Attention! Attention! This is a must read!

I don't know if any of you that live in the U.S. have heard yet but many Webites have been joining the Black Out against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA for short) in the House of Representatives and the Protect IP Act in the Senate.

They include: Wikipedia, Razer, Mojang, Michael Moore, Failblog, Reddit, and Mozilla. Google has blacked out their logo.

"Sites checked by ABC News did not actually "go dark" as originally threatened. Instead, they posted appeals to users to get in touch with their Congressional representatives to argue against passage of the two bills. The bills were intended to protect movie makers, music publishers and other providers of online content who fear that in the digital age, people can copy what they've created and spread it without paying for it."-That's what was posted on abc news.

Wanna know what that means? That this site for all the Twilight lovers and many other stories will be shut down if this bill passes. We can not allow this to happen. This will make the government's power even greater by letting them control the interent.

Also if you make videos of yourself playing a game and were to post them on youtube you will get in trouble if this bill passes and will most likely be thrown in jail for "copyright" as goes for this website as well.

Look up more about SOPA if you have more questions about it (cause I have a hard time explaining things, lol)

So Please, if you don't agree with this and you live in the U.S. Google has a link on its home page where you can tell Congress that you don't want the web censored. Help join the cause!