第七章:親子Seventh Chapter: Parent and Child

The Queen of Gehenna looked at her husband's body that was covered in blue flames. She then looked at the images her husband's crystal was showing her: A cathedral that was covered in blue flames; bodies were burning down gruesomely, screaming and begging for their lives, yearning for help or cursing. In the midst of all this was the figure of her beloved son, Rin, standing and laughing in satisfaction as the bodies burnt down. The Queen's husband, Satan, had possessed their eldest son's body in order to save him and his younger twin brother for execution. She let out a sad sigh and turned away from the crystal that was showing her those gruesome images. They reminded her of the images of her own lingering execution – back then when she was a girl of just 15 years, sentenced to death for carrying Satan's children in her womb. Exactly 15 years had passed since then, and the images of people burning in blue flames still haunted the Queen's mind. Looking at her husband killing people once more was more than gruesome for her. But she knew that it was a necessary evil to save her beloved sons.

Naga, the Water King, noticed the Queen's sad expression as his father killed the exorcists and offered her a gesture of support, resting his claw on her shoulder.

"Whatever it is that you're feeling, I don't understand it.", he stated calmly. The Queen did not reply. "It is a necessary evil to save my brothers.", he continued to say. And once more, the Queen sighed. She knew all that already. She knew that the exorcists were merciless with demons. She removed Naga's claws gently from her shoulder and shook her head violently the next moment. Naga's brothers were baffled; The Queen was kind and solemn in most situations, but this situation obviously got on her nerves.

"I will not create another Blue Night again, for the interest of our goal. That is my vow.", Satan had told her back then. Despite her undying love for him, Yuri had had a difficult time accepting his proposal and becoming his Queen; just because he had created the Blue Night. But that was all in the past right now.

"Have faith in him.", Amaimon told her. "If there's one thing I know about Father, then that he honours his vows." Yuri widened her eyes. Satan hadn't caused a Blue Night ever since he'd saved her from execution. Despite the exorcists going on a killing spree and hunting down demons, he always had controlled his anger and hadn't lashed out for vengeance. So why would he create a Blue Night now? The Queen smiled. She was foolish to doubt Satan's dedication to his vow and the goal they share. She approached the crystal and cupped it in her hands.

"Come home fast, anata.", she whispered and put the crystal back on its place. She hummed something and walked around in a graceful posture as usual, when she suddenly heard a knock on the door. "I will open.", she said and walked to the door.

"What is it?", she asked in a calm, friendly manner. The guards immediately bowed down and did not lift their heads until Yuri smiled at them.

"Your Majesty, we do not deserve such kindness.", one of them stated. "Forgive us for intruding and defying the King's orders."

"Don't worry.", she laughed. "I'm sure that this is urgent, so please speak."

"Duke Astaroth, the King of Rot, and Duchess Astarte, the Princess of Rot, have returned, Your Majesty.", the other guard informed her in a croaking voice. Immediately the Queen was overjoyed. She had witnessed that Satan ordered them to bring Yukio home.

"Do they have someone with them?", she inquired. The guards nodded, also overjoyed.

"They have Prince Yukio with them, milady!", they exclaimed. "But he is unconscious for the time being, Your Majesty. Duchess Astarte inquired you to give him shelter."

The Queen nodded in approval. "Allow them in and tell them to gently place the Prince on this bed over there.", she ordered sternly and pointed her claw to the bed in the top-left corner.

"Yes, Your Majesty!", they exclaimed and left immediately. Irritated by their stepmother's strong leadership, the other sons didn't utter a word. Each one of them wondered what their new little brothers would be like – and hopefully, not to be the pest Azazel can be. Speaking of him, Azazel rushed to his mother and tugged her dress.

"Mama, what are my big brothers like?", he asked and grinned. Yuri smiled and patted her youngest son's head.

"Let's see.. Rin has displayed personality traits that are very much alike with your father's, and Yukio is a kind, but calculating soul.", she answered, not really having a clue. She'd only seen her sons once, and that was shortly after they were born. Sure, Satan had told her about her son's personalities, he was pretty good at decoding such stuff. But other than that, she had no idea. Sadly.

"Ah, they're there.", Yuri stated. She had noticed Astaroth and Astarte standing in front of the door and Yuri rushed there to open it.

"Greetings, Your Majesty..", Astaroth moaned from the exhaustion. He and his sister bowed swiftly before the Queen and then entered the room.

"Have the guards told you what I ordered you to do?", she asked calmly. Both nodded and gently carried the unconscious and worn Yukio to the bed Yuri had defined moments ago. Azazel ran to the bed, followed by the slower steps of his mother. She looked over to the others and instructed them to follow her.

"Mama, is this Rin or Yukio?", Azazel wanted to know. "It's Yukio.", she answered. "Your elder brother Rin is currently possessed by papa."

"When is papa coming home?", he asked then in a sad voice.

"Soon, my dear. Soon.", Yuri answered and chuckled.

The Queen turned to Amaimon, the Earth King. Yukio was badly bruised and and ridded with bloodstains on his clothes. It was tear jerking for the Queen to stare at the tortured form of her beloved son and knelt down. She gently knelt down and touched his face and whispered his name with a mixture of sobbing. No one dared to say a thing. Despite their natures as Demon Kings, they were saddened as well. They saddened with the Queen, hurt with her. Some of them felt an even greater remorse than when their brother Alastor was killed by exorcists, just because he wanted to see what Assiah was like. Their thoughts were interrupted when they noticed Yuri regain her posture, not looking at any of them.

"Amaimon.", she exclaimed sternly. The Earth King immediately bowed down, awaiting the Queen's orders.

"Yes, mother?", he responded politely.

"As the Earth King, it is said that you also have healing abilities. Heal your brother.", she ordered.

"Very well.", he answered and got up. He started tearing apart Yukio's prison rags until he was only in his shorts. He noticed even more atrocity in his brothers' looks, seeing the extent of his first-degree injuries. He was wounded badly and one could still see blood flowing on the silky sheets of the bed.

Amaimon drew blood from his hand and dropped it on Yukio's most grave injuries, a green light illuminating on that large area. His body responded to the green light as soft blue flames ignited on the injured spots, mixing with the light. The wound slowly started closing and Amaimon repeated the procedure on all of Yukio's other wounds until they were completely healed. However, Yukio was still unconscious.

"I've healed his wounds.", Amaimon said as he finished healing his younger brother. The Queen smiled and stared contented at Amaimon, nodding.

"Good job, Amaimon.", she remarked gently and with a warm voice. "Yukio, wake up..", she whispered sadly and knelt down once more. All Demon Kings, save Amaimon, were looking at their brother's unconscious body.

Amaimon, however, looked at the crystal that showed his father fighting exorcists and killing them in the cathedral.

Meanwhile, as Satan was fending off the exorcists that dared torturing and mutilating his sons, slaying one after one, it surprised him not that the Pope tried to escape in the heat of Satan's killing frenzy. Satan growled slightly as the place was burning blue, and approached the crawling Pope. The poor soul had not noticed that Satan was approaching him and he was still croaking and sweating like crazy, reeking with fear. That fearful face became even more terrifying as Satan violently grabbed the Pope's hair and lifted his head.

"Oi, you bastard..", he murmured violently. "Just where the fuck do you think you're going?" He punched the Pope in the face and growled even more, hearing the Pope's pathetic screams.

"Not so great when the spirits you've cited ignore your commands, huh?", he snarled as he punched the Pope even more. "I've been watching you pathetic fucks. Conspiring behind my sons' backs, just after they had saved Assiah.", he growled and stabbed the Pope's body with his claws.

"I can read your pathetic expressions. You are fearing for your life, begging for compassion.", he stated surprisingly calm and dropped the Pope's body mercilessly on the ground. "Where was the compassion when you ordered my sons' execution, huh? HUH?", he growled yellingly, getting louder each word and kicked the Pope violently.

"I was wondering how Yuri's scumbag father, who ordered his own daughter to be executed was even alive for this long.", he yelled and kicked the Pope once more. "But no worry, his endless torture is imminent. And so is yours.", he continued and dropped blood on the ground. The Pope noticed bubbles underneath him appear and widened his eyes in fear. The Gehenna Gate.

"That's right.", Satan said lowly and chuckled. "The souls of the wicked and damned shall dwell in the bloody rivers of Gehenna, tortured and eaten by savagely demons." He watched as the Pope slowly disappeared in that gate and started laughing like a maniac. His laugh became louder and louder the more he heard the Pope's torturous screams as he disappeared.

When he disappeared completely, Satan briefly looked around and stared at his surroundings, the blue flames that were slowly wrecking the cathedral. He smiled.

"Well, I will be taking my leave now or Yuri will have my head..", he sighed and got into the Gehenna gate that disappeared with him.

The flames in the palace ceased. Yuri knew what that meant and saw her husband slowly re-emerging. She quickly rushed to him and hugged him so hard that he fell off his chair.

"How do you Japanese people say it.. um.. tadai ma..", he whispered. His wife gave him a soft kiss on his cheek before whispering into his ear: "Okaeri, anata." Thank hell that no one saw Satan, the Satan blush. Yuri was swift to cover that and gave angry glares to anyone who wanted to take a look. It wasn't too long until she noticed a weight inbetween her and Satan and looked closly. She saw her elder son's figure badly injured.

"RIN!", she screamed and rested on Satan's chest. He just patted her head and looked over to his subordinate and trusted companion Astaroth.

"Lay him beside Yukio.", he spoke firmly. Astaroth, completely startled, faced Satan's death glare because he hesitated and nodded fast. He rushed to his King and Queen and took Rin off them, carrying him on the bed where he was to be laid beside Yukio.

"Amaimon, you know what you have to do.", the Queen exclaimed. Amaimon nodded and performed the same healing procedure on Rin, as he previously did so on Yukio.

At the same time, Yukio slowly awoke. Astarte, as well as his other brothers, was quick to rush to Yukio. Yukio startled up and slowly opened his eyes, and unsurprisingly, his vision was still a little blurry. But as it sharpened, his eyes widened.

"Where.. where am I?", he asked silently. Astarte smiled.

"My Lord.. it is good that you've awoken.", she replied. "You are in Gehenna, precisely in the royal court of Pandemonium, Gehenna's capital."

"Gehenna!?", he exclaimed and looked around. He noticed several demons standing in front of him which all bared an intrusive resemblance to Satan. A few metres away were two figures adorned in precious clothing and stones, both wearing crowns. Noticing that their son had just awoken, the King and Queen arose swiftly and rushed to their son.

As he saw the pretty face of the Queen, he widened his eyes. That woman was..

"…your mother.", Amaimon stated. Mother? As in, Yuri Egin? The woman approached Yukio and cupped his face with both of her cold, smooth claws.

"My son, Yukio.", she whispered and shed tears. "Welcome home. It took you very long." She hugged him tightly, and even if she didn't notice it, everyone present was smiling. It lightened their spirits to see the Queen demonstrating her kindness and compassion. Yukio, however, slapped his shoulder. He let out an aching growl, but it faded.

"So this is not a dream..", he whispered to himself.

"Of course it is not, my son.", another voice replied to him. Yukio took one hard look at him. His hair was deeply black, long hair that shined blue, blue were his eyes. On top of his head was a golden crown with a long thing that resembled a blade in the middle. Left and right from his head, he had two horns that shone in blue flames, long pointy ears and a tail that flickered in blue. He resembled Rin very much, if not too much. He basically looked like an adult version of Rin – his glare was much stronger, much more defined than Rin's childish one.

"Satan..", Yukio whispered and was kind of numb. The King of Gehenna just smiled and patted his younger son on the back. "That I am, my son. But how did you guess?", he wondered and tilted his head. He looked to his elder son Rin and moaned. Yep, there was his answer.

"Forgive my stupidity, Yukio.", he sighed. "How do ya feel?", he asked curiously.

"Fine… I guess..", he answered uncertainly and looked at his hands, no, claws. He looked up to his father with a saddened expression and then to Rin. "Nii-san!", he exclaimed, wanting to touch him but Yuri took his arm.

"He's in no easy position right now, Yuki-chan.", she informed him and smiled. "Just wait. He'll awake." This woman is so familiar with him, even calling him by the pet-name that Shiemi used to call him. He shook his head violently, cursing himself for his stupidity. Of course she would be familiar with him, she's his and Rin's mother after all. He looked back at his father, who looked at him in a concerned way.

"Did you.. save me..?", he asked hesitatingly. It was so unbelievable that Satan had saved him and Rin. Satan grinned in victory.

"Yep, that I did. These exorcists were pushovers, completely pathetic wusses compared to the super-ultra-awesome me, the mighty Satan! Yahaha!", he yelled and hummed. That alone was enough to make Yukio's jaws drop. This is Satan!? This freak!?

His elder, more mature sons just sighed. It was no surprise to them that their father was a freak of nature. Prideful and pompous. And by now they knew that Azazel got his snobbish attitude from his father.

"Er.. excuse me..", he startled. "Are you sure that you're.. Satan?" For this was a joke. It had to be. Since when was Satan so funny, like some sort of cheap Japanese comedian? Wasn't Satan supposed to be a cruel maniac, a manga villain type that only wanted domination over Assiah? "Behave yourself at least, Satan!", Yukio yelled.

The King sighed. "Ah well.. I know what you're thinking, my son.", he said. "You probably think I'm a haiku writer, a fucking poser that looks like some Visual Kei version of Satan you'd read in manga.. but not the King of Gehenna, Satan." Yukio's jaws dropped once more. How can Satan state such things so.. casually? Satan grinned again. "But I'm the real deal. I'm the true Satan, the one that's been living here for millennia. ", he said and looked over. "Your textbooks give the impression that I'm a murdering maniac, a scum that kills people for fun and pure enjoyment, wanting to dominate Assiah as a dictator… right?", he finished asking as he looked to Yukio. "BULLSHIT.", he hissed.

"Exorcists were spreading lies and slander about me, killing demons that did nothing, absolutely nothing to them!", he yelled and growled. "They are pathetically gruesome, heinous bastards. They are—" and his rant ended abruptly as Yuri gave her husband a clout and pouted. "Enough ranting.", she said.

One would assume that this was Rin dressing up as Satan, because this sounds exactly like something Rin would say. But Satan..? Ah well, it made sense that Rin took after his father in this case – like father, like son.

"Would you shut up, I'm trying to sleep here..", Yukio heard the snarling voice of his Nii-san next to him. "Wait, what?", he exclaimed and startled up fast. He looked around swiftly and saw demons, demons and more demons.

"Where the fuck-", he hissed. "Gehenna.", Satan cut him off. "Welcome to Gehenna, my son!" Rin widened his eyes as he noticed the charmingly handsome, tall demon that looked like a carbon copy of him – only, well, as an adult.

"AAAAAAAH, WHY THE FUCK DO YOU LOOK LIKE ME!?", he screamed and crawled back.

"What do you mean?", his father said innocently. "I'm your father."

"Why are you ripping off Darth Vader?", Rin murmured and facepalmed. "I get it, you're Satan. My father. Happy?"

"Darth Vader wished he was as cool as I am..", he whispered to himself, barely audible.

Ignoring Satan's comment, Rin looked around and noticed a female figure next to him.

"Yukio, who's she?", he asked surprised. "Never knew there were female demons too.."

"No, you idiot! That woman is our mother.", Yukio snapped.

"What a splendid spirit you have, Rin-chan.", Yuri smiled. "I'm your mother and your father's mate. Thus, the Queen of Gehenna."

"Wait a sec~", Rin snarled and passed out. "Too much information.. he should wake up soon." But he did wake up sooner than Yukio expected.

The first thing Rin noticed was his father glooming over him. "Too much info for the time being, huh?", he said. However, this time around Rin was back to serious. He growled and looked down. Satan noticed the change in his son's behaviour and rested his hands on Rin's fists. "Rin, I..", he wanted to say but was cut off.

"It's fine.", he said. "You don't have to explain. When you possessed my body, I kind of.. felt your pain. Images of my mother's death flashed in front of my eyes, when you rushed to save her only to find out that she was long dead.. I felt all that pain."

Satan widened his eyes, being surprised was quite rare. "I don't expect to be forgiven..", he stated quietly, and Rin shook his head.

"I won't forgive you.", he said. "But you saved me and my brother, when no one else would have done so. I acknowledge that. You saved my mother as well." Rin looked over to her and smiled, albeit painfully. "And I'm glad to see that she's alive, here in Gehenna, and well."

"What the exorcists did was.. bullshit.", he hissed. He knew no appropriate word that could voice how much anger he felt right now. Satan patted Rin's head gently, causing him to look up.

"I know. I've lived through this shit for centuries and centuries.", Satan said. "Being a demon means being in pain, my son. Our kind is not loved in Assiah." He smiled sadly. "But you have to keep on living through this shit. Giving up means they win. I swore to myself, right after God kicked me out of heaven, that I would never let them have that victory." Rin startled.

"We.. we have so many things in common like I don't even know..", he whispered. "I guess.. I really am the son of Satan, eh?"

"Be proud.", Satan grinned cheerfully. "Your name, Rin, means phosphorous in Japanese. And phosphorous translates into Lucifer, which translates into Satan." He looked up on the ceiling. "There's absolutely no surprise that you resemble me very much."

Rin widened his eyes. "Just because you're a demon, my boy, doesn't make you bad as a person. You're not a scumbag, as other want you to believe."

"Damn right!", Rin heard a bratty voice behind Satan. "You're my goddamn aniki. I always imagined you were a badass big brother, kicking everyone's asses into oblivion like a boss. These shitty exorcists are pushovers, wusses."

"And who the fuck are you?", Rin asked in response.

"I'm Azazel, Demon King of the heart and your youngest brother. Nice to meet ya!" Wait.. younger brother? "So I now have two?" Yuri just laughed at her son's confused expression. "Yes. He's quite lively, I'm sure you'll get along nicely.", she said.

Rin sighed. This was guaranteed to be a pain and a fucking half. Yukio just giggled at this whole scenery. It seemed so.. surreal.

"Oi!", Rin yelled. "Stop giggling, moly four-eyes!"

"Sorry, Nii-san.. but that's just too funny.", he answered, still giggling.

Satan sighed. This was too much for him to handle, and what a disgrace it was. He, the mighty Satan, was overwhelmed with the temper his sons were displaying.

"Okay.. let's just call this a day, alright?", he suggested. He turned away and suggested his wife to follow him. That's until someone busted the door open.

"Onii-chan, welcome home!", a young girl's voice exclaimed and hugged Rin very tightly. Great. Just fucking great., Satan thought. Rin felt like he was being suffocated, so the girl loosened the embrace. She was wearing a white dress that was adorned in precious stones, much like the Queen's; she was wearing a tiara on top of her head. No one could fail to notice the blue hair and sapphire eyes, as well as the tiny moles on her face.

Astaroth and Astarte immediately bowed. "Welcome, Princess.", Astarte said.

"Won't your legs hurt if you bow all the time?", she asked. They nodded their heads quickly in response. "Ah well..", she turned attention back to Rin.

"Who's she!? And why is she called princess?", he yelled.

"Ah, I forgot. Rin, Yukio, this is your sister, Princess Aoi.", Yuri said happily and pointed to the girl named Aoi.

And Rin passed out again.

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