My Bloody Valentine

Ichabod sat in a comfy chair by the fire waiting for the return of his love. It has been 4 years since the Horseman got his head back and the whole killing people ordeal was over. After getting his head back the Hessian started courting the young Constable and eventually, even though Ichabod was still terrified of the horseman, one thing led another and now he and the horseman live happily in the Tree of the Dead. Today was an extra special day for them, it was their anniversary. Getting up to check on dinner he peered into the oven to look at the pheasant he put there about an hour ago. Ichabod jumped when he felt two muscular arms wrap around his small frame but leaned in when he relaxed when the familiar scent of earth and cologne filled his nostrils. "Hello there mein geliebtes", the hessian mumbled burying his face in ichabods neck and placing a few butterfly kisses there. "Lemme go. This isn't the time for that" Ichabod said trying to release himself from the dead man's grip, Viktor held fast. "No you are going nowhere my sweet", the hessian said mischievously. Viktor then proceeded to plant many kisses all over Ichabods body trying to slip a hand up his shirt. "Viktor I said no!" Ichabod said irritably pushing his lover away from him. The hessian pouted only a moment then said, "Alright I'm sorry". "C'mon lets have dinner", Ichabod said walking to the kitchen but not before shooting his lover a suggestive look and mouthing the words, 'later I'll make it up to you'. Sitting down at the table the dead hessian watched as Ichabod brought a delicious looking pheasant to the table along with biscuits, veggies and fruit jams. "Oh my love what a feast!" the horseman exclaimed. "Well it is our anniversary so I thought we can have something a little extra tonight. I'm sure you're going to love desert" Ichabod said with a wink. "Oh and what's that?" the hessian said with a genuinely curious expression. "You can't have it", Ichabod said and when the horseman looked confused Ichabod whispered seductively in his ear "dinner first then desert you naughty boy". Ichabod then lit a few candles and sat down to enjoy a nice dinner with his love. The two ate in silence, there was nothing to be said that couldn't be said later. "That was delicious sweetie", Viktor said contently rubbing his tummy, "but thankfully I saved room for desert" he said mischievously before pouncing on Ichabod and kissing him passionately. "Oh!"Ichabod yelped surprised by his lover's actions but he melted into the kiss and shoved his tongue deep into the hessians mouth. The hessian wrestled his tongue with the constables and soon it was clear who the winner was and the dead man searched every crack and nook his tongue could find. Then Viktor grabbed up Ichabod and brought him to their room and laid him on the feather mattress. The young Constable just lay there and let his lover do as he pleased. Viktor stripped off his shirt as well as the shirt of the young man that lay beneath him. "Oh mien geliebte" the undead hessian mumbled burying his face into the constables hair and enjoying the scent of caramel, cologne and freshly moved earth. "Oh Viktor!" Ichabod squeaked as the dead man pinched a nipple between his rough fingers. "My sweet, sweet Ichabod", Viktor whispered leaning down for another kiss. There soon were gasps and moans coming from the other room occupied by Viktor and Ichabod. After a while the noises died down and the two men lay together in each other's arms, trembling from the force of their releases not caring about anything but the other. "Happy anniversary sweetie." Ichabod whispered before falling asleep. The horseman said nothing but just hugged Ichabod close to him before drifting off to sleep with his love held safe and warm in his arms.