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EPILOGUE- 5 months later…

"Harry! Harry!"

Harry turned to where the voice was coming from.

"Harry you have no idea what I just heard! Someone told me that you and Herm were…" Ron trailed off as he saw who was attached to his best friends arm, and did a double take.

"Herm? You're, you're… YOU!" Ron yelled giving his old best friend a bear hug.

"Now, now Ron enough of that from you, you're making Harry jealous." Hermione winked at her friend as she said this.

"Wow! I can't believe it. When?" Ron asked, incredulous.

"Well I could ask you where you have been for this whole escapade, it's been a while now." Harry asked looking at his friend curiously. "I didn't notice before because I was so caught up in… stuff, but now that I think of it you have been sort of distant with me, what's up?"

Ron's ears turned red.

Hermione grinned from ear to ear, getting a mischievous sparkle in her eye. "Yes Ron where HAVE you been? Hmmmm?"

'This is way too much fun' Hermione thought as she watched her friends face turn an indescribable shade of red.

"Well I'm sort of in a relationship of my own."

"Oh?" Harry looked mildly surprised, then thought, 'this is way too much fun.'

"With who?" Hermione asked with that same sparkle in her eyes.

"That's not important-" Ron started but was cut off by a girlishly sweet voice.

"There you are Ronnie-bunches and oats!" Pansy exclaimed clutching Ron's arm.

Harry and Hermione turned to Ron in unison and with their eyebrows shot up.

"Ronnie-bunches and oats?"


"Okay Ginny just breathe for a second, in and out in and out, now one, two three, PUSH! Okay honey your doing great a couple more and we're there." Draco mumbled in Ginny's ear.

Ginny nodded panting squeezed her eyes shut and heaved.

"Okay again, PUSH!"

Ginny let out one final breath as the dresser backed up against the wall, securing in place.

"Phew," Ginny said wiping her brow, "now that was a workout."

"No, last night was the REAL workout." Draco winked at her.

Ginny blushed.

"Oh how can I forget THAT."

Draco just chuckled and looked around the room.

"Wow this place looks great. I like it even better than I was before."

Ginny and Draco had decided to redecorate their "secret spot" so it looked more cozy.

"Yeah I know, who would of thought what just a few more bits of rearranging and curtains could do?"

"Not to mention the most beautiful thing of all." Draco drawled as she drew Ginny to his chest.

Ginny feigned a hurt expression.

"Draco, the curtains aren't THAT great, I thought you thought more of me than that." She gasped clutching her bosom in mock disappointment.

Draco just smiled and closed the distance between them.


3 Months Later…

"Ginny hurry up! It's about to start! The brides maids are all waiting for you!" Molly Weasley's voice floated through the house.

"Coming mum!" Ginny yelled, dabbing the finishing touches of lip-gloss on her full lips.

She grabbed her bouquet, lifted her skirts and flew down the stairs walking up right as the bridesmaids were about to march down the aisle.

"Sorry I'm late." She whispered to Ron who was to be ushering her down the aisle.

"You look beautiful." He answered.

Ginny beamed.

"So do you."

Ron blanched.

"I never struck myself as the feminine type."

Ginny laughed and punched him lightly on the arm.

"You know what I mean you prat."

Ron was about to reply when the music started playing and they were given their que. Ginny, being the maid of honor and Ron being the best man, went first.

Ginny put on her most dazzling smile and slowly walked down the aisle. About half way there she turned her head slightly to the left to see the love of her life staring adoringly at her.

'I love you,' she mouthed at him.

'I love you more,' he mouthed back.

This just made Ginny's smile wider as she reached the altar that was set up in the Weasley's back yard. She turned swiftly and gracefully toward the aisle, but not before flashing the groom another dazzling smile, as the other bridesmaids took their places.

There was a short pause in the music, then the organ started up again, as the bride came down the aisle.

Ginny heard a short intake of breath, from her left and turned to see the look on Harry's face as Hermione came down the aisle.

'Wow. She looks, gorgeous. I don't deserve this, what if I mess up? Will she ever forgive me?'

As if reading his thoughts, Ginny suddenly turned to him and whispered, "You'll do fine." And gave him a warm smile.

To her relief she saw his shoulders relax a bit as Hermione approached the alter.

This is it.' Harry thought.

'This is the moment of truce, this moment is going to stay with me forever...'