I'm on a roll with stories! Anyway, I want everyone from the U.S. or anywhere else to hear me out when I say this.


These are both anti-piracy laws, but they are badly constructed, and could put large websites, such as Wikipedia, YouTube and Tumblr in danger. Anything that is put up by someone who is not the rightful owner of the material they post can be sued, and the material taken down. This is outrageous, and I need you all to see a video on YouTube. Just type in "stop SOPA" and go to the video by JeepersMedia. It points out some very interesting facts, and some SOPA supporters actually sold software for piracy! Really, check it out and contact any lawmaker you can and alert them how badly this law could effect some websites!

Anyway, this takes place during Night of Neglect.


Rachel Berry created event Night of Neglect.

Kurt Hummel: What is this and can I go?

Rachel Berry: It's a benefit concert celebrating neglected artists. Sure you can come!

(Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson, and 12 others are attending event Night of Neglect)

Rachel Berry: That puts us up to a little over six hundred attendees! That is, if Sunshine Corazon can meet expectations and have all of her twitter followers come.

Kurt Hummel: As in the Sunshine you sent to a crack-house?

Blaine Anderson: She what?

Sunshine Corazon: Yes, she thought I was such a threat to her talent.

Rachel Berry: I'm really sorry! But you better not be betraying us!

Sunshine Corazon: I would never!


Nick Duval is now in a relationship with Jeff Sterling

Nick Duval: I forgot to change it 3

Jeff Sterling: Aw, I love you too.

Kurt Hummel: I KNEW IT! And congrats!

Blaine Anderson: Same here!

Wes Montgomery: Thank Gavel, now ALL of the sexual tension is gone from our rehearsals!

Kurt Hummel: Um, you and David look like you want to jump on each other.

David Warbler: No way! We just have an epic bromance!

Blaine Anderson: Yeah, we'll keep believing it.


Kurt Hummel: I just realized something. I've never formally introduced the New Directions. But you're all online so I'll try.

Kurt Hummel: Say hi if you're on! First is one of my best friends, Mercedes Jones!

Mercedes Jones: Hello, boys! I'm a diva, drama queen, and Beyonce's clone!

Kurt Hummel: Next is Rachel Berry!

Rachel Berry: Don't you be stealing our Glee Club secrets. Anyway, I will one day be on Broadway, and you'll all be able to say you once Facebooked with the one and only Rachel Berry!

Wes Montgomery: Is she always like that?

Kurt Hummel: Yes. Next is cheerleader Quinn Fabray!

Quinn Fabray: Hello boys!

David Warbler: I just want to say you're very pretty.

Nick Duval: QUAVID!

Jeff Sterling: DAVINN!

Kurt Hummel: STOP FACEBOOK STALKING! Anyway, next is Tina Cohen-Chang.

Tina Cohen-Chang: Hello!

Kurt Hummel: Then there is Tina's boyfriend Mike Chang (not related)

Mike Chang: Hey, guys. Just know I can bust a move, but can't sing for my life.

Kurt Hummel: Next is my dear step-brother Finn Hudson, otherwise known as Frankenteen…

Finn Hudson: Hey, don't hurt my little brother, you guys!

Kurt Hummel: Finn, I don't care if you're six foot four, I'm three months older. Anyway, then there is Artie Abrams.

Artie Abrams: I'm the white rapper on wheels!

Kurt Hummel: Artie's in a wheel chair. Then there is Noah Puckerman, but goes by Puck. Surprisingly, he rarely stalks people *cough* Warblers *cough*.

Puck Puckerman: Who says I don't?

Kurt Hummel: Creeper. Anyhow, you've met Santana Lopez.

Santana Lopez: Hello crazy people who want me.

Kurt Hummel: Ignore any comments she makes. Then there is Brittany Peirce.

Brittany Peirce: Hi. Are you a dolphin school?

Nick Duval: What?

Kurt Hummel: Ignore that. And Britt, no, we're not all dolphins. Anyway, the last two members are Sam Evans and Lauren Zizes, but they almost never go on Facebook.

Lauren Zizes: Oh yeah? You just got Zized!

Kurt Hummel: And those are my crazy friends from another choir.


David Warbler to Quinn Fabray: Hey, I'm David.

Quinn Fabray: I remember you. You're one of Kurt's friends from Dalton, right?

David Warbler: Yeah, I am. Would you like to get coffee at the Lima Bean tomorrow?

Quinn Fabray: I would love to! See you then!

David Warbler:



Kurt Hummel: Oh no. Duck and cover, this is going to be World War Rachel Berry. Sunshine Corazon, I highly recommend you get down here before Rachel finds you and tears you apart.

Rachel Berry: Oh great! I need to go get Mercedes…


Santana Lopez: That was a disaster.

Rachel Berry: Santana Lopez, shut up, I am NOT in the mood right now.

Kurt Hummel: Oh dear. I think Rachel is royally pissed off.

Rachel Berry: Although Mercedes brought down the house, she only brought it down onto two people. Thanks for coming Kurt and Blaine.

Blaine Anderson: Rachel, I'll come to all of your concerts and be there on your opening night on Broadway!

Rachel Berry: You are so the brother I never had!


David Warbler is now in a relationship with Quinn Fabray.

Kurt Hummel: Oh my gosh! When did this happen? You two are such a cute couple!

Quinn Fabray: We went on a few coffee dates, and found we both want to act and like a lot of the same things, and we get along really well.

Kurt Hummel: Okay, I guess that means you're Quavid!

Rachel Berry: Quinn, now that we're not fighting over Finn anymore, I hope we can be better friends. So I'll break the frosty coating by saying I think you have a beautiful voice and are really talented.

Kurt Hummel: *dies*

Puck Puckerman: *passes out*

Mercedes Jones: *faints*

Santana Lopez: *chokes*

Jeff Sterling: *drowns*

Nick Duval: *trips*

Wes Montgomery: * bangs gavel*

Blaine Anderson: What the heck is going on?

Kurt Hummel: Rachel Berry just complimented someone who was once her worst enemy. But the Warblers are just being insane.

Nick Duval: I was wondering why we were doing random actions.

Kurt Hummel: Oh dear lord.