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Surprise, Surprise…

"Tohru, Happy Valentines Day!" Momiji shouted in a whisper as he saw her in the hallway.

"Oh Momiji! Happy Valentine to you too!" Tohru replied.

"Tohru," he said in a rushed whisper, "I have to go now but after school I have a surprise for you!"

"Really? Me too!"

"Oooooo! What is it!" Momiji pleaded.

"I'm afraid I can't tell you about all the kisses I have in store for you, it would spoil the surprise." She clamped a hand over her mouth turning red. "Oh I'm sorry! I just did! How horrible."

Momiji smiled giddily, "That's allright… can I have one now?"

"Oh no Momiji you have to go remember? I'll see you after school!" She said turning around and walking back to class.

All through the day Momiji floated on air awaiting the "surprise" that awaited his arrival.

After school he rushed over to his locker looking for the brunette. She'd be here in a minute, he assured himself. He looked around then turned to open his locker. There was a gift bag inside. Curious he took it and opened it. A note was on top. He flipped it open:

Dear Momiji,

I'm so sorry I couldn't stay long, but I had cleaning duty in class and work right after school. But here is you surprise!:)

See you soon!
Tohru Honda

He looked in the bag and there, wrapped in tissue paper, were bundles of… Hershey's Kisses.

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