Author's Notes: Written for rarepair_shorts at livejournal (because the forums here are down, so I have to feed my challenge whorishness somewhere)

This shall be a collection of 13 drabbles/ficlets, all Bellamort, updated whenever I feel like all my other works in progress just aren't overwhelming enough.


Title: Crossing the Line
Prompt: Invisible Line
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 167
Summary: The Dark Lord is lenient with Bellatrix, but she is in danger if she crosses the line.


From the very first night Bellatrix was instructed to come to the Dark Lord's chambers, to go before him and submit in a way that no other Death Eater was told to, she had known that she could get away with more than the others. She knew more of the Dark Lord than her fellows did, and he granted her more lenience than he did them. She could tease, or scratch, or bite, and he would humour her, so long as, in the end, she did submit to him – which she always did.

But there was a line, a line Bellatrix could not cross. It was so easy to take things a step too far, try to force him to hold out just a moment too long, bite just the tiniest bit too hard…

She always knew immediately when she had crossed that invisible line, because it was then that the Dark Lord would stop humouring her, and when he stopped, things became very ugly, very fast.