Addendum, 9:40 Dragon, The Dragonbone Wastes

"What do you mean, they're gone?" Sebastian all but spits, face twisted into a very un-princely scowl. Solona just stares at him unblinkingly, entirely unrepentant for the scorch marks marring his lovely white armor or the new scar adorning his cheek from her blade. He deserved much worse for daring to hurt her darling Bubbles, but she didn't want to cause an international incident.

"I thought royalty were supposed to be intelligent," Solona bites back, grinning at his glare. "Gone. As in, you can't touch them ever again, so get over it. From what Liz told me, the Grand Cleric's death is practically your fault anyway."

She doesn't see the strike coming, but she can't say she didn't expect it. The force of his palm snaps her head to the side, and she gingerly rubs her cheek, smirking. Liz's punch had had more force than that little love-tap. Bubbles jumps to attention at the blow, snarling and growling low in his chest, and a few of Sebastian's men step back in proper respect.

He'd more than proved himself during their little tussle earlier, bringing down more than a dozen men all on his own before Sebastian had called a truce and a cease-fire.

Solona figured it must have been highly embarrassing to be bested by a single mage and her mabari, even if that mage had almost single-handedly stopped the Blight.

"You are sheltering a Maleficar and his… his whore," Sebastian snarls, and Solona bristled. "You will submit yourself to the Chantry's justice or I will have no choice but to strike you down."

Solona growled and pushed the Prince away with her hands, making him stagger back. She got up in his face, nose to nose with him, and bared her teeth. "Get this through your big, fat, Chantry-brainwashed head, Sebastian. I am not sheltering anyone. And Anders is not a Maleficar, and you know better than to assume such things about him or Liz. They are gone, and nothing but the Maker's direct intervention is going to bring them back. And if He had to pick a side, He'd probably not be on yours."

Sebastian puffed himself up, and Solona just rolled her eyes, stepping back again. He smelled like stupid. Yes, stupid had a smell. It smelled like Sebastian. "Thedas is on the brink of war, Warden-Commander," Huh. His brogue thickens when he's upset. "And you have aided the conspirators in their escape. Do not think your rank as a Grey Warden will protect you when the Divine hears of this."

Solona narrowed her eyes. "Is that a threat, Sebastian Vael? Think carefully. Do you really want to go to war with the Hero of Ferelden?"

"I do not go to war with a Hero," he replies, voice low and calm. "I go to war with an apostate. Mark my words, mage, since I cannot bring my wrath to bear on the man responsible for this travesty, I will bring it on the woman who let him get away."

Solona kept herself rigid as Sebasitan "Holier-Than-Thou" Vael turned on his heel and marched away, taking his little idiot brigade with him. She didn't relax until he vanished, slumping her shoulders and turning back to the Eluvian, glass black and lifeless.

She stepped up and ran her fingers over the cold surface, sighing when it remained impassively inert. Maker only knows where Flemeth had sent those two, but wherever it was, it had to be better than here.

Now she'd sent two friends through the Eluvian and into whatever world lay beyond. How many more would she have to lose before she could rest in peace?

Many, she thought grimly. War with Starkhaven… the First Warden would want to hear of this. She turned on her heel and marched purposefully away, clapping a hand to her thigh and calling Bubbles to heel. There wasn't time to mourn the lost.

She had a war to win.

A/N: And here we are! The End! Or is the beginning? Who knows! Just kidding; I know. I'm trying to decide if the sequel should focus more on Liz and Anders back in America, or here, on the Mage-Templar war about to break out. Maybe both? Hrmph, I must now go track down my brain and strangle it until it gives me some good ideas.

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