Game Over?

Jamie tromped down the street miserably. He had been searching for a game shop for hours with no succession. Kicking a can into the gutter Jamie sighed and wished he had never fallen for his parents telling him that there were game shops nearby to get him out in the fresh air. After all, what did he expect to buy with only four pounds of pocket money?

Then, on the street, he noticed something. It was a little run down and grimy but still easily recognisable as a game shop. The eerily flickering neon sign above the dusty glass doors read the game house. Underneath the small print read 'The Perfect gaming store!' Jamie ran faster than the four winds themselves, eager to buy a game. Pulling back the door and walking inside he was hit by a wave of damp, musty, stale air. It was dark inside the store, with only a pale, eerie light coming in through the windows layered with dust. "How could this be a game store?" Jamie thought while grinding his teeth "It's ancient!" "Still, if there's games I suppose I better get looking then" he though with a sigh that sent clouds of dust swirling and sent Jamie into a coughing fit.

Scouring the shelves Jamie found the horror section. Jamie pulled a game of the shelf that had the title House Of HORROR! And a picture of a chainsaw with a man in a chainsaw facemask. Another game was The Denizens of Death, which had a 3D holographic picture of a skeleton in a hooded robe. Jamie pulled it off the shelf. He liked the look of the game, so he pulled it off the shelf and walked briskly to the till. There was a small buzzer which had a letter taped on it. Written in red pen on the letter a message read ' Press button for assistance'. Jamie pressed down on the button and somewhere in the shop a droning buzz sounded. A man walked through a disguised door, which had been hidden in the shadows. The man was somewhere in his 40's, wearing a rather bizarre mixture of clothing such as a purple and red striped top hat, a black tailcoat, blue jeans and black official shoes. The man smiled and said loudly "Top o the morning to yiz, what can old Conor 'o' Reilly be doin for yiz?" Conor was most obviously Irish, but what was more interesting is the fact that he wore no traditional Irish clothes. Jamie asked about this. Conor's good mood suddenly seemed to just drop down dead.

"Tis a sad reason, when I first came to America from Ireland I was attacked by a group of Extremist Anti-Irish maniacs. They only recognised me by my clothing, so they beat me up and left me in a gutter, from then on I made a vow to myself never to wear Irish clothes again so they couldn't recognise that I was Irish." Conor then perked back into his usual good mood. "So, what could I be doin for yiz" he boomed. Jamie replied by saying, " Well, I would like to buy this game" He handed over Denizens of Death. "Good game that, costs £3.99" Jamie handed over the money and took the game. "Bye Conor!" he yelled as he walked out of the double doors.

As he walked home Jamie complimented himself on his good manners and excellence at finding a game shop. His Mum and Dad would be surprised as they most obviously thought that there were no game shops within 7 miles.

When he got home he went straight to his room and inserted Denizens of Death into his PS2. He named his player The Ghastly Avocado (He had a strange sense of humour) and started the game. It began with a movie showing the character speaking to a hooded figure that must have been the chief necromancer. He had a face paint, which had been painted in the design of a skull. He had red eyes, the trademark of a dark magician. He was speaking to the character explaining the game story. Then suddenly, a soldier burst out of the background bushes and chucked a throwing axe. There was a sudden flash of light, which blinded Jamie temporarily.

When Jamie opened his eyes he was standing in a small glade surrounded by bushes. The ground around his feet squelched under his leather boots. Leather Boots? Why was he wearing leather boots? Just a few minutes ago he was wearing his trainers! He looked down and saw that the ground was thick with blood and gore. Bile rose in his throat. Following the crimson trail his eyes laid upon a horrifying sight. A corpse was spread-eagled upon the ground. A blood-splattered throwing axe was lying on the ground beside the body. It had obviously sliced through the poor mans neck. A pool of blood surrounded the body, slowly congealing. The corpse was wearing robes and through all the blood you could just see the faint lines of a face-painted skull.

Robed corpse, throwing axe, skull face paint! He had this nagging thought that he had seen this before but he couldn't quite put his finger on where he had seen it. Suddenly, he realised. Why didn't he think of it before? He was in the game. He was in Denizens of Death…

He froze, the soldier! Where was the man who killed the chief magician? Then, he saw him; he was hiding in the bushes at the side of the glade. Jamie ran towards him and waved his hands in the air. He immediately regretted it as a magical ball of shadows scythed through the air towards the man. The man turned to run but was too late. The ball hit him in the back. The man screamed in agony and dropped to the floor. Jamie hated the sound of the screaming and decided to finish the man off. He summoned a blade of fire out of the air and stabbed it through the man's back. The man gave one final death scream and then fell silent.

Jamie was angry, he wasn't sure why, maybe because that soldier killed the innocent Chief magician. Yes, that was the reason; he decided to take revenge on the poor magician. He remembered reading the booklet that showed the coat of arms of each clan back at home. This man was clearly of the clan named The Blade Liners. The Blade Liners were a group of people who lived purely by a futile system of Survival of the Fittest. The weaklings were left on the plains to the mercy of predators or demons. Unfortunately the Blade-liners were in league with three other clans, The Trap-masters and The Range Crews. The Trap-Masters have an obvious name. They relied on intelligence and unlike the Blade-liners they lived in a system where they considered each other as equals. They spent their time devising evil traps with their unspeakably evil thoughts, hence the name Trap-masters.

The Range Crews relied on their accuracy in archery. They treasured only one thing. Not life, gold or jewels. No, what they treasure the most is they're clan-mates respecting them. To be shamed was the worst thing that could ever happen to them.

Jamie marched off into the forest. He knew one thing. The Blade-liners had one reason for bringing together the clans. The Blade-liners had been suffering from many attacks by the Magic clans. They were annoyed at this so they wanted to build a castle. Unfortunately, they hadn't got the brains, so they called upon the Trap-masters. That helped them build the castle. Still though, they didn't have people to man the ballistae that were built so they called upon the Range Crews. The Range Crews manned the ballistae and so the castle was created.

That left one final little problem, the roaming Demons. These horrible creatures dragged their evil excuse they had for a soul over the dark plains of the once beautiful Altarfian Gardens.

Jamie shook his dizzy head. After all, there was a lot of information having to be taken in after being miraculously transported into a game. Suddenly he realised he had a heavy weight on his back. Looking over his shoulder he saw a massive bag loaded onto him. " Um, okay…" he said, really confused on how it got there. He went and sat on a tree stump and opened the bag. THERE WAS NOTHING INSIDE! He shoved his hand in and touched a letter. It read:

To The Finder of This Item,

Upon acquiring this item you must feel very strange about two things. One, how it got there, two, why is it so heavy while being empty. Let me cut to the chase. IT IS A MAGICAL BAG OF WHICH YOU CAN PULL OUT ANY ITEM THAT YOU NEED. I wish you luck on your adventures (if you are having any) and hope you enjoy the many wondrous pleasures that come with this item. To access an item simply think about it very hard and clearly in your mind's eye, then shove you hand into the bag and HEY PRESTO! You've got an item. Enjoy!

From Allonomous Scherten.

"OH YEAH!" hollered Jamie, sending birds flying out of the trees like a cloud of cawing feathers. 'Oops' he thought suddenly wondering how many demons the shout had attracted. Keeping calm so as to not attract attention he pictured a large sword with a curved blade and an elongated hilt with his handgrip on it. He jammed his hand into the bag and felt his hand close around a piece of metal, his fingers fitting perfectly into the grooves. He yanked it out and a cutlass slid out. Perfectly curved like the arc of a halo it was. He swung it and felt how artistically balanced it was. It wasn't made for thrusting; it was made for swinging and swiping, slashing and scything. It was amazing. 'It is going to be a good day tomorrow' thought Jamie 'but first I need firewood, a tent and food. The tent was easy, just another dip into the bag. Firewood was not so hard with the axe that he also pulled out. Now he just needed food. At that very moment a movement came from the bushes. Jamie spun round and put it in a defensive line over his body. Movement again. Red eyes glinting. Saliva dripping. Suddenly, the Thing threw itself at Jamie, knocking him onto the floor. It was a Demon. It was like a wolf, but with a tail of spines and claws like scimitars. Jamie rolled aside and brought his cutlass downwards towards the Denizen of Hell's neck. It never reached the creatures flesh though because a ball of shadows, just like the one Jamie had fired at the Blade liner assassin. It passed into the hell-wolf, tossing it against the nearest tree. The wolf continually howled and howled a repulsive, blood-curdling howl, which Jamie silenced by pressing him cutlass against the creature's neck, then applying force. Blood gushed over the floor. It was a lot like human blood, same consistency, but was yellow.

He turned to thank his saviour but he was gone. Disappeared, like a sudden storm. As Jamie stared at the hard, dry ground where the man had vanished. Then someone, or something, tapped his shoulder. He jumped, twirled around and drew his scimitar, only for it to meet and equally matched weapon, that was a bit like a staff but lined on each end with dangerous glass barbs, filled with purple, fizzing liquid. It was the man who had saved him. He hit the floor, rolled and came up with his hands in the air shouting "Peace!" at the top of his voice. The man twirled his staff a few more times then yanked on it twice, from the middle outwards. The staff clicked, then slid in half. The man placed the halves into two leather sheathes at the sides of his legs. This man had red hair, dark blue eyes and was wearing a black robe, flecked with greens and browns, the perfect camouflage robe. "Okay, right now I am pretty terrified, after all, I come out for a walk and what do I find? Some crazy kid magician being attacked by a demon wolf and then I save him and teleport behind a tree. Seeing you not doing any evil laughs or you know I decided you were a kind of nice guy so I walk up and you try to bloody kill me!" he spluttered. He spoke so quickly that Jamie only just worked out what he had said. "By the way, you don't happen to have seen a magical bag that gives you any item?"

"Um, yeah" replied Jamie and slipped the bag off his shoulders. "Brilliant!" cheered the man "It's just, I sent it by random teleport magic, to land upon the shoulders of any needy person, I trust you read my note?" Jamie smiled and nodded, so this was Allonomous. Ok, he had expected someone a little more mysterious and bold but this strange, almost crazy person would have to do.

He explained to Allonomous that he was in need of getting to the castle built by the three evil clans, to which Allonomous told him that the name of the castle which was Actight, named as such from the poison, Aconite and the fact that the walls were so tightly packed with defences, that an army smaller than 50 men would be killed almost instantaneously. "First of all though, we must get you to the camp, for training of your magical gift, one of which you most obviously have, so lets go!" and so they walked, but first Jamie packed up the tent into the magic bag and stomped out the fire.

When they finally reached base camp, a magician just like the one who had been killed met them. "Where is the Chief?" he boomed, actually seeming to somehow fear Jamie in a way. Allon, which was Allonomous's nickname, shrugged and looked at Jamie. Jamie remembered then on the spot what had happened. "He has been killed," replied Jamie in an equally solemn tone "He was killed ruthlessly and in a cowards way by a Blade-liner scout!" Jamie's voice suddenly grew louder, as if someone had ramped up the volume on a stereo. He looked behind him and saw Allon making almost unnoticeable hand movements. It was a Loudening Spell. Jamie smiled in gratitude and addressed the village. "People of magic!" he thundered "We have been assaulted at the highest level, with our Chieftain murdered and our enemies building a fort within our territory, as if to MOCK US! As a man of dignity, I will not stand for this, this is why I shall take the place of your Chieftain and I, will lead an organised attack on ACTIGHT!" The crowd cheered in reply, and some firework like bolts of magic burst into the air, showering litter all over the people of the camp. As Jamie walked away, Allon came up and clapped him on the back. "You did well" he said "They are all on your side now but there is still one more person you should meet." "Who's that?" asked Jamie. "Alkata, our shaman, he has something very interesting to tell you, it might make you think differently than to your strategy now."

As Jamie walked into the shaman's hut, he faintly remembered Conor and his game hut, as the air in here had about the same dusty aroma. The walls were plastered with animal's skins and on shelves stood pickled animals and many jars of berries, each jar a myriad of colours. There were also potions in little glass flasks, corked up as if the potion inside would crawl out if not trapped. The most interesting thing was a single feather, encased in glass. It was enchanting in it's colours. There were more colours in the feather than the rainbow, some of which Jamie could not name. They were swirled in a somehow legendary but mysterious whirlpool, like that of the bath when you pull the plug out. At the hole at the bottom of the whirlpool, the tendrils of colour shone upon a dark shape, that of many feelers and glittering teeth. This somehow seemed to move. "I wouldn't stare to long at that if I were you," muttered a grumpy voice. Jamie whipped round to see a hunched man shuffling towards him. The man had white skin, unlike a lot of the clan members, and was holding a short stick. He was dressed in red robes inlaid with gold and silver swirls that shimmered when the man shifted his body. His robe still didn't match the beauty of the feather though. "Well, I'm sure if I tell you that that feather has drove 20 men to death and 20 more of them to madness, all because they stared at it for an obsessive amount of time." Jamie had no doubts that this was Alkata, the shaman. Allon nudged Jamie, making him look round, and mouthed 'wand' while directing his head towards the short stick. "Of course Allon, only the highest magician's have wands, others use physical enchanted weapons or hand gestures" making Allon jump. That confused Jamie completely, until it processed that Alkata, being a very good magician, obviously could read certain people's thoughts. 'I suppose you are here to listen to my theory, and my strategy?" Alkata spoke briskly. "Yes"-replied Jamie. "Well here goes then" said Alkata and began. " What I am now most probably going to change your mind on is demons. I can read your mind to tell that you think demons are evil all the way through. My theory proves that that is incorrect. The creatures that we call demons are not demons. From close study of a 'hellhound', a wolf like creature of which you encountered while making camp and meeting Allon, I can see that they mainly attack Blade Liner and Trap-Master troops. Before you interrupt I would also like to say that any magicians attacked have been soaked in Trap-Master/ Blade Liner blood, like you Jamie. Also, from an attack on a small Blade Liner/ Trap-Master outpost we acquired a large amount of recorded info. Guess what? The Blade liners have attacked and killed 50 'hellhounds' within the last month and the Trap-Masters killed 70. That's 120 'hellhound' corpses scattered across the forest in one month. The Range Crews aren't that stupid, they know what will happen if they go around killing 120 'hellhounds'. That's why the 'hellhounds' can be worked with and also, the blood doesn't have to be outside the body, the 'hellhounds' have such an acute sense of smell they can tell every clan from each other. My theory works the same for every single type of demon. I think you can guess my strategy"

Alkata breathed deeply and looked softly at Jamie, who stood gobsmacked and wide eyed. Allon broke the tension by saying "So, demons, they're not evil!" Alkata nodded and grinned. Jamie staggered out, pale-faced, looking like a murder victim. Guided by Allon he was led to his cabin, where he duly collapsed onto his bed and fell fast asleep. He dreamed of demons, smiling toothily at him and extending claws, talons and distorted hand-like proboscises as if to shake his own hands and a cool, male voice repeated 'Decisions, Decisions, Decisions, Decisions, Decisions, Decisions gradually fading away. Then it came back as hard as ever and the shape, which he took on as a dream, clasped its hands over its ears, to no avail. When Jamie burst into consciousness then sun was shining and the birds were singing, and then Jamie looked towards the foot of his bed and shouted a very rude swear word. "WHY THE HELL IS THERE A HELLHOUND ON MY BED!" he roared, to which the hellhound raised it's head and barked playfully, then leaped onto Jamie and started licking his face, with a tongue like a wet brillo-pad. "Blphrlphhlpheeahphlpoplblbllb!" spluttered Jamie, who pushed the hellhound off him" then rolled over and accidentally fell out of bed in a rush trying to get to the door. That's when he saw Alkata leaning on the doorpost, his face creased with laughing at Jamie on the floor, in his underwear, with hellhound slobber all over his face. "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING ALKATA, WHAT IF YOUR THEORY WAS WRONG, I COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED YOU…" he saw Alkata and immediately knew that Alkata was sure he wouldn't have made a mistake. That shut Jamie right up. "Well, that was an interesting get-up, why don't we get some breakfast, Allon is at the cafeteria cabin." He helped Jamie up and nodded towards the hellhound "Whatcha gonna call him?" "Don't tempt me" replied Jamie, but of course, he knew at some point or another he would have to name the hellhound, so why not now of all times, after all, he was stress-free at the moment. "I'm gonna name him…" Lists of names flew through Jamie's head and finally he decided on a name. "Dawnation" whispered Jamie. It was a choice from the first time he met him was at Dawn, and the word damnation relates to hell. "Mmmmhmmm" murmured Alkata "Good choice". Jamie bent down to the hellhound and whistled, then said, "Come on Dawnation, come on, come on!" in a simpering voice, dripping with affection, partly false, partly, true as can be. The hellhound padded up to Jamie, with a mischievous twinkle in its eyes. "He didn't take long to learn his name did he now?" Alkata muttered. How obvious that he had used his psychic powers to implant the name into the hellhound's brain.

The hellhound followed Jamie to the cafeteria where everybody jumped up and yanked out there weapons, to which reaction Jamie told them to sheath their weaponry and calm it down. When they sat down, still wary of the hellhound, Dawnation came up and started to nose around and lick people's thighs friendlily. Soon enough everyone was grinning from ear to ear and patting the good beast. At the end of breakfast Jamie stood up, and addressed the magicians. "Today!" he shouted, "I want to see no one not working. There are many workstations of which you will be separated to in a few moments. Anyone not working, will be on toilet duty for the next 5 weeks, without being able to use magic." Jamie glanced towards some of the regular layabouts and saw that, even though they put on a brave front, it hardly disguised their look of shock. Jamie then pointed to a board and explained that the hardest workers would go to the potions room, to create healing potions and poisons. The middle class workers would go to the forge to craft weaponry. The lazy fat workers got to go to the crop fields, to get ploughing. The rest would be Jamie's personal group who would be trained to use some of the finest quality spells and weaponry. "Names are on the board and my personal groups should have got letters from me!" he said and then, after wishing good luck to everyone, strode out the door and to the meeting place, a small hut behind the potions room. Dawnation went back home to his cabin. As the chosen few came in Jamie made sure they had their letters and performed some identity testing spells. Luckily, they were good to go. Jamie took up his workbag from the corner of the room and undid the clasp. He pulled out a book with a picture of a golden rising sun on the cover on the leather cover which he then down on a table. The book as titled, ' The Finer Art Of Spell Casting!' "Ok people, I think we'll start with spell casting today, then move on to potion making which will lead on to necromancy…" he drawled on through the agenda then, drew a wand from his pocket. "I hope you all received your wands in the post?" he began cheerfully "because if you didn't somebody must have stolen them, as I teleported each and every one of them onto your beds!" Funnily enough, nobody's wand had been stolen but they kept quiet as the lesson began.

A Blade-Liner ran through the forest, covered in blood and swearing vigorously. Tree branches whipped his face painfully and he stumbled over roots covered over by leaves. Behind him a swarm of small parasitic demons followed him relentlessly, chattering wildly like a mad squirrel. They had gnashing teeth for burrowing through flesh, scythe like legs (of which there were six) and blood red eyes with green pupils, which were like balls of flame resting in the eye sockets of these terrible creatures. They left almost no trail, only the impressions in the ground from the thousands of their spindly legs revealed their presence. They were like assassins, coming up silently, killing you ruthlessly, and then leaving with no detection. One suddenly leapt forward and tore a chunk out of one of his leather boots and the sock within, also scraping the skin off the back of his foot. The creatures doubled their speed at the smell and sight of a fresh cut. The man knew he would tire at one point and then the demons would overwhelm him. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he tripped over a tree branch into a hole in the ground. A TRAP! The demons poured in over him like carnivorous water, burrowing into his skin and eating him alive from the inside. He screamed in agony then fell into a deathly silence. The demons stripped all the flesh from his bones, and then devoured the bones and their marrow. Then they scuttled out and headed towards the magicians camp.

"WHOAH!" yelled Jamie as he dodged a flaming screaming skull. The magic lesson had gone well. All the members of the SMG (Special Magic Guard) had done fabulously at casting spells for all sorts of situations. Potions class was reasonably good with only a few mistakes made. After all, potion mixing was one of the hardest lessons in magic. They were now on to Necromancy and it was going brilliantly. Zombies were mastered in less than 10 minutes, likewise with skeletons and ghostly apparitions! Now they were mastering the art of shadow charming, the ability to recreate shadow into a shape and send it to spy on an enemy army! By mistake Karlert, who was Jamie's apprentice, had conjured a Terrifor. Terrifors were creatures of darkness. The spell to summon one was extremely similar to that of shadow charming spells. Terrifors are normally used to decrease enemy moral, as having a screaming skull on fire blazing towards you through the night is probably not the least hair-raising experience that you have had. They can do no physical damage but the mental effect on a person can be enough to drive them to dementia.

Luckily Jamie was not faint of heart so he counter-acted the Terrifor with a courage spell that slowly dissolved the Terrifor back into the depths of hell!

After necromancy Jamie gave everyone a 30-minute break to go get a drink from the cafeteria. He then slumped on to the floor and took a big sigh of relief. He had thought that this group could have been rubbish but they were the exact opposite. They were brilliant. On this good-natured note of thought he grinned and strode away to the cafeteria.

The parasitic swarm had another target. A titanic watchtower made up of 20 levels stood high above the ground with a carving of Actight above the open doorway. The swarm split into 4 groups. 1 group manned the doorway outside for any escapees. Another began to slither like a puddle of slime up the side of the walls. The other two rejoined and shot up the stairway. They hissed through corridors and under doorways reducing all bio-matter in the building to nothing. A few men hurled themselves out of windows only to be devoured by the wall-climbing swarm. The same happened as a few leapt off the stairway and dashed out the door only to meet the same fate as the men jumping out of the building. Suddenly, a spurt of flame shot up from the top floor as the remaining singular survivor set fire to a fuel tank. The resulting explosion killed the majority of the parasites, reducing them to ash like a leaf in a furnace. The dying blow of the scouts of the watchtower.

It had been the end of the magic day when Jamie heard the explosion and everyone dashed outside to see a column of flame shoot sky high, tongues of fire licking the cool clouds. Smoke swirled like it was a living beast shouting curses at the sky in its final fatal moments. Alkata came up behind them and patted them on the back. " Don't worry" he whispered " I'll explain everything if you will just…" another humongous mushroom of fire and smoke went up with a bang and Alkata paused then continued "come with me" They walked back to the potions cabin and Alkata told them about the parasitic demons and the unlucky man who fell into a dried up water pit and about the 20 storey watchtower. "How do you know about this?" enquired Allon and Jamie simultaneously. Alkata winked and simply replied, "I know many things."

Many days later, the village of magicians had a meeting. On that very day they decided they would take Actight. As the band of warriors strode from the village, plucking courage from the fact that they had many advantages. A strange and almost terrifying thing happened. Various demons of shapes and sizes crept from the bushes to join the marching the army. Everyone seemed to take it pretty well apart from one man who stared so much he tripped over. A hellhound nuzzled him back up. The famous parasitic swarm were there spinning in a cyclonic formation and a group of shield backed bear-like creatures loped into a battle stride. Alkata nodded at them and said they had never been spotted in the forest before. As they reached the plain upon which Actight stood they conjured a temporary camouflage spell and split up, sending groups off in different directions in relation to the castle. Then, as the spell broke, they charged.

Inside the castle chaos was happening. While the Trap Masters lay sleeping in their underground tunnels the Blade Liners and Range Crews swarmed around the castles. Two Range crews had already been killed, one by catching a fireball in the face and chest, and the other by falling off a watchtower trying to run from a Terrifor. A Blade Liner kicked open a small secret door in the back of the castle and charged out leading a small troop. One by one they were devoured by parasites hiding above the doorway, which slid down under them like puddles of living death. Dismounting their hellhounds the 'Calvary' charged into the castle followed shortly by their faithful demon steeds.

As Jamie saw a burst of magical green light shoot up from the castle and land in the spot where the secret door stood wide open he reared up on his jet-black horse, dismounted and charged the army through the secret tunnel and into the castle. His army had many casualties but not as much as the inhabitants of the castle. The passage was slippery and smelled of human blood. A few torches burnt weakly on the walls. Jamie turned around and motioned the army onwards. They moved quickly and came to a door. It had an inscription but Jamie didn't bother to read it. He placed his hands on the damp, firm wood and pushed hard, enhancing his strength with magic. The door splintered and collapsed and the keep of the castle was revealed. Total chaos. Blood-soaked uniforms and corpses were strewn across the floor. Many were demon or magicians, but many more were the enemy. Jamie drew his cutlass that he had claimed earlier on in his adventures. He slowly moved through the square of the dead. Suddenly, he heard a scream and he twisted around. The scream had come from a dark tunnel leading into the ground. Jamie ran forwards ducking into the tunnel and descended down some steps. Then he realised where he was. "THE TRAP MASTERS SLEEPING CAVERNS!" he yelled then clamped his hand over his mouth and kicked himself. He was such an idiot! He dashed down the corridor. There, in many beds, lay the sleeping Trap Masters. Jamie summoned some fireballs and grinned. Then he blacked out.

Jamie opened his eyes. Where was he? His head ached. He stared around. His room… His room! HIS ROOM! HE WAS IN HIS ROOM! He jumped up and was just about to shout for joy when he slumped on the floor. He had made such good friends! Then he realised. He could still communicate using the games chat mode! He grinned and picked up the controller. "Allon, here I come…"

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