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Danny floated down to the ground inside the park, blue rings appearing around his waist and separating. "Another day full of ghost fighting. Can't these freaks ever give me a break?" He sat down on the bench and crossed his arms behind his head, sighing as he stared up at the pink sky. The sun was setting...

Danny drifted off to sleep. As he dozed, he vaguely heard light footsteps. But there was something off about them- too many feet. He cracked one eye open and saw a spotted horse picking its ways towards him. It had a saddle and bridle on, but no rider. Danny stood up and walked towards the striking horse, whispering soothing words so it wouldn't bolt before he reached it.

When the horse saw him walk towards it, it turned, but didn't leave. It kept looking at him, as if telling him to hurry up. Danny took hold of the reins. "Hey, hey sweetie. What's the matter?" The horse jerked the reins and started walking into the forest, and Danny promptly followed.

As the picked their way through the darkening forest, Danny made his hand glow so that they could see. "Where are you taking me?" The horse looked back at him, and as if it knew what he had said, it thrust its head forward, causing Danny to stumble on a branch.

The horse stopped abruptly and Danny looked around, but he didn't see anything. The horse snorted and nudged a dark form on the ground. Danny gasped and dropped to his knees. He made his hands glow brighter so that he could see better. It was a girl, about his age, with the most beautiful face he had ever seen. Her eyes were closed. She had a gash on her forehead, from which blood oozed. Her chest rose and fell softly. With his superhuman hearing he could tell her heart was beating normally.

Danny shook the girl gently, and she groaned softly, muttering something unintelligible. Danny sighed, and scooped the girl up into his arms. He took hold of the horse's reins, and headed to his own home.

When he arrived, he realized he would have to put the horse in his back yard. He tied it to a tree in the front yard for now. Hopefully the neighbors wouldn't notice. He looked around and seeing that nobody was watching, phased through the door. He set the black haired beauty on his couch and grabbed the blanket off of the back, draping it on her slender shoulders.

He walked back out the front door, actually opening it this time, and untied the horse. As he led it around the back, he noticed that this horse was a perfect example of its breed, or at least the breed he assumed it was. He blushed then, sort of ashamed that he actually knew that. He'd been trying to learn new things lately, and stuff about animals was one of them.

He led the horse, which he decided was an Appaloosa mare, into his rather spacious backyard and began removing it's tack, as he had read online was the proper thing to do. Since he had no halter, he just removed the reins and left the bridle on. Danny stood there awkwardly as the horse dropped her head and began grazing. He sighed inwardly.

"My lawn is going to look like a goat attacked it," he muttered. He turned around and traipsed into his small home, noting that the clock said it was already nine forty-five. He strolled into the living room with a first aid kit and began cleaning the woman's wound. Once it was sanitized and bandaged, he lifted her up once again and brought her to the guest room where he pulled the large comforter up to her neck. She grabbed hold of it and tugged it against herself in her unconscious stupor. Danny felt a smile tugging on the corners of his mouth as he watched her.

He went to the windows and pulled the curtains shut, cutting off what little light was in the room from the moon and stars. He tiptoed quietly out of the room and closed the door softly so that all that was heard was a soft click, but the girl stirred anyway.

Danny went upstairs to his bedroom, not even bothering to eat something before he went to bed. He took a moment to throw off his shoes, then he fell into a deep sleep.

When Sam woke up, she was lying in a comfy bed. The room was dark, but it definitely was not her room. Her room had very different decorations than this bland hotel room type room. But something told her she was not in a hotel. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed, and felt rough, standard carpet under her feet, something she definitely was not used to. Most of the carpet in her house was fuzzy in either black or purple.

Where am I? She wondered. She was more curious than scared. Sam stood up and gently twisted the doorknob, yet another thing she wasn't used to since all of the doors in her house had handles. She frowned as her hand slipped on the fake metal surface, and grabbed the round knob in both hands and twisted. It worked, but just barely, and once the door creaked open it flipped back quickly.

"I hate round doorknobs," she muttered. Sam poked her head out of the door and nearly screamed when she saw a tall man walk into the living room. He had a mop of black hair and ice blue eyes. He was pretty muscular, she noted with a wry smile. The man was rather handsome, and dressed in an open white button up with a t-shirt under, and jeans.

Sam wondered if it would be okay to go and talk to him, or if he was some psychopath. Someone that good-looking couldn't be a psycho path, she reasoned. All of the crazy famous people popped into her head but she shook that away, since it wasn't going to help.

Sam stepped into the hallway, the carpet muffling her already quiet footsteps. When she walked into the living room, the man, who was watching TV, turned and looked at her. He smiled, and Sam's heart skipped a beat. "Glad to see you're up. You took a nasty hit to the head," he said. Sam felt her forehead, where a gauze bandage had been applied. She hadn't noticed it before.

"Do I know you?" she asked. He shook his head. Suddenly a thought popped into her head.

"Where is Sky?"

"The horse? She's out back, eating my lawn," he replied jokingly. Sam peeked out a window in the close-by kitchen, and sure enough, there was her horse. Her black coat looked brown, her white blanket beige. But she was uninjured and looked perfectly happy to be tearing apart the man's lawn. She noticed that he had taken her tack off, and was about to ask where it was when she saw it lying by the front door.

Sam walked back into the living room, a bit unnerved at his casual behavior. She thrust her hand out. "Uh... My name's Sam." He stood up and shook her hand.

"Danny," he replied. He realized he was still shaking hands with her, mesmerized by her amethyst eyes, which were now laughing at him.

"You can let go now, Danny," she said in a sweet voice. He dropped his hand quickly, rubbing it on the seat of his pants as if it burned, his cheeks turning red. She smiled at him.

You would think he was the one who took the hit to the head, she thought. "You wouldn't happen to have a brush suitable for a horse, would you?" Danny shook his head.

"Only combs. I do have a hose you can use if you want, and dog shampoo."

"You have a dog?"

"Not yet," he said regretfully. Danny had wanted a puppy since he was five years old, and now at the age of twenty, he was finally preparing for one.

"I'm more of a cat person. And horse person, obviously," she replied. Danny smiled, a hint of amusement in his blue eyes.

"That's too bad. So, you want something to eat? I have cereal and yogurt and other breakfast crap."

"Um... Can I just have toast?"

Danny grimaced. "I don't own a toaster. I hate toast!"

Sam laughed. "Why do you hate toast?" she asked, repressing giggles.

"I'm not really sure... I just do." Sam sat down at the island in the middle of the kitchen and Danny leaned against the counter.

"May I have some yogurt then?" He smiled and got out yogurt and spoon and handed both to her. His phone rang suddenly, and Sam looked at him curiously, spoon still in her mouth.

"Hello?" He face palmed.

"No I didn't forget, I got... Distracted," he said smiling at Sam.

"Alright, alright I'll be right there!" He hung the phone up and looked at Sam who was finishing off her yogurt.

"Do you need me to drive you home, or do you want to walk, or you could just stay here...? I don't mind."

"I'll walk I think. I need to get Sky cleaned up," she replied. Danny smiled gratefully and walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs, taking them two at a time. Sam noticed some Post-It notes by the house phone and wrote down her number. Above she scratched SAM and underlined it.

When Danny walked back downstairs, Sam was gone. He went out to his car, a black, blue, white and green Lamborghini which his parents, friends, and sister had all saved money for and given to him for his graduation present. Jazz had chosen the colors, obviously, since she and his best friend Tucker were the only ones who knew. Not even Danny's girlfriend of three years knew. Danny knew she had an infatuation with his ghost half that she tried to hide from him, but he was worried about what she would think when she found out they were one in the same.

He stepped into his sleek sports car and revved the engine, just for fun, before he pulled out of the drive and sped down the road to Johnny Carino's. He slid sideways into his parking space, which was very far away from the building, so that nobody would hurt his prized possession.

When he got out of the car, he attempted to look suave by popping Ray Bans on and swinging his arms slowly while he walked. Apparently it worked, because a few girls looked him up and down and giggled. He smiled and nodded at them.

When he strode into the restaurant he spotted a flawless Latina girl with long black hair and turquoise eyes. She was the most beautiful girl in the restaurant, and she was his. But she was glaring daggers at him.

"You're late!" she exclaimed in her high-pitched voice. Danny wrapped his arms around her.

"I'm sorry Paulina, I got caught up at home." She leaned against his chest.

A muffled, "I guess I can forgive you," came and Danny relaxed. He tilted her head up with his finger and kissed her softly on the lips.

"Good. Now, what were we here for again?" he said, gesturing to the table. She smiled and sat down, and they talked and ate lunch, until Danny had to leave for work.

"Gotta go, Pauly, bye," he said. He kissed her on her forehead and rushed out the door. Paulina immediately whipped out her cell and began mooning over a picture of Danny Phantom. She felt like a traitor, but she couldn't help it, she'd had a crush on him since she was a freshman. She was too dumb to realize that her boyfriend and Danny Phantom were the exact same person.

Danny drove his car to the edge of town, where Tucker's Boo Yea Ghost Tours took place. He slid into his extra large parking space- which he loved doing. He strolled into the building, grimacing at the Danny Phantom merchandise. "Is that really necessary?" he asked Tucker, who was behind the counter.

"Absolutely, it brings in more money than the tours!" Danny shook his head.

"Ridiculous..." he muttered. He went into a black room that Tucker had had designed and built just for him, and transformed into his ghostly counterpart. When he phased back through the door, he saw Paulina, and nearly jumped out of his skin. What if she was here for Danny Fenton? What was he supposed to do? He mentally slapped himself.

Just go back into the black room, Fenton. But Paulina ran towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck, entangling her legs around his side. "Danny Phantom!" she screeched. Actually it sounded more like Denny Phentom, but you get the point.

Danny was really starting to get annoyed. "Uh... Hello there, citizen! Could you... Um... Remove yourself from my torso?" She scrambled back to the ground, turquoise eyes large.

"I can't believe I get to meet you in person! This is, like, the best day of my life!" She squealed. Then she ran over to the merchandise, roughly grabbing a life size Danny Phantom plushy, priced at $65, and said to Tucker, "I want this one!" Then she spotted a sign that read: POSE WITH DANNY PHANTOM FOR A PICTURE! ONLY TEN DOLLARS! Paulina nearly fainted at that point, but Tucker leaned over the counter and grabbed the sign, quickly replacing it with a sign that said: AUTOGRAPHED PICTURE OF DANNY PHANTOM! ONLY SEVEN DOLLARS!

Since Paulina already had one of those (Danny had given it to her), she settled for the plushy. As she walked out of the door she waved seductively to Danny, who couldn't help but shiver, extremely freaked out. She was throwing herself all over him! How was Danny to know if he could keep her if she couldn't even control herself?

Once Danny's short four-hour workday was over, he returned home and tossed off the suit coat he was wearing. He walked into the kitchen, stopping short when he saw something scribbled on his usually clean sticky notes.

He grinned when he saw a phone number with the name Sam. "She left her number... I take that as an invitation to call," he said to himself. As he dialed her number, he vaguely wondered why. Maybe she likes me, he thought. He shook that thought away. "I have a girlfriend, and we are very happy together," he said to himself. But even he could tell that his voice sounded dead.

"Yeah I know that, that's why... Oh, hello!" Sam said. Danny smiled.

"Hey, uh Sam... I was wondering... Would you like to come to come pick out a puppy with me tomorrow?" He had told Paulina they would go together, but now he didn't really want to. He had a gut feeling she would ruin the whole experience.

"Yeah, sure, I'd love to! What time should I be at your house?" He was surprised at her answer, and a little caught off guard, since he hadn't actually planned it ahead of time.

"Uhhhh... Is ten am okay?" He didn't have work since it was a Saturday.

"Yup, I'll be there," she spoke to someone on the other end. "I have to go Danny. See you tomorrow?" She hung up. Danny stared at the phone for several minutes before realizing he looked like a psychopath and put it back on its stand.

"Can't wait," he said to the air.

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