" Suddenly hearing the sound of crying halt with a surprised hiccup, Oliver followed the sound and found himself in the doorway of what appeared to be a child's bedroom. His eyes widened in shock at the scene before him just as Damian skidded to a stop behind him, "Oliver did you find...!?" As he too looked into the room, his words fell away as he just gaped.

A pretty but undeniably transparent young woman with tears still streaming down her cheeks was sitting on a bed in the corner looking completely surprised. And it was no wonder; May was sitting next to her with her arms thrown around her. Oliver vaguely wondered how she could hug a ghost when they were supposed to be insubstantial before thoughts eluded him completely.

After a short while, May pulled away a little so she could see the ghost's face and smiled at her sadly. "This room belonged to your son didn't it." Speechless, the ghost nodded. "Won't you tell me what happened? Ah, my name is May Talia by the way, what's yours?" Moving away but still holding the woman's see-through hand in her own, May smiled at her in encouragement as the pretty ghost wiped away her tears slowly.

"Elaina..." She whispered, "Elaina Wildwood." Still staring at May she swallowed before closing her eyes. "Ethan was... my son. My beautiful boy. He had so much life and energy, and he was always so friendly, to everyone he met. Trusting them on sight. He was only five... and yet, that man took everything away... just like that..." May squeezed her hand a little, "Who was that man Mrs Wildwood? What did he do?" Elaina Wildwood just stared at her hands, reliving her most painful memories. "M-my Husband and I had just been c-celebrating Ethan's fifth birthday, the fourth of September. We'd had a lot of fun, just the three of us; we went to the zoo, bought him a new toy truck that he'd wanted for ages... but when we got back... when we got back that man was waiting for us. My husband was... k-killed first; he t-took a knife to his s-skull... I can just r-remember watching him d-drop with only the hilt v-visible... and then, he t-took my Ethan from me and held another knife at h-his throat... he t-told me that I had to put my husbands' b-body in the b-back of our car or he'd k-kill my Ethan..." She paused then to wipe her leaking eyes before determinedly continuing her terrible story.

"After I had done that, he told me that I was to clean up the... the blood on the floor before he returned or he'd kill my son... Then he got into the car and drove off, taking Ethan with him while I had to clean up. I managed to get rid of the blood stains, but I couldn't quite get rid of the smell even though I tried everything... ah, when he got back, both my husband and my son where g-gone... when I asked him w-what he'd d-done with my son, he just told me to s-shut up and do what he said. He t-took me up to the b-bathroom and m-made me lie in the bath, and then I-I... he-he opened the water on my f-face and h-he held m-my nose c-closed...! And I c-couldn't breathe, I-I was s-so s-scared... A-and then m-my throat... It just h-hurt s-so much...

B-but then I b-blacked out and when I w-woke up I was just drifting in the sky above my house and eventually I realised that I w-was d-dead... I don't know how but, I knew what I should do to... ah, pass on I guess, but... I just... I couldn't leave w-without Ethan... I don't know what h-happened to him, I d-don't even know if h-he's a-alive... I..." As hard as she tried, Elaina couldn't stop the tears from falling. May just bowed her head sadly, stroking the silver hair. "How about we find out for you then? First though, we'll need to take a peek at your memories." Elaina stared at her in shock. "B-but... how...?"

Oliver was wondering the same thing as he lent against the doorframe watching closely. He was curious as to how Mai had developed as a psychic. Damian also kept a sharp eye on the spirit – although he had never dealt with this kind of thing before, he had a healthy respect for the deceased and he was all too aware of how things often weren't as they seemed. May looked up at them with a question in her eyes, "Do you guys want to see?" Damian cocked his head and voiced the same question that Oliver was thinking "See... what?" She smiled slightly, "See what happened. I have the power to see what happened in the past and now that my abilities have grown somewhat, I can let other people see what I do." Damian looked at her wide eyed; "You have that Past Sight thing!?"

Ignoring him, Oliver moved away from the wall to stand closer. "Do it." He ordered; his eyes alight with interest. May just rolled hers at him and after smiling reassuringly at the ghost once more, she shut her eyes with a sigh. "This might freak you out a little but bare with it. Just remember that nothing can actually hurt you alright..." Her voice got softer towards the end and strange blue-silver mist swirled out of thin air to engulf them completely. As it swirled, it grew steadily darker until it was pitch black and flashes of sparkling gold winked at them occasionally like stars in the nights sky. "Whoa!" Damian stared around them in amazement.

As the flashes of light slowly sped up May got up and took a few slow steps forward, her eyes remaining shut. Taking in a breath slowly, she relaxed before abruptly letting it out and opening her eyes at the same time. The lights flashed in unison once before the darkness began to blow away and after a short moment they found themselves in what seemed to be exactly the same room. Damian just blinked looking around confusedly. The spirit didn't seem to be anywhere in sight. "Err... So did it work?" May just flicked her eyes up with a sigh and walked past him down the hall. Unsure what to do Damian glanced at Oliver only to find he was already following May downstairs. "H-hey!"

May came to a stop in the hallway leading to the front door, her eyes fixed forward. As Oliver moved to stand next to her he followed her gaze to the dark figure waiting next to it peering through the glass. The man looked strange – his entire body was shadowy and as he shifted slightly, the shadow parted on his neck to reveal a long thin Y-shaped scar. "Hey, is it just me or does he look really weird?" Damian had crept up behind them, and was whispering in their ears. "It's like he's a shadow or something." May huffed in irritation as Oliver moved away from the guy disdainfully. "Quit breathing down my neck idiot, it's creepy." She told him in a normal voice. "And there's no reason to whisper either – we're watching something that's already happened; when it did happen we weren't there so now we are little more than phantoms. They can't see us, hear us, smell us, you get the idea." She returned her gaze to the shadow man. "The reason he looks like that is because Elaina – our, err... client – can't remember what he looks like. The parts we can see are the parts that she remembers, so things that stuck out; like the scar we can see on his neck at the moment." "Ooh... I get it... Man, this is actually hell cool! It's practically like we're in an RPG or something, hah!"

May ground her teeth in irritation. "Damian. You obviously don't getit do you." His grin slipped and he looked at her nervously, "Get... what exactly?" Letting out a long sigh, she turned and grabbed his head so that he couldn't move. "We are currently watching a murderer waiting for his victims to come home." she said quietly, trying to make absolute sure that he understood. "We are about to witness a murder Damian, do you not understand?" Oliver stood with his eyes closed and Damian just stared back at her in shock. "B-but, it's not like it's going to actually happen right? I mean, it won't be graphic or anything? I'm kinda bad with horror movies..." "We are watching something that has already happened Damian. That ghost I was talking to? She was one of this guys' victims. And we are going to witness her death again, in just a few moments. Do you really think ghosts just appear from nowhere? This isn't a game Damian, this is real. Ghosts aren't some kind of monster that you fight and level up from. They were real live people who lived much like we do before they were met with some kind of tragic incident that claimed their lives. My job is to find ghosts and help them pass on. For this, I need to understand exactly what they went through, and why they remain behind. What I see isn't censored, it's not like my power thinks 'oh, this part is horrible I'd better change it'; what I see is exactly what happened, how it happened. Which means this is going to be just as graphic as Elaina can recall."

May sighed and let him go. "This is my fault; I just assumed that you understood what you were getting yourself into. I'm sorry." She gave him a weak smile, "Hang in there until it's over okay?" Still shocked and feeling a little bit sick, Damian just nodded. "The thought of it kinda makes me want to throw up now." He admitted a little shakily. May gave a small laugh and returned her gaze resolutely forward, "That makes two of us then." The slight tremor in her voice made him look at her in surprise and it was only then that Damian realised that she was trembling. Before he could move to comfort her however, he noticed a strong arm was already around her waist and could only huff with a rueful smile. That guy really didn't miss much did he.

At that moment however, the muffled sound of car doors slamming outside and a child laughing happily echoed eerily through the house as everyone tensed. It was starting. The wait was agonising and seemed to last forever, but when the sound of the key clicked in the lock, when the door slowly started to open, everything seemed to move very quickly.

A long blade gleamed in the dim light, and as it flashed forward, May tried to forget. Forget that any of this was real. As steady tears slowly fell from silent eyes, she tried to deny that the screams from the scene before her were anything more than the performance of skilled actors. As the cursed scarlet flecked the walls and stained the floor, she swallowed painfully hard and tried to pretend that all of this was simply a bloody, terrible horror film.

She was fighting a losing battle; one doomed to fail from the start. No matter how hard she tried, it never worked. But no matter how many times it failed, she would always try again; because anything was better that facing the truth. Even after all these years of going through the same thing, it never got any better. To be able to sit back and regard it with the same emotionless state that took over during gory horror movies was something she longed for. But she knew deep down that it was pointless. No matter how good a movie was, it could never let you experience the sickly sweet and stiffly metallic scent of hot blood. How it seemed to get inside your very core until you felt as though you were drowning in it. No matter how good a movie was, it could never let you taste the thick acidic fear and bitter torment. How it dried out the mouth and made it terribly hard to swallow, nausea restlessly swirling in the pit of your stomach as you fought the urge to gag. Nothing could prepare you for the truth, not even past experience. Each time always seemed to be worse than the last.

A screaming child fought desperately against his captor, forced to watch as the body of his father thudded lifelessly to the floor; his face was the sole thing in the room that was as clear as day. Innocent eyes bled tears at the carnage before them, his mother desperately crying out, clutching at her husband as though to rouse him, the knees of her pale dress dyed dark red, hands painted with his blood. The tormented cry of her child was the only thing that pulled heartbroken eyes away and as she reached for him with a desperate plea, a shaking hand that would be violently knocked away, the shadow man dragged the boy out the door with a rough hand over the mouth to silence him, leaving nothing but a wail of black despair behind. Then the memory faded slowly and everything reverted to black and golden stars once more.

No one said anything as they stood there. May brought trembling hands up to her face in an attempt to wipe away her tears just as the black started to blow away, and they found themselves back within Ethan Wildwood's bedroom. Damian let himself fall back against the wall with a soft thud as he covered his eyes with an arm, and Oliver just stood quietly with his eyes shut, but May could see his fists clenched tightly. Elaina Wildwood appeared softly next to her. "You saw it?" She questioned quietly and instead of answering, May just pulled her gently into a hug. "We'll definitely find them Mrs Wildwood." Her whisper was soft, but both Oliver and Damian heard it. They watched as May stroked her hair gently, "We'll find both of them; Ethan, and the man who did this to you. If your son is still alive, I swear I'll do everything I can for him. If he's here in spirit only, I'll do my best to help him find peace."

Elaina's eyes softened slightly before they closed, and soft golden light billowed. "It's so strange... after what happened I was sure that I'd never be able to believe in anyone again. But you... you feel soothing to me. You're the first person I've had contact with since it happened."Her fingers closed gently around May's and she brought them up between them. "Can you feel it? What it's like to exist without hope; unable to be heard, unable to find peace... But you... our voices reach you, just as your touch reaches mine. It's so strange... I haven't felt so relaxed... in a long time..." "Her eyes opened once more to smile at May gently, aflame with mysterious golden light.

"Thank you..." Her final whispers echoed around them as she slowly faded into the light and May stood, her eyes closed but still leaking tears as Elaina Wildwood finally passed on.

Everything was catching up to her now; the lack of sleep, the dreams, and the stress and torment of some terrible memories. As her mind fogged and her legs buckled, amidst the distant voices of her worried companions she thought she heard one more word that brought a small, sad smile to her lips.


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