A/N: First Shizaya fic I have ever written. This was supposed to be a one-shot, but it might end up with an actual plotline. I suppose you could call it a songfic, seeing as it was inspired by one.

AU and mildly OOC, by the way. Shizuo's POV to start off with, will possibly switch to Izaya's in later chapters.

This is rated T to start off. It's subject to change, though.


"This is fucking stupid!" Shizuo muttered, gripping the pink charm tightly in his fist as he mentally cursed that damn Shinra. The doctor-to-be had given Shizuo the charm, saying something along the lines of 'You might as well try, you look lonely.'before fleeing to the safety of his girlfriend Celty's side.

The doctor knew Shizuo would never do anything that would result in the injuring of a woman due to his incredible strength and used it against him at every moment.

He looked down at the crushed paper in his hand and snorted in a mixture of irritation, and disbelief.

A love charm for fucksake?

Shinra is dead.Shizuo swore to himself as he tossed the useless thing away from him, allowing the wind to steal it away. Suddenly, he heard a random exclamation and turned around to see a raven-haired man lean over so he could scoop the charm up.

As he straightened, Shizuo noticed too things; One being that the man wore a fur trimmed coat, yet somehow managed not to look like a prostitute... The other being the man's strange eye colour.

Crimson met mocha, and as cliche as it sounded, Shizuo swore the world stopped; Even for a second.

"Is this your's~?" The raven-haired man asked cheerfully as he walked right up to the blonde, holding the charm up by its string as he smirked up at the seemingly frozen man.

Shizuo felt his eyebrow twitch as he glared down at the man, taking in the ripped jeans he wore over thin legs and how though he was almost as tall as Shizuo, he seemed a hell of a lot smaller.

"-llo~? Earth to blondie~"

Shizuo blinked as the man's irritatingly mocking voice reached him, pulling him from whatever trance he had fallen under whilst studying the man's attire. "What?" He snapped, his hands slipping into his warm jacket to gently finger his cigarette pack; Contemplating on whether or not he should pull one out.

"I asked if this love charm was your's, protozoan~" The raven's smirk widened, his eyes glinting mischieviously.

"Proto- what?"

The man sighed, shrugging his shoulders slightly as he stuck his hands into his jacket pockets, obviously for warmth. The sky was quickly darkening, and the wind seemed to be picking up considerably. "So, is it your's~?"

Shizuo frowned, noticing the man had ignored his question but choose not to say anything about it. Why bother? It was just annoying. He hesitated slightly before shaking his head, "No. It's not."

A knowing look passed through the raven-haired man's eyes for a moment before is disappeared, making Shizuo somewhat nervous. The dark haired man suddenly grinned, throwing his hands up in the air above him. "Good~! It's mine now~" He chuckled, rubbing his hands together. "I'm so excited~ Hopefully this means I'll have luck in my love life for this year... Or until I lose the charm~" The man laughed again, looking throughly pleased.

Shizuo looked down at him for a moment before holding his hand out to the stranger, "What's your name? I'm Heiwajima Shizuo."

"Orihara Izaya~" The man purred, slipping a surprisingly cool hand into Shizuo's warm one. "Nice to meet you, Shizu-chan~"

Shizuo's eyebrow twitched, his teeth clenching together. "What the hell did you just call me?"

"I called you 'Shizu-chan', Shizu-chan."


"You said that already, Shizu-chan~"


"Hey, I just met you and this is crazy... but... Here's my number." The raven suddenly said, digging through his pocket before producing a small white card and holding it out to Shizuo. "So... call me, maybe?"

Shizuo blinked, taking the card automatically and glanced at the information presented on it

[Orihara Izaya, Informant.

"Anyway~ I gotta bounce, Shizu-chan~!" The man announced, throwing his hands up in an overdramatic wave before spinning and sprinting away in the opposite direction.

Shizuo stared blankly after him before his face suddenly darkened with rage and the small card was crushed in his fist.


Loud laughter filled the silence after his outburst as he tsked before looking down at the rumpled card in his hand. He studied it for a moment before tighting it into his jacket pocket with a huff of annoyance.

"Fucking Shinra... Fucking love charms..."

Shizuo sighed, turning to walk in the way he had been heading.

"...I need a smoke."


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