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Ratchet and Clank – A Summary

The Ratchet and Clank universe is comprised of three known galaxies; the Solana Galaxy (where this story is set), the Bogon Galaxy and the Polaris Galaxy. The Solana galaxy is governed by a Galactic Government, headed by an elected Galactic President who resides in Capital City on Planet Marcadia (the capital of the galaxy). Under the Galactic Government is the Galactic Court whose job it is to uphold law and order in the galaxy. There is also a military division of the Galactic Government formed of the Galactic Fleet and the Galactic Rangers who are in charge of the protection of the galaxy, though some major planets have their own defence systems.

The range of planets is diverse, from swampy wasteland (Sarathos), to vast jungles (Florana), to tropical seaside's (Pokitaru) to large cities (Kerwan). Some planets have their own smaller governments, run by Chairmen, Governors and Mayors, and some are even run by large companies such as Gadgetron (primary weapons manufacturer). Not all planets are densely populated and some have very few or no cities with small settlements being the only populated locations. The Shadow Sector lies on the outskirts of the Galaxy and is known for being a relatively lawless and remote place, meaning that it is also the most dangerous part of the galaxy. The currency used throughout the galaxies is Bolts which come in different shapes and sizes and are used just like coins or notes. Many sentient beings have their home in the Solana Galaxy, the most notable ones being the green skinned Rilgarians of planet Rilgar, the blue skinned Novalians of planet Novalis, the pale skinned Kerwanians of planet Kerwan, the fox-like Cazar of planet Marcadia, and the red skinned Blarg of planet Orxon.

Ratchet, the hero of the games, is a Lombax, cat-like bipedal creatures originating from planet Fastoon in the Polaris Galaxy (though he grew up on planet Veldin in the Solana Galaxy). They have large ears, triangular feet with three claws, five digits on each hand and are covered in velvety fur with stripes running down parts of their body. Female Lombaxes have hair and no tail whereas male Lombaxes have no hair and a tail. Lombaxes are known for their affinity to gadgetry and machinery and make expert mechanics and inventors, often modifying existing technology to suit their means. The Wrench is a traditional Lombax melee weapon, used like a sword but is also handy for cranking gears and cogs. Lombaxes are among the rarest creatures in the universe, and the reasons for this will be explained in this story.

Now, without further ado ladies and gentleman, may I present my fanfiction...'You're Not Alone'. Enjoy...!

Approximately 4 years before Clank crashes on Veldin and the events of the first game unfold, on a shady planet, somewhere in the Solana Galaxy...

The underground market was positively bustling early morning. Creatures of a variety of species could be seen bartering and selling their wares, keeping an eye out for potential buyers or shoplifters. A tall Novalian strolled casually through the crowd, seemingly oblivious to the chaos around him. He walked with a style that emanated arrogance and many creatures wondered who he was as he passed by, and if he knew where he was. Surely someone of his species and clothing (which were very rich in taste) wouldn't want to visit this kind of market...?

A small Blargian child watched the blue skinned man go by and stood up. That guy was just asking to be pick-pocketed. He darted around the stalls until he was ahead of the Novalian, then turned back and began walking casually towards him. There were many people about so no-one noticed as the child brushed past the stranger, hand dipping in and out of his open pocket with experienced ease. He grasped something and made to get away.

Iron fingers clamped around the child's wrist and he let out a yelp of pain. All of a sudden, he found himself hauled up by the scruff of the neck so he was looking directly into the stranger's eyes.

"Pick-pocketing, are we, boy?" the Novalian growled menacingly. The child struggled against his captor's grasp but said nothing. Holding the boy with one hand the stranger pried the object from the child's hand. It was just a bolt, a nice shiny one, but nothing special at all. Smiling horribly the man pocketed it and lifted the child again,

"You're lucky it wasn't anything valuable, now get out of my sight or I'll tear the flesh from your bones." He dropped the child who scrabbled away as fast as possible. The casual way he'd issued the warning would have anyone believe he was joking, but the boy had seen the stranger's eyes glint as he spoke and knew it was no idle threat.

The man strode on as if nothing had happened, head held high once again. Stallholders who had watched the encounter looked away as he passed. He may be arrogant, but something about the man screamed 'DANGER'.

Eventually, he reached his destination and took a place among the gathered crowd. Looking up onto the stage he was pleased to see the auction had only just begun and there were plenty of items still to be sold. He watched as a medium sized article was heaved onto the stage.

"Item 53," called the auctioneer, "young male Markazian, prime of his youth. Perfect for manual or domestic labour. Bidding starts at 500 bolts." The stranger studied the young male on stage. He was scantily clad in rough garments that only covered his legs, leaving his torso exposed. His sharp ears and tail were drooped in defeat and he was visibly shivering, most probably with fright. The bids began to rise but the Novalian kept his mouth shut. The young creature was too lean, and too common to work in his facility. He was finally sold to a very fat robot who the man recognised as the owner of a building plant on Gaspar. The Markazian was lucky, at least on Gaspar he'd be able to breathe of his own accord. The stranger knew of some places where creatures had to work for the oxygen they breathed; you didn't usually last long in places like that.

Several other items were sold but the Novalian wasn't interested in any of them. He debated leaving but then a young Cazar was brought up for sale and he stayed. Cazar were excellent workers and this one looked like it knew work, and obedience. He bid up to 2,500 bolts but then dropped it. There was a Blargian businessman who seemed determined to obtain the creature so the stranger let him have it. To his surprise, he noted he was being rather nice that day. For a start, he hadn't actually punished the boy who'd tried to pick-pocket him and he was letting an obviously inferior Blargian walk away with something he had wanted. He chuckled slightly to himself and a few buyers glanced around at him curiously. He simply grinned back and they all quickly looked away.

A few more items went to new owners and the Novalian had gotten bored. There was nothing of any value to be bought today. He turned and began making his was back through the crowd, pushing people aside without so much as an 'excuse me'.

"Item 39," the auctioneer's voice reached him over the chatter but he didn't turn around. "Now this, ladies and gents, is a rare one. Get your bolts ready because she's gonna be pricey." His curiosity aroused, the stranger turned in time to see Item 39 dragged onto the podium. The creature thrashed about for a minute before the auctioneer cracked his whip, making it snarl and lash out. Sighing irritably, the auctioneer flicked a switch on his auction stand and the chains around the creatures wrists snapped into place, cuffing its hands in tight metal bonds. The chain connecting the feet was shortened and only gave minimum leverage, preventing them from moving without falling over. Suitably restrained, the creature looked up at the crowd with a challenging glare.

Many a creature gasped when they registered what it was.

The stranger's eyes widened and he roughly pushed forward through the stunned crowd to get a better look. Was this an illusion?

The auctioneer smiled smugly at the awestruck audience and twirled his whip playfully,

"May I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, the last Lombax in existence."

He wasn't seeing things, it was really there! The Novalian ran his keen eyes over the creature. It was young, very young in fact, no more than a decade old. It had grey fur that covered its entire body, though darker grey stripes could be seen on its ears, arms and legs. It wore a faded top and shorts, but he knew there would also be stripes around the middle and shoulders. Its slender figure, delicate features and lack of a tail told him it was a female. She also had long hair that fell around her shoulders in a messy tumble of grey. She stood upright, no longer struggling but looking directly into the audience with a fearless glare. Then he noticed the most amazing thing about her. Her eyes. Even from this distance, he could see they were a bright blue and almost crackling with energy. Right now, they contained nothing but anger and defiance as she looked over the gathered creatures, lip curled ever so slightly as if they were beneath her. Even in chains, she held herself in such a way that exuded bravery and nobility. She was incredible.

He had to have her.

Unfortunately, he wasn't the only one. Almost immediately as the auctioneer opened the bidding at 3,000 bolts there were immediate raises. The Novalian added his voice and started playing. He had to have her, and he knew he would, but he was going to let the other buyers think they had some sort of chance before finally outbidding them and grinding them into dust with envy.

The price rose at an exceedingly alarming rate as people joined and left the bid. More people had gathered as the word had quickly gone around of Item 39's species and many eyes watched intently as the bidding heated.

The stranger calmly beat all his opponents until it was just him and two other wealthy creatures. One was a large Agorian who held a senior position on the Agorian Battleplex, and the other a robot, famous for his restaurants but even more famous for his pleasure cruises. No doubt he'd train the Lombax to become the ultimate companion, though what the Agorian wanted with her the stranger did not know.

But she wasn't going to either of them and the Agorian dropped out once they'd reached 400,000 bolts. It was just him and the robot, now.

He wanted to smile but the robot was getting really worked up and he didn't want to aggravate him any further, however fun it could be. The restaurant owner began to panic, the idea that he might not win finally clicking in his mechanic brain. In desperation, he started making extraordinary jumps.

"500,000 bolts!" he exclaimed and eyebrows rose all around. The excitement in the air was stifling as people wondered where it would end. Most of them recognised the robot, but no-one knew the calm Novalian who bid against him. This was proving to be a memorable auction...

"550,000 bolts," the stranger spoke evenly, not having to raise his voice at all as there was an apprehensive silence. The robot looked at him nervously (he could tell by his twitching eye socket) and whispered something to the smaller robot next to him. The conversation was hushed and very fast.

"Sir? Are you withdrawing from the bid?" the auctioneer enquired, he was nearly shaking with anticipation. This was surely an auction that would go down in history, with him as the auctioneer! The robot looked up,

"Final offer, 800,000 bolts." There were several cries of astonishment from all around and people began whispering fiercely to their neighbours. 800,000 bolts? That was unheard of for a simple slave, and certainly the most that had ever been offered in this market. The stranger kept up the facade of coolness, though secretly he wanted to burst out laughing with maniacal glee. He let those around him chatter until they all realised he hadn't said a thing.

"Do I hear a raise on 800,000 bolts?" the auctioneer asked hoarsely, feeling giddy. The Novalian looked up at him calmly until all around him was absolute silence. You could have sliced the atmosphere with a knife.

"1 million bolts," he said softly, but everyone heard. Several creatures fell over in shock and the robot he'd been bidding against gave a squeak as his lower abdomen exploded. He collapsed and was quickly hauled away by the smaller robots around him. But no-one noticed him leave as all eyes remained glued to the stranger, watching as he walked towards the raised platform. The crowd parted before him like a wave and soon enough, he was on stage beside the auctioneer. He raised an eyebrow in a questioning look and the fat auctioneer seemed to come partially out of his shock.

"Sold to the gentleman for 1...m-million bolts," he gasped quietly before holding out his hand for the money. Slowly, the stranger drew out a cheque, scrawled something lazily and handed it to the shaking creature. Without another word, the blue skinned man walked across to the slave, flicking the switch on the stand as he passed. The chains around the female's wrists loosened, though still keeping her reasonably constrained.

He grabbed her shoulders and began shoving her off the stage. She struggled a little against him but he was clearly the stronger one as he shoved her once again, making her stumble forward several paces. Growling softly, she seemed to realise resistance was futile and allowed him to lead her through the crowd who had begun whispering once again.

Neither of them said a word as they walked back through the market place. Many creatures stopped to stare at the duo as they passed, as they made such an odd combination to be found in such a place. The female's eyes flicked over the stalls as they moved by, as if searching for something. Whatever it was, she didn't find it as they entered the main hangar and made for a nearby parked ship. It was small, compared to some others around, but it could easily hold ten people including the pilot.

The side door opened as they approached and a large figure peered out.

"Alright, boss?" it asked in a thick voice. The stranger simply shoved the girl into the ship and entered after her.

"Let's go, Grynk," he took his seat at the main helm and the doors closed, "chain her up, she's quite spirited." The Reaper obediently advanced on the girl and though she tried to evade him, lashing out when he was close, he quickly had her secured to the main vessel. She wasn't going anywhere.

She glared fiercely at them both, her eyes shooting daggers at the back of the Novalian's head.

"You're a Lombax," Grynk observed stupidly. He received a withering look in return.

"I thought they was extinct," the Reaper commented aloud.

"They are," answered the stranger as he directed the ship out of the hangar and off the planet's surface, "that's why I bought her". Once they'd picked up a steady course he switched to autopilot and left his seat. Moving over to the girl he towered over her menacingly,

"I paid a pretty penny for you. What's your name?" The girl simply glared up at him, not showing any signs of intimidation. The stranger slapped her lazily across the face and her head shot back with the force.

"You answer me when I ask you a question," he told her smoothly, his voice laced with venom. The girl's blue eyes hardened and she raised her head, exposing her throat. A small device clung to the base of her neck and the stranger realised what it was with a grim smile. Reaching forward, he plucked the device from her neck and tossed it over his shoulder.

"Now, answer me, what is your name?" The girl opened her mouth a few times, recovering from the effects of the speech-inhibitor. Then she looked up at him with eyes as cold and as hard as steel,

"My name," she answered in a young but surprisingly strong voice, "is Skyla."