by Dark Moon Ministry

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Hello everyone! I'll say it right from the start: I am a huge fan of GTO and GTO fanfiction. I love all of it. After finishing the series, I felt I wanted to write a story of my own. After growing a bit tired of all the classic topics (all the Anko-Noboru fics, for example), I decided to write a story about something that is usually not covered in GTO fanfics. This story is an attempt at doing something new. It is a fanfic focusing on a character that is not of the main characters, namely one of Miyabi's sidekicks: Chikako Shirai. She does not get much focus or dialogues in the original GTO series, despite that I felt it would have been possible to make good storylines with her. In this fanfic, I explore the character, personality and past of Chikako; covering an undiscovered part of the GTO universe. I tried to look at Chikako's behavior and character traits, and then create a portrait as close to the true GTO spirit as possible. Maybe you will have a different view of her than me, but nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy it!

Please note that this fanfic is MANGA BASED ONLY. The anime is not considered at all, and I haven't even seen the live action. This fanfic is told from Chikako's POW, and follows the GTO manga closely. Thus, the story works best if you are already familiar with the whole storyline. This story focuses primarily on chapters (Lessons) 95-96, 103-104 and 110 of the manga (basically, the Okinawa arc and right after).


Chikako Shirai groaned as she stepped out of the bus. The sudden bright light made her eyes water. She blocked the sun with her hand and blinked a couple of times. Once the sting was gone and her eyes had got used to the light, she relaxed and let her senses observe the surroundings. She opened her mouth in surprise when she saw the colorful landscape. Endless fields of green and blue lay before her. The air was filled with the salty scent of the ocean. The warm breeze played with her hair. Okinawa was exactly as beautiful as everyone said.

The parking lot was crowded with people. All the students had been sitting on a bus ride for hours, and naturally, their adrenaline and energy had reached critical levels. Letting them of that hot and tiny bus and releasing them into this beautiful tourist resort was like breaking a bee hive with a rock. The students were everywhere around, and the teachers had a hell with keeping them in order.

Chikako took off her big, thick glasses and wiped the lenses clean. It was hot and humid and she was sweating. The humidity made moisture gather on the glass and she constantly had to clean it. She wiped the sweat of her forehead before putting her glasses back on. She longed desperately to get to the hotel room so she could get a shower and a change of clothes.

"Wow, this place is such a mess. I hope we won't get run over by those kids." Chikako said to Saeko Iijima, her friend standing next to her. Saeko looked at her, then nodded slightly and looked away.

Chikako was well aware of how pointless her utterance was. She had not said it because it was very important. She had said it just to have something to say to someone. Something that would take the confusion of her mind, if only for a second. People used to say that silence was golden, but Chikako was afraid of silence. You could always hide behind words and phrases. Silence made you defenseless.

Chikako knew she was ungrateful. There was no denying that this vacation resort was a true paradise. Many people would have given everything to get a chance to be where she was now. She knew she was supposed to feel happy, but the only thing she felt was stress. It was a pity, because she had always wanted to come here. She had always talked to her family and friends about how much she wanted to go to Okinawa.

The reason she could not enjoy herself was because one of her friends was missing.

Miyabi Aizawa.

She was gone. The last time Chikako and Saeko had seen Miyabi was shortly before they had headed for Okinawa. Miyabi had come to school and paid the rest of the money for the trip, as a way of saying thanks for being saved from the hotel room. Then she had walked away without saying a word. From that moment, they had not been able to reach her. She didn't answer the phone and didn't come to school anymore. The departure date for the Okinawa trip had drawn closer and closer. Eventually, Chikako and Saeko had decided to go. They had both hoped that Miyabi would show up at the airport with the rest of the class. But to no avail.

Miyabi Aizawa was really gone.

Chikako made sure to stay near Saeko. After all, Saeko was the only close friend she had here on this trip. Hell, Saeko was pretty much the only friend she had at all. So much had happened over the last months. The recent events had created a huge gap between Miyabi's group and the rest of the class. Her classmates were like strangers nowadays. Chikako didn't know them anymore, and it made her nervous. Without Miyabi at her side, she felt unprotected and insecure.

A year earlier, everyone in class would have killed for just a few minutes of attention from Miyabi. She had been the queen of the school, and Chikako was proud of being her close friend. She missed those days. She had loved all the attention and respect she had got from her classmates. How all the boys had buttered for Miyabi so that she would take one of them out for a date. How all low ranked girls of the class had begged the three of them to take them under their wings.

Now, her class mates had grown arrogant and disrespectful. Chikako hated to see the new confidence and pride that shone from their eyes. She hated to see their happy faces and hear them laugh together. One by one, the class mates had allied themselves with Eikichi Onizuka's clique. Miyabi thought of them as traitors, and therefore, Chikako also did.

Chikako looked to her right. A short distance away she saw Urumi Kanzaki talking to Yoshito Kikuchi and Kunio Murai and his boys. Kanzaki's long blonde hair was shining in the golden sunlight, and her cynical eyes were glittering, the blue one matching the color of the sky and ocean. Chikako felt a sour taste in her mouth. She had a strong hatred of Kanzaki. And more important, she was deeply afraid of her. It was not only because of the recent hotel room incident that Kanzaki had orchestrated, even though that surely played a big part. No, the main reason she hated and feared her was because Kanzaki was so proud and confident in herself. Kanzaki was beautiful, smart and had absolutely no respect for Miyabi and her friends, no matter what they tried to do to her.

In the beginning when she had just returned to the class, Kanzaki had been very cold and cynical. Even more so than she was nowadays. She had tagged along with Miyabi and had set up her own terrorism spree towards the school and the teachers. But those days were now over. After Onizuka had dealt with her, she had changed. She was now a quite happy and relaxed girl. Even though she retained some of her cynicism and brutality, she was nowhere as evil as she used to be. Over time, she had made a lot of friends. She even liked the company of Tomoko Nomura, of all people! Chikako hated Tomoko too. She was an idiot. A complete klutz with two enormous breasts. She could not understand why Kanzaki would want to spend time with Tomoko.

Tomoko was not here on Okinawa either. Chikako had heard that Tomoko had another one of her modeling jobs somewhere, posing in swimsuits for some company's commercials. Chikako felt bitter about this. Tomoko was an idiot. It was not fair that she would have all that fame and fortune. Tomoko's commercials aired on television every now and then, much to Chikako's disgust. Everytime she saw Tomoko's giant boobs on the TV she had to switch channels immediately or she would have to throw the television out of the window.

Chikako looked to her left. A bit further away she saw Anko Uehara and her two friends Mayuko Asano and Naoko Izumi pick on Noboru Yoshikawa. She smiled. Yoshikawa was a geek and an idiot, and it only served him right to get humiliated by Anko. Too bad that Onizuka had intervened, putting a stop to Anko's regular abuse. Chikako enjoyed seeing jerks like Yoshikawa all beaten and bruised. He deserved it, as the wimpy little maggot he was. Anko had surely done a good job, and she had Chikako's full support.

However, if the truth was to be told, Chikako didn't like Anko either. In fact, she was terrified of Anko. At first glance, Anko looked like a sweet and kind-hearted school girl. But her eyes betrayed her. Anko had this icy, hateful gaze in her eyes which sent a chill up your spine. While Anko kept a facade of being a polite and hard working student, Chikako was well aware of her true nature. Anko and her girls were bullies and cold-blood sadists. Before Onizuka had arrived to the school, they had been pushing around not only Yoshikawa, but several other weaker students, both in their own class and other classes. Any boy or girl who was physically weak and just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time got a taste of Anko's treatment. Once they were caught up in her game, how they would end up was pretty much just a matter of chance. If they were lucky, they could get away with a few bruises. But if Anko and her two friends got really carried away during their little sessions, the results could become really frightening.

Chikako thought about Anko and her friends. Her two goons, Asano and Izumi, were your typical underlings who always served their ringleader. Those two girls weren't necessarily cruel by nature, but they followed Anko's every order, and showed little remorse for their actions. Chikako couldn't decide on which one was the scariest. Asano surely had the most fearful face. That short hair and those stern eyes could make anyone freak out. Izumi, on the other hand, had a sweet-looking face and seemed very naive and innocent. But this only made the contrast with her true nature so much creepier.

In difference to Chikako herself, Miyabi enjoyed Anko's company and had no problem being with her. Chikako could not understand what Miyabi saw in a person like Anko, but she never said anything. Several times, all six of them, Anko's group and Miyabi's group, had spent time together shopping or going to karaoke bars. Chikako always made sure to keep her smile up and get along with the others, but deep inside she always felt uneasy when those three other girls tagged along. It was not so much the actual things that Anko did as it was her attitude and lack of morals. Chikako was no weakling, and she was used to some roughness. And after all, Miyabi could also be cruel if she wanted to. But the big difference was that Miyabi was only cruel when someone had actually gone against her. Anko was cruel just because she enjoyed it, and she could pull any person into her games, even the ones who hadn't done anything. Chikako sometimes wondered what would have happened if she had not been part of Miyabi's group. Would Anko and her goons attack her as well? Sure, she wasn't as short or wimpy as Yoshikawa, but she was not a good fighter at all, and she definitely had an appearance that easily made her a target for bullies like Anko. Chikako shivered at the thought.

Of course, Anko and her girls didn't do any bad stuff these days. After Onizuka had arrived, he had put them all through one of his treatments, and after that, Anko and her gang had stopped most of their activity, falling back to verbal insults and cold stares mostly. Even though Chikako didn't like Onizuka, she had to admit that after his treatment, the school had felt a lot safer and more relaxed.

Onizuka...Chikako felt anger again. She hated him so much! He had singlehandedly destroyed the whole empire Miyabi had built up. She hated his personality and his attitude. She hated his strength and his good luck that took him out of almost any situation unharmed. And most of all, she hated the fact that every person he encountered was brought over to his side.

Now everyone treated her like air. It was like she was invisible to the crowd. No one even said "hi" in the class room or corridor. And it was all Onizuka's fault. The last months, the only good company she had had was with Miyabi and Saeko. Miyabi was always there for her, coming up with great ideas of things to do, making her laugh and forget her sorrows. Miyabi was a true friend.

But this time, Miyabi was not here...

It was around 2:00 PM and almost everyone had hit the beach. This vacation resort truly had everything. The beach looked just like the ones you see in television commercials. Milky white sand, aquamarine blue water and emerald palm trees.

Chikako lay on a beach blanket, wearing one of her favourite bikinis. She looked around the beach. Third graders from all classes were either jumping in the waves or lying in the sand trying to get a tan. A distance away, Onizuka was going through one of his classical antics of mocking Kunio Murai. Chikako couldn't tell exactly what it was all about, but it appeared to be something about drawing pictures on your bare skin. Onizuka had drawn a gigantic picture on Murai's back, which he apparently hadn't noticed until just now, much to Fujiyoshi's and Kusano's amusement. Murai was too far away for Chikako to make out what was written on his back, but he clearly wasn't happy with it. With his face red of anger, he went through his normal routine of trying to beat Onizuka to a pulp with any nearby object that could come in handy, and as usual, Onizuka avoided every single swipe without much trouble.

Chikako frowned. She hated Murai and his boys too, but at least they were not good-looking and intelligent like Kanzaki. In Chikako's mind, there were only two kinds of people: those who counted and those who didn't. People like Miyabi were the ones you wanted to get close to. Guys like Murai and his boys, you either dominated or just ignored. She looked over to the Onizuka gang one last time. 'Losers!' she thought.

To her left, Saeko was lying on her own blanket. She was wearing a red swimsuit and wore sunglasses, which seemed a bit strange since she was lying in the shade. She looked quite relaxed. Chikako felt there was an embarrassing silence around them, despite the roaring sound of the waves and all the laughter and screams from the people on the beach.

"You want to go swimming or something?" she said to Saeko after a short while.

"No I'm fine here." Saeko replied.

"Okay. Maybe we should get something to drink later on?"

"Yeah, maybe."

Her conversations with Saeko hadn't been much more than this ever since they came to Okinawa. It struck her how awkward it felt spending time with Saeko when Miyabi wasn't there. Normally, it was Miyabi who took command and called all the shots when the three of them were together. As soon as Miyabi was around, everything became great. There were no limits to Miyabi's creativity. When you spent time with her, even the smallest things, such as taking a walk through the park, became something interesting and important.

Chikako adored Miyabi. She was the person Chikako looked up to the most, and the one she secretly desired to be like. Miyabi had it all. Good looks, good grades, wealth and a big social network. In addition to this, she had skills in an impressive variety of fields, including sports, singing and much more. She also came from a respected family, with her father having a high position in a banking company.

It was unfair that one single person had all this happiness! In comparison to Miyabi, Chikako was not a very interesting person. She came from a typical middle class family. She had very little charisma and no remarkable talents. Her voice was rather high pitched and nasal, something that often annoyed people. Whenever she tried to tell people something interesting, they tended to lose interest of her pretty quickly.

Then there was one special thing about her. One particular thing that Chikako hated about herself: she wasn't good looking. In fact, she thought of herself as ugly. Although there were a lot of things about her face and her body she didn't like, there was one particular feature that stood out more than the others: her glasses.

Chikako hated her glasses. She was blind as a bat, which forced her to wear these very big, round glasses with very thick lenses. This effectively made her look like a stereotypical class nerd, despite the fact that she wasn't nerdy at all, nor did she put much time into studying or reading books. Chikako loathed mirrors. She got depressed every time she saw the reflection of her own face.

It was the opposite for Miyabi. It was not just her natural beauty that made people open up to her. Miyabi had that spark that automatically made her the center of attention. As soon as she entered the room, the temperature seemed to rise five degrees, conversations stopped and everyone focused on the gorgeous black haired girl. Miyabi could make anyone laugh about anything. She could take any story or joke and turn it into something amazing. Not even when she messed things up did she drop the ball for one second. Even if she made a mistake, Miyabi always managed to make people laugh with her instead of at her.

A rhythmic, creaky sound suddenly brought Chikako back to reality. She looked to where the sound was coming from. Saeko had fallen asleep and was snoring quietly. It was a good thing she was lying in the shade, or she would risk waking up burnt to a crisp by the sun. Chikako sighed. Saeko was a good friend too, but not half as close to her as Miyabi. Still, she was nice to hang out with.

Even though Chikako liked Saeko, she also held quite a bit of a jealousy towards her. Saeko looked much better than her in every way. While Saeko was not really extraordinarily attractive or intelligent, she didn't look bad, and she was capable of drawing attention to herself. Or rather, she could do it as long as people like Miyabi or Kanzaki were not around. Saeko's grades were not low, and she had actually been asked out on a date a few times, something Chikako had never been. Or, sometimes boys had tried to approach Chikako, but then it was always with a hidden agenda. They wanted to get closer to Miyabi through her.

Most of her jealousy towards Saeko stemmed from the fact that Saeko almost always managed to get closer to Miyabi than Chikako could. Saeko simply had better social and intellectual skills than her, and could do much better in conversations with Miyabi. This was the main reason Chikako often felt she had the lowest rank in their group. She had no anger towards Saeko, but she really disliked this part of her personality. Miyabi was so intelligent and so good with talking that it was no wonder she enjoyed Saeko so much. Chikako understood this very well and respected Miyabi's feelings.

Chikako felt a sting of sadness and found herself thinking back to the time when Miyabi had made a plan to get rid of Onizuka using Tomoko as a bait. Miyabi had fooled Tomoko that she would be welcome in her group if she did as she was told. This was obviously a lie, but Tomoko was too stupid to understand that. Although Chikako would never tell anyone, she had secretly wished that Tomoko would have been allowed to join the group. Granted, she hated Tomoko, but if she would have joined, Chikako would not have to feel like the awkward one. Tomoko was so stupid and clumsy that she made everybody around her look elegant and agile.

Chikako started to feel a bit low. She always felt sad when she compared herself to Saeko and Miyabi. Why was the world so cruel? Why was she the only one who was born with an ugly face and a complete lack of skills? It was unfair! Why couldn't she have something she was really good at? Something that she mastered better than both Miyabi and Saeko? She wasn't very good at anything. She had nothing at all...

Or...that was not really true. She actually had something. There was one skill she possessed that neither Miyabi nor Saeko had. One single thing she was really good at: she could draw.

Chikako loved to draw. Pictures, portraits, comics...anything. And she was very good at it too. At least she thought so herself. She especially loved drawing comic book characters. In fact, she had a big interest in manga and anime, and the whole subculture around it. She had noticed her talent for drawing early on in life, and she had practiced and perfected this skill almost every day since pre-school. Right before she entered Holy Forest, she had got to a point where she felt she was really good at it. Her parents had always been so proud of her and had always encouraged her to continue with her hobby and pursue a future as a comics artist.

The only problem was...drawing was not cool.

Drawing comics was a nerdy hobby. Cool girls didn't draw manga characters. Cool girls didn't watch anime series. Cool girls didn't do cosplaying and didn't go to anime festivals. Only nerds did those kind of things. Chikako was not a nerd. She refused to do anything that was nerdy.

She had always been too shy to show her drawings for anyone but her own family. In elementary school, she had never told anyone in her class about her hobby. But when she had met Miyabi, she had felt that she could finally gather the courage to tell someone.

But when she was ready to tell, Miyabi had begun talking about people who liked manga and anime and drew pictures. She had explained to Chikako how nerdy and childish those kind of things were. She had opened Chikako's eyes.

Chikako was thankful that Miyabi had told her the truth and shown her how things were. She was even more thankful that she had learned about this before she had shown her drawings, and not after. Ever since that day, Chikako was terrified that her secret would come out. Who knew how Miyabi would react if she found out one of her close friends had done such a nerdy thing? And if Chikako would have told the class about her drawings, everyone would have laughed at her, and Miyabi's reputation might have been damaged. The class already had the Gundam Trio; three guys that did nothing but talking about Gundam and other anime shows. They were on the lowest pole of the social ladder, and everyone made fun of them. It didn't make things better that one of the guys had the same last name as her. If her former hobby would be exposed, people would think they were brother and sister.

Chikako took a breath and shivered. She tried to free her mind of all thoughts and focus on the sky and the water. There was no need to delve in the past. She had put all those childish things behind her. Now she was part of Miyabi's gang, and was one of the cool girls.

She sighed and leaned back. She wanted Saeko to wake up so she could have someone to talk to. Even though she couldn't think of anything to say to her. If it felt like this the very first day, how would the rest of the trip be like? Would she be able to enjoy herself at all? She so wished Miyabi would have been here...