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Shizuo sighed as he laid back on his bed, staring up at his patchy ceiling without really seeing it. Four days had passed since he had first met Izaya on the street.

Four days since the raven-haired man had given him his card.

Shizuo turned his head to stare at the innocent looking piece of paper, slightly rumpled thanks to his fist that night. Shizuo had used the edge of his dresser to try and smooth it out, but it was still fairly wrinkled.

Sitting up, he hesitantly reached out and picked it up. Looking at it for what felt like the millionth time since that night, which was quite possible.

Orihara Izaya, huh. He thought, frowning down at the white paper for a moment before looking over at his sidetable, where his phone was laying on the cool wooden surface.

He stared at it for a long moment before reaching out, picking up the small device and holding it loosely in his hand.

"This is stupid..." He muttered to himself, flipping the phone open. "I'm acting like a girl, for fucksake." With a heavy sigh his thumb slowly started to key in the numbers from the card, his heart hammering nervously in his chest.

Hesitating for a moment, he took a deep breath before pressing 'Call' and quickly bringing the phone to his ear.

Ring... Ring... Ring... Ri- CLICK.

"Ohayo~ Orihara Izaya, how can I help you~?"



Izaya frowned to himself as his fingers danced over the key's of one of his many laptops, crimson eyes flicking over the small black text in front of him as the light from the screen reflected off his reading glasses. Pausing for a moment as he finished the sentence, he quickly took off the black frames and rubbed his eyes with one one; Blinking slightly before shoving them back onto his face and hunching over his keyboard once more.

Oddly enough, the infamous informant wasn't working on an assignment, per se.

Well, not one he'd get paid for.

He was doing research on someone that interested him, for the time being at least.

Heiwajima Shizuo, to be exact.

Of course Izaya had known who the man was as soon as he saw his mop of blonde hair. Everyone knew who the monster of Ikebukuro was, after all.

Well, unless you live under a rock.

Izaya quickly reread what he had just finished writing out, which was mostly a record of some of Shizuo's information including his birthday, bloodtype, height, weight, and the fact that he had a little brother named Kasuka; Whom incidently was also a famous actor hiding under the alias of 'Yuuhei Hanejima'. Not the most creative alias, but apparently it did the trick.

Izaya yawned slightly as he looked over incident reports he had gotten from hacking into the local law enforcement system. Such records included damage reports after Shizuo apparently lost his temper and threw something- or someone- halfway across Ikebukuro, overall damage to public property, lawsuits that had been filed (But always called off, apparently. Obviously, people feared the blonde. Perhaps for good reason?), those sort of things. At the end of the document was Izaya's own observations on the man, as well as several musings and some of his own opinions. Glancing over it. He reread his last sentence, his chin in his hands.

[Four days have passed since I've given the subject my number, currently waiting to see if he will call at all. As of right now, I'm going to presume that since he has waited so long that either he's going by that "Wait at least three days" rule that humans seem to have, that he's too shy to actually call, or he's not interested.

No particular futher notes.]

Just as he read the last word, the phone next to him started to vibrate loudly as his newest ringtone echoed through his empty apartment; His assistant having gone home earlier than usual after learning that her precious little brother was sick. Not that Izaya minded, honestly. The woman, though sometimes interesting, was typically dull and unresponsive to his taunting.

Scooping up the device he hummed to himself as he glanced at the number. Not recognizing it, he huffed before flipping it open. "Ohayo~! Orihara Izaya, how can I help you~?"


Izaya frowned, pulling the phone away from his ear for a moment to make sure the call hadn't bene dropped. Seeing it wasn't, he brought the phone back to his ear. "Hello? Can you hear me?"

More silence. Well, that was irritating.

"Heeeeelllloooo~?" He tried one more time, pouting slightly. "Eh, whatever. I'm hanging up~!" He informed the caller cheerfully, wagging a finger back and forth even though they couldn't see him. He pulled the phone from his ear, moving to snap it closed when a muffled voice sounded through the speaker.

"Neee~?" Izaya said, bringing the phone back to his ear. "What was that, Caller-san~?"

"I said 'Wait.'."A familiar voice mumbled, and Izaya blinked.



Yup, definitelyShizu-chan.

"Owwww~" Izaya whined, wincing as he held the phone away from his ear. "That hurt, Shizu-chaannn~! You don't need to scream into the phone. How scary, how scarryyy~"

"Then don't call me by that stupid fucking nickname, Orihara-sa-"

"Izaya." The informant interrupted, frowning slightly.


"Call me Izaya~!" He said brightly, throwing his free hand up. "I do hate formalities, Shizu-chan~! So, just calling me 'Izaya' is fine~"

There was a long pause, which made Izaya pout at the wall as he waited for the blonde to say something.

"Fine, Izaya-kun."Shizuo finally said, sounding embarrassed.

"Was that so hard, Shizu-chan~?" Izaya teased, smiling to himself as he spun a quick circle in his chair.

"Shut up, louse."

"Booo~! Shizu-chan is so mean to me~" Izaya pouted again, huffing as he leaned on his elbow.

"Stop calling me by that stupid fucking nickname then!"

"But I like it~!" Izaya pouted, leaning his chin on his hand. "It suits you!"

"No, it does no-"

"But it's cute~!"


"But Shizu-chan is cute! So it fits~!"

"GODDAMMIT, LOUSE. DON'T CA- Wait. Did you just call me 'cute'?"

"Cute, handcome, whatever you want to call it."

"Wha... I..."

"You okay, Shizu-chan?" Izaya raised an eyebrow as the brutes voice trailed off, leaving only subtle static in his ear.



"Do you want to go on a date, Izaya-kun?"

"Eh~?" Izaya felt his cheeks heat slightly as his eyes widened in surprise. Almost immediately, they narrowed. He hadn't been expecting that, not at all.

He didn't like being caught of guard.


"..." Izaya bit his lip, mulling it over before pulling his planner out from under a stack of papers on the corner of his desk. "When~?" He asked, flipping the book open and turned several pages until he came to the correct date.

"How about this Friday?"

Izaya tapped the empty time slot thoughtfully, a small smile forcing itself onto his lips without him realizing it. "What time~?"

"Seven? We can catch a movie or something."

"How about six? We can get dinner, then go to movie~ Then we don't have to waste money on popcorn~!" Izaya chuckled, waving a single hand dismissively in the air near his head before moving it so he could check his nails quickly.

"Sure. Where do you want to eat?"

"You know Russian Sushi?"

"Of course. I'm friends with Simon, the guy who stands outside all the time and hands out flyers?"

"I am too~! What a concidence~"

"Small world." Shizuo chuckled, and Izaya joined him as he leaned back in his computer chair. "So six on Friday, then?"

"I'd love to~" Izaya purred, practically hearing Shizuo blush over the phone over his husky undertone.

"A-alright. Do you want me to pick you up or meet you somewhere?"

"I have business earlier that day," Izaya lied, his eyes flicking to the empty slot in his planner. "How about we meet in that park at the center of Ikebukuro? The one with the big tree?"

"I know the place, it's not far from my house."

"Ehhh? That's cool~!"

"How?"Shizuo chuckled, and Izaya found himself liking the sound of the deep rumbling sound the man could make.

"There's no parks in Shinjuku. Well, not any near my place."

"You live all the way in Shinjuku?"

"It's only an hour's walk, Shizu-chan~! An easy twenty minutes by train, I might add~"

"Fair enough. Anyway, I'll see you on Friday then. Goodnight."

"Night, Shizu-chan~" Izaya teased one last time before snapping his phone shut and tossing it onto a pile of papers, grinning to himself.

Turning back to the computer in front of him, he started a new line under the latest entry.

[Update: Same day as last edit. Current time: 16:34.

Subject called~! Seemed to be shy at first, was greeted by silence when phone was first picked up; Almost hung up. Subject later loosens up over the course of the phone call, even flirted slightly. I'm excited.]

Saving and closing the document, Izaya yawned to himself, blinking sleepily before frowning to himself and shutting the computer off; Albeit hesitantly.

"Might as well go to sleep..." He muttered to himself, groaning as he got up from his chair. "Didn't sleep for two nights... Need to catch up, I guess."

He soon found himself in bedroom, quickly stripping himself naked before flopping onto the large, plush bed. He yawned again and immediately snuggled his duvet, sniffing slightly.

He let his mind wonder slightly as he slowly drifted off to sleep, and found himself thinking about Shizuo as his eyes closed.

His laugh is nice...Izaya mused before falling into a deep, exhausted sleep.

Outside, snow began to fall.


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