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"What are you kids doing?" Jeff walked into his living room, finding his three children talking to the computer screen excitedly.

"Dad's Skyping with us!" Gabriella waved so her father would get close.

"We're trying to tell Dad how to raise his camera resolution." Wyatt, the only brunette son of Jeff and Nick Sterling rolled his eyes at the computer.

"Which he is obviously failing at!" Matt laughed, making room for his father to sit next to him.

"I heard that young man!" Nick's voice came from the computer speakers "In my time, trying to fix the camera resolution wasn't that hard!" he shot back.

Matt sticked out his tongue at his dad.

"Hey love!" Jeff waved at his husband all over in Hong Kong

Nick's face immediately lit up at the sight of his lover "Hey! I've missed you babe" he pouted.

"Missed you too!" the boys behind him made fake coughing sounds "It's impossible to bare three teenagers alone! Please come home quickly" He begged at the image of Nick.

"It's just one more week!" Nick promised

"Dad, were you cooking?" Gabriella asked, sniffing hard "It smells good."

"Oh shit I forgot about dinner!" Jeff got up and quickly "hugged" the camera "Call me later sweet-heart!" he waved at the computer before running to the kitchen

"I thought we couldn't swear!" Wyatt called.

Jeff appeared at the doorway of the kitchen, leaning against it "You can't. I can!" he smiled before going back at making dinner

"Behave yourselves while I'm out. And listen to your father!" Nick warned the teenagers.

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