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Abigail was bored with her life. It was boring and predictable, living in London while her father went out and solved crimes. Solved crimes isn't the right thing to say though. Abigails' father didn't actually solve crimes. He just helped out. By helping out, she means gets in the way. Her father wasn't much of a help to Scotland Yard. She could tell. He pretended that he was a huge help when he was around her mother. But Abigail could see right through his lies.

Her father worked in the forensic science department in Scotland Yard, finding clues was what he did for a living. It sounded like fun to Abigail and she wanted to go with her father to work, just so that she could have a day free from boredom. And so that she could humiliate him.

There were so many things Abigail knew about her father. So many lies he'd told. She knew he was having an affair with one of his colleagues. She had confronted him about it and he had told her not to tell her mother, otherwise there would be trouble. As if that would stop her from telling her mother, he thinks he knows everything because of his job. But just as Abigail was planning on telling her mother about the affair, her father had promised her that she would be allowed to work with him if she kept her mouth shut. Abigail felt as if she had no choice but to agree with her father, which she hardly did. Now the day was here, the day that she would go to work with her father. She smiled at the thought. Time to embarrass him, but she was sure that he probably didn't need her help to get embarrassed. Her father was an idiot.

Her father entered her bedroom and sighed.

"Ready to go then?", he asked, he sounded annoyed.

Abigail nodded eagerly.

"You need to know that normally they don't let thirteen year olds to go to a crime scene. They allowed me to though", he said, it was almost like a warning, like he was saying not to do anything stupid that could lose him his job. In all honesty, Abigail was surprised he hadn't been given the sack already. Then she thought about what he had said, they allowed me to though. By they, Abigail assumed he meant the woman he was having an affair with. She smirked at this; she would have fun if she met this woman. She would know who it was.

"Yes I understand", Abigail replied, standing up from her bed and walking straight past her father and out of the front door.

She could hear his footsteps behind her as she climbed in the passenger side of the 'family' car. Which it wasn't because it was only her father that used it. She pulled the belt across her body and clipped it in place as she watched her father get into the driver's side with a slightly worried expression on his face.

"What's the matter?" she asked, not because she cared but because she was curious.

"Nothing. Why would you even suggest such a thing?" he asked, his voice shook when he spoke. Abigail rolled her eyes at this.

"Your hands are clenched rather hard around the steering wheel, so hard that your knuckles have gone white, it's to stop your hands from shaking, though I can still see them trembling. Your fore head has a few beads of sweat around the edge and when I asked the question you gulped. Also your voice is really shaky", Abigail answered, not taking her eyes off his face, watching as his expression changed to something along the lines of annoyance.

"I'm not worried about anything Abigail. Just stop noticing things please", he was frustrated, she could tell. She had been able to 'notice' things as her father said for about two years now. She found it extremely useful. Her father, well, the same couldn't be said.

About an hour later they arrived at the crime scene. It looked like a stately home.

Abigail got out of the car and slammed the door shut behind her causing her father to curse under his breath. As she walked up to the blue police tape and was about to duck under it, she was stopped by a woman.

"Who are you?", she asked, she was wearing a very short skirt Abigail noticed and high heels. Abigail didn't like her one bit.

"Abigail", she replied, going to duck under the tape once again. The woman sighed and held her arm out in front of her.

"That doesn't answer any questions. So who are you?", she asked, sounding irritated.

"She is my daughter", my father had to ruin a moment when a stupid woman was asking the wrong question.

"Oh, she is, is she?" she raised her eyebrows at his words.

"That's what he just said", Abigail muttered. My father just ignored it.

"How are you Sally?" he asked, quickly changing the subject from Abigail to the woman. Then she realised something and wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"This is the woman you've been having an affair with!", she smiled, this would be fun!

"Abigail, don't you start this stupid noticing thing again. And leave the affair alone!" her father warned. Abigail just ran under the police tape and waved at her father from the other side, before smiling sweetly at him then walking towards the building.

"You get back here now!", the woman, Sally, shouted after her. Abigail laughed and started running towards the door, not really paying attention to where she was going. She ran headlong into something soft. Abigail froze on the spot.

She took a couple of steps back and looked up at what she had run into. Who, is more appropriate. Abigails' eyes widened in shock when she realised she had just run into a person. With any other person, she would have just apologised and continued walking. But with this man, she wasn't sure what to do. He was wearing a long grey coat that was like a cloak around him and he wore a blue scarf around his neck. He was taller than her dad, she could tell by just looking at him. He had wild black curls on the top of his head. But it was his eyes that caught Abigails' attention. His eyes were an unusual blue-green colour and they looked full of knowledge. She took an involuntary step backwards and looked up at the man.

"Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going", Abigail muttered, feeling slightly awkward that she had just embarrassed herself in front of her father. She glanced behind her and saw him smirking at her.

"Clearly", he replied, his voice seemed to drawl. Abigail felt even more awkward as she felt his eyes scanning her. She saw his eyes flicker for a second, but they quickly returned to being mysterious.

"Sherlock Holmes", he extended a gloved hand towards her.

"Abigail", she shook his hand and smiled up at him. He looked over her shoulder and rolled his eyes. Abigail couldn't resist and had to have a look herself. She too rolled her eyes when she saw her father trying to flirt with Sally.

"Anderson, don't try to flirt, you wouldn't even make a hippo swoon", Sherlock shouted over at him. Abigail snickered at this, she liked this Holmes man, he seemed different to everyone else.

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