Hi :D I'ts vashta-nerada- again :D This is just a bunch of random drabbles I'm writing. If I spend too much time here, yell at me please, I need to updated "Not a Love Song"

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"I'm sure you've heard the rumors" the interviewer smirked as Jeff shook his head, a smile on his lips

"Which one of them?

"Well, rumor has it that you and Broadway Star Nick Duval, have been secretly meeting" Jeff had to laugh at that. Of course he has heard the rumor, actually, the rumor was starting to get to much into Jeff's head. Since it came out, Jeff couldn't stop thinking about the brunette.

"Yes, and I'm sorry to disappoint you guys, but it isn't true." He was disappointed too "But I've seen his work and I think he's AMAZING! I'd love to meet him someday to share some acting tips." He smiled at the camera.

"Uhm, okay, but you can't deny that you two would make a nice couple" the interviewer winked at Jeff.

He was quite taken aback by the comment but he quickly recovered "He's handsome, I'm cute. I suppose so, but don't feed even more the rumors, John." Jeff smiled one last time before walking down the red carpet of the film premiere he was in.

"So, Nick, second successful Broadway show. How do you feel about it?" John, the interviewer asked the suited brunette.

"It's still unbelievable. I'm still shocked that I actually made it. I'm so blessed, I couldn't have asked for more." Nick smiled. It was true. He was so happy, that trying to hide his excitement was nearly impossible.

"So, last week I was in L.A at the premiere of Jeff Sterling's new movie." Nick nodded at the blonde man

"I actually saw the film a couple of days ago. Jeff's extremely talented, I hope I can work with him at some point in our careers." Jeff was unbelievably attractive. Nick saw that too when he watched the movie and he searched a bit more on the blonde star. Along his research he found a particularly interesting rumor. Apparently, he and Jeff were having a secret love affair. Well, with the love life Nick didn't have, he wouldn't say no to a date with the handsome blonde.

"Well, I talked to him and he shares the same opinion. He also called you, and I quote, AMAZING" he emphasized the last word.

"Cool!" Nick smiled, looking at his feet for a second.

"And he also called you handsome" At that, Nick threw his head back and laughed "Yes!" he half joked