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For Itachi, the world was pain.

It surrounded him. Consumed him. Destroyed him. He wanted nothing more in that moment than to die, but he knew in his heart that he would never be allowed.

The agony was like electricity, pulsing through him with every strained beating of his heart. He bit his lip hard, copper and iron filling his mouth.


From between his spread legs, blood poured out, staining the clean white bed sheets with large, rusty drops.

He clenched the sheets between his teeth; pulling them so tight they almost tore. It did nothing to relieve the pain. Blood continued to pour out in the giant ruby stain between his thighs.

Madara smirked down at him, at the feeble cries that filtered past his ears. He quickened his pace, pounding into him harder, faster, deeper.

"What's wrong, Itachi?" he sneered. "Where has your heartbreaking voice gone, little bird? Why don't you sing for me anymore?"

Itachi glared up at him, hatred, pain and disgust swimming in his coal black eyes. Tears gathered at the corners of his eyes, but he refused to let them fall.

He wouldn't give Madara the pleasure.

Madara's bruising grip on his hips tightened, and he shuddered, the clues that it was almost over.

Itachi whimpered softly as Madara came inside him, before cleaning himself off and redressing. Despite the pain that shot up his spine, Itachi curled up into a little ball, trying to ignore Madara as he got back on the bed and stroked his soft black hair.

"There. That wasn't so bad, was it?"

Itachi's growl was cut off by a hacking cough. He clutched at his throat as he struggled to take in air- that cooling balm of oxygen that soothed his ragged lungs.

When he was finally able to breathe again, Madara turned Itachi to face him. Softly, sweetly, gently, he kissed Itachi's bloodstained lips. The dichotomy of his actions nearly reduced Itachi to tears.

Still, it wasn't until Madara had left the room that Itachi finally allowed himself to cry.



Taki skidded to a halt, dropping to his knees in front of the broken body of his knight.

Klaus looked up at him weakly, smiling a pained, weak smile.

"…I've returned…my master."

The dark stain of blood rapidly spread across his sun kissed skin and pure white shirt, forever destroying its purity.

Pale hands turned red as Taki frantically searched out any way to stop the bleeding.

"Taki-sama…it's useless. He'll be dead in a matter of minutes."


Taki had brought Klaus back from the brink of death once before. But this time, he knew it was different. Yet…

His wounds ran too deep. No matter how hard anyone tried, there would be no saving him. Not this time.

"Klaus, no!" he screamed. "You can't leave! I won't let you! You promised you would never leave!"

Those looking on were silent with before had their commander lost his composure so thoroughly.


His labored breathing had already ceased. Captain Klaus von Wolfstadt, Taki Reizen's knight and lover, was dead.

"Klaus! Klaus, no!"

Taki buried his face in Klaus' bloody chest, sobbing uncontrollably.

"…I love you," he whispered, in a voice so quiet and broken that it almost wasn't there.


Darkness. Fire. Fighting.

(Can't breathe.)

Can't stop. Keep going. Don't stop. Keep fighting.

(Can't breathe. Can't stop.)

Make it stop…I can't breathe! Kill me! Anything is better than fighting this pointless battle! Death is nothing compared to this living hell!

(Can't breathe. Can't fight. Can't die.)

Madara-sensei…please have mercy. Just this once, have mercy on me. Please…kill me. I'm sorry I couldn't finish the mission. Kisame will do it. Just kill me now…

"I'll get you out of here. I should be able to get you a good medic without too much trouble."

No! Kill me! Can't you see I don't want to live anymore? Kill me now! Sensei, please!

…Kill me…


"Where did you find him?"

"Near the officer's quarters, sir. He's pretty badly injured."

Cadet Yamamoto looked down at the broken body laying on the bed not a foot away from him. Lieutenant Suguri sat down and began to look him over.

He ran his fingers down the bloody marks that covered his body, feeling the muscles ripple underneath. The man (or, rather, the boy, seeing as he couldn't be much older than Taki) seemed to be in top physical condition, despite the fever that seemed to have been raging unchecked for quite some time- almost definitely a soldier, and a good one at that.

The question was, who was he, and how had he ended up naked beside the officer's quarters?

Yamamoto wasn't exaggerating when he said he was badly injured. He had been stabbed through with a blade- a wickedly sharp one at that. something seemed to have burned him, angry red marks working their way up his chest like tongues of flame.

Suguri stopped, staring at a deep bite wound that rested at the juncture between his neck and shoulders.

That was an injury you didn't get in a fair fight.

"Cadet Yamamoto, please go back to your room."

"Yes, sir."

Once the child was gone, Suguri turned his attention back to the boy before him, forehead creasing in anger and worry.

A dark hickey mark stood out on his uninjured shoulder. Suguri pulled the blanket further down, revealing deep, dark bruises on his hips. Angry claw marks on his upper arms screamed that there had been a great struggle.

Suguri took a deep breath, pulling the blanket off him completely. He cringed, then closed his eyes against the sight.

He was painfully reminded of the time when Taki had been in this position…so weak…so helpless…

So violated.

There was only one way this young man could have gotten those types of injuries.


Taki splashed cold water on his face, shaking his head violently to clear his mind.

With Klaus or without him, he still had a country to run. Besides, Klaus wouldn't want him to sulk around and do nothing once he was gone.

With that in mind, Taki took a shaky breath and stepped out to face the world.

"He doesn't look like he's from Eurote at all. Where do you think he came from?"

"Cadet Yamamoto says he just suddenly appeared out of nowhere."

"He's just a kid. You can't trust everything he says."

Taki stepped up to the group of gossiping soldiers. They immediately straightened up and saluted him.

"At ease," Taki commanded. "What are you three talking about?"

"One of the cadets found a man near the officer's quarters. He's very ill, and badly injured, if we heard things right."

"Where's he being treated?"

"Lieutenant Suguri is looking after him, sir. We figure he's a soldier for some other country."

Taki ran off, determined to see this so-called soldier.

He had to see this for himself.


Taki barged into Suguri's room without knocking. Suguri turned around, pausing what he was doing.

That's when Taki saw it.

Half a dozen blood soaked cloths were discarded, the stench of iron filling the room. A mass of blood and flesh and long black hair lay nearly lifeless on the mattress, his bare back exposed to the cool air of the room.

"Lieutenant Suguri…how bad is he?"

"Taki-sama, please just leave this to me. He'll be fine."

"Lieutenant Suguri, I asked you a question! How badly is he injured? I want the truth."

Suguri bowed his head, closing his eyes and coming clean.

"He's pretty bad. his injuries are quite extensive. And…I believe he's been violated."

The words hit Taki like a ton of bricks.

"…Violated? As in…raped?"

"…It looks like it, Taki-sama."

Taki ran to the bedside, taking in the damaged body. The bruises, the bite marks…everything seemed so eerily familiar.

"I've done everything I can. I gave him a sedative, and all we can do is let him sleep."

Lieutenant Suguri left the room, casting a concerned glance back at Taki.

He'd been different in the three weeks since Klaus had died. Once, he had stormed out of a meeting, masking tears behind angry words. It might be dangerous to leave him here alone.

…Suguri took a deep breath and left the room.

Taki pulled up the abandoned chair and sat, staring at the broken body in front of him.

"You're not going to die," he said fiercely. "I've seen too many people die. I won't add another to the list."

He grabbed the boy's lifeless hand, squeezing it tightly in hopes of getting a response.

"I won't let any more people die!" he cried, sobbing into the other boy's hand. "I…I've had enough of people dying…"

The hand in his squeezed back lightly. Taki looked down at the person.

He was still asleep.


God, please…let me die. I don't want to live in this world any longer. Madara won't grant me release, but you won't be so cruel, will you?

"You're not going to die."

…Such a sweet voice. So kind and innocent sounding.

"I won't let any more people die! I've had enough of people dying…"

That voice…it sounds so heartbroken. So sad. So lonely.

Don't be sad…if you really don't want me to go just yet, then maybe I will stay.

If only for a little while longer.


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