" Shade go to sleep" said Ariel as the silverwing colony settled down in an abandoned barn.

"ok" said shade drowsily.

Dream world

shade was flying over trees in the forest. The same forest the Tree haven once stood.

The break of dawn kills all the beauty
The dead of night is drifting away
Should I stay and welcome the day
Or should I follow the one and hide from the sun

shade just dared Chinook too look at the sun.

The ray of light cuts like a razor
The blazing fire burns in my eye
The day reveals the dreadful betrayer
And his wicked mind.
Hide from the sun
And Hide from the Sun
Hide from the Sun

the sun starts coming up and Chinook pleads shade to go back to Tree haven.

Dead promises
Paintings of the world so pure
Ancient prophecies
Remains of the worlds so cruel
The time has come
To hide from the sun

shade tells Chinook to go if he wants to so Chinook fleas back to Tree haven

Like a rat I run to the darkness
The ray of night embraces my mind
Afraid to look back into the heartless
World of dust and blood
I'll hide from the sun
Hide from the sun
Hide from the Sun

Shade stays and waits for the sun to rise but when he sees a sliver of it an owl comes at him full speed and shade has barely any time to fly.

I know me better
I won't be as bitter
In my own heaven
I'll be gone forever
Won't fall back never
I won't crack ever
Won't look back never

end of dream.