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I woke up the next morning, mind blank. I wasn't totally sure what had happened in the last few days. I sat up and looked around my room. Purple and black everywhere. Check. My room was really cold. Then everything came rushing back to me.

I had met and befriended the famous Danny Phantom. Our relationship now hung in a sort of limbo… Could I say we were dating? We just met. I couldn't say he was my boyfriend; that's too brash, to assuming. I didn't know what to think.

Danny flew me home yesterday. It was the greatest experience of my life. I just can't remember him leaving- no, nothing like that- I just… can't. I rubbed my eyes groggily.

"You really shouldn't do that, it's bad for your eyes," said a voice. I jumped two feet in the air and grabbed my blankets as a protective cover. When I finally could focus on my surroundings, I spotted Danny-as Phantom- floating a little ways away from me.

"I… How long have you been there?" He grinned. A wide, shining grin, eyes crinkling around the edges.

"Well I brought you home, stayed for an hour or so, left, slept, fought some ghosts… Came back around five," I peered at the clock. It was shortly after seven, "and then watched you sleep, like a vampire." I giggled in spite of myself. Twilight references. I threw a pillow at him.

"How do you know that he watches her sleep?" Danny shrugged nonchalantly.

"My girl- I mean, ex-girlfriend made me watch all of them with her. Trust me, I didn't enjoy it."

"I watched it because there were vampires. Or at least, I thought there were. It turned out it was just some immortal, sparkly dude pretending to be a vampire." Danny threw his head back, laughter erupting from his throat. He had a beautiful laugh… I could listen to it all day long. "Hey, I don't mean to kick you out, but uh… can I get dressed?" Danny looked surprised for a moment before a look of amusement took residence on his face.

"Sure," he said suggestively. He stayed put. I stared at him pointedly until a look of mock realization crossed his face. "Oh did you mean for me to leave?" he asked, bursting into laughter yet again. I threw another pillow at him.

"Get out. I would like to clothe myself. Oh, and just so you know, I can feel it when you're in the room." Danny changed to Fenton and walked out of my room. I closed the door loudly behind him.

After I had thrown on a black long sleeve t-shirt and some jeans I went downstairs and found Danny petting my cat. "What are you doing?" I asked dumbly, even though it was obvious. Danny straightened up quickly, jerking away from Lilith as if he had been burned.

"Nothing. I… um… nothing!" he stuttered. I went to Lilith and picked her up, cradling her against my chest. She purred softly and I rubbed my cheek on her head.

"There's nothing wrong with liking Lilith, you know. She's the sweetest kitty I've ever owned," I said, still smiling at my little panther cat. I set her down and then turned to look at Danny who was looking at me strangely. "What? What is it?" He shook his head, as if clearing cobwebs.

"Nothing, it's just, I… No, it's nothing," he replied cryptically. His reply only strengthened my curiosity, but I knew now was not the time to ask. Instead, I offered him my arm.

"So, you want a tour?" He grinned and took my arm. The sun was shining brightly, warm on my face. I smiled. "There's the stable, that's the kennel, and there is the swimming pool," I said, pointing to each structure in turn.

"Can we go to the kennel? I want to see your dogs," he said. I rolled my eyes at him.

When I opened the door of the kennel, all of the animals sprang to their feet and poked their noses through the wire. On the left were my German Shepherds and the right had mostly Bengals and some assorted Siamese. Danny went to the first pen, which held my impressive Shepherd named King (creative, I know). He was a gorgeous and well-muscled dog, intelligent and a perfect example of his breed. Danny crouched and went to pet him but I shouted, "Don't touch him! He's worth more than your car!" Danny looked up at me in surprise but when he registered that I was kidding, he reached for King once again.

I leaned down and whispered in Danny's ear, "He really is worth more than your car, though." Suddenly Danny's phone chirped. He whipped it out of his pocket, quickly read the screen and stood up.

"I have to go. Ghost attack," he said. He changed into Phantom. He turned to fly away, but then said to me, almost as an afterthought, "I'll be back later. Around five." And then flew away. I stood in the kennel, dumbfounded. I tried to push away the feeling of having been blown off and went over the stables to distract myself.

I found Lydia, one of the grooms, mucking out Thrash's stall. "Hey Lydia. How are you?" She jumped and whirled around in surprise.

"Oh, um, hello Sam! I haven't seen you in a few days!" I touched my hand to my forehead, where my cut had scabbed over, smiled and then continued on down to Lisbeth's stall. She was currently my only pregnant mare. She also happened to be an absolutely stunning near leopard buckskin Appaloosa, in foal to a 100% FPD, guaranteed color throwing, prize-winning stallion. (Yeah, I know, horse-speak. Look it up.)

"Lisbeth is looking good," I commented, "I hope I look that good when I'm pregnant." Lydia laughed in her little wind chime voice. She had a lovely laugh, lovely enough that I was slightly envious of it, if we're being honest. "Where is Aiden?" Aiden was one of the other grooms.

"Um… Hm… Last I saw him he was exercising Kit," she replied. Kit is my one and only Thoroughbred. She raced when she was younger, but when age cause her to stop winning, then stop placing all together, I retired her. She was a typical Thoroughbred- hot blooded and quite the spitfire. Kinda like me. I smiled at the thought.

"All he ever does is exercise the horses. When is he gonna do some real work?" I joked. After I had visited all of the horses, I went back into my house. As I walked up the stairs I scooped up Lilith and continued on to my bedroom.

When I plopped down on my bed, Lilith resting on my stomach, I glanced at the clock. It was only a little after nine o'clock. I sighed. It's going to be a long eight hours.

After ten minutes of stroking my cat and staring up at the ceiling, I sat up and clicked on the TV. The news appeared on my screen, a live video of Danny fighting some stupid looking metal ghost with flaming hair. According to the in-field newscaster, his name is Skulker. And the stupidity abounds…

I watched disinterestedly as the reporters spoke in their obnoxious voices, hoping for their sakes that they didn't sound like that 24/7. (No seriously, reporters/newscasters have the most ANNOYING VOICES. Like ever.) Suddenly a blast struck Danny in the chest, causing him to plummet to Earth and everyone went silent. Then he sat up, coughing from the dust floating around and weakly said, "M'alright." A few out of place cheers burst out and the newscasters resumed their commentary. Shortly after that, Danny sucked Skulker into a thermos (wait, what? A thermos?) and placed the canister on his belt. After waving to the crowd of people, he flew away, not bothering to answer the questions of the reporters.

Before the in-field camera was switched off however, I couldn't help but hear one especially loud question: "Who are you dating?"

Yes, who?

After doing very little of anything productive most of the day, around three I got up and began getting ready to leave. I was about to simply slip on my combat boots when I paused. Why not go all out? I shrugged and tossed my boots away, stripping down to nothing so that I could shower. Thank the Lord for my genes; I don't have to shave- ever. It made life so much easier.

After showering, I put on a curve hugging purple mini dress and slipped on some black tights; then pulled a belt around my waist, to accentuate my slimness. I picked out some kitten heeled purple shoes and set them by my bed. Then I slipped into the bathroom and applied makeup, going for a smoky eye and then lightly brushing some blush across my pale cheeks. I finished off the look by applying light pink lip gloss. After fixing my hair so it lay nicely across my shoulders, I paused to gaze at myself in the mirror and smiled appreciatively. If Danny's jaw didn't fall to the floor then I'm quite sure my ego would be bruised.

I glanced at the clock. It was now 4:46. Not too long now and Danny would be here. I slipped on my heels and lint rolled my clothing for good measure. You never know with cats.

After standing in my bedroom awkwardly for about five minutes, I grabbed my purse and went downstairs to wait. I was surfing Facebook (cause that's so entertaining…) when I heard a light knock on the door. To be honest, I had expected him to invite himself in.

I stood up and slowly walked to the door, which I opened with a flourish. Danny, who was dressed casually in a pin-striped black button up and some jeans, stopped short at the sight of me. As I had expected (and hoped), his mouth dropped open. "Hey," I greeted him.

"Wow…" he breathed. "You look… amazing." He stepped forwards and enveloped me in a bone crushing hug, which I attempted to return, but I'm weak, if we're being honest. I breathed in his scent while he hugged me. He smelled distinctly of mint and pine, which was mixed with cologne that smelt vaguely of vanilla. In short, he smelled amazing.

After he hugged me for a little longer than necessary, he stepped back and grinned. "I guess we aren't flying then," he remarked.

I noticed that Danny's hair looked distinctly windblown and that my driveway was absent of his Lamborghini, which meant he flew to my house. Just as well, it was my turn to drive. "Nope. We'll take the Porsche."

I had Danny put the directions into the GPS, as I had no idea where we were going. We were already halfway to town (yeah, I might have sped… just a bit) by the time that he had punched in the address. A male voice with an Australian accent that I immediately dubbed Bob began directing me, and I couldn't help the fact that it annoyed me. I liked knowing where I was going.

"So…" Danny attempted.

"So," I replied with a smirk. He flashed his adorable smile at me.

"I hired a sitter for Eirwyn and Azura. Y'know, since they're puppies." I noticed that he sounded kind of like an overprotective father. I smiled.

"Glad to hear they're being taken care of." We sat in comfortable silence for a while until curiosity got the best of me. "Where are we going?"

Danny grinned cheekily. "It's a secret. For me to know and you to find out." I resisted the urge to pull over the car and wait for him to give in and tell me, continuing to drive just a little too fast.

Finally, about an hour later (Danny commented that the drive is supposed to be an hour and a half long but I ignored him) we arrived at the stadium in which the concert was taking place. To my surprise, it was a Taylor Swift concert. Teenaged girls flooded into the stadium doors, most wearing shirts bearing the country singer's face. Danny grasped my hand tightly, making my face hot. I silently willed him not to look at my face.

When we finally got in and were seated (the concert didn't start for another hour), I noticed with surprise that we were reallyclose to the stage. Close enough to touch Taylor if she walked to the edge of the catwalk. Danny and I spoke about trivial things for a good long while until it was time for the concert to start.

For the first few songs, Danny and I remained seated. I'm quite certain we were the only ones sitting, and became acutely aware of it when I noticed Taylor looking at us. And I'm certain that she was looking at us, and not in our general direction, because she said with a smile, "And for this lovely couple, I'd like to sing a song," and motioned in our general direction. We were surrounded by teenaged girls. Suddenly it seemed as if every eye in the stadium was on us. I wanted to bury my face in Danny's shoulder.

Taylor began humming softly. I recognized the tune as 'Hey Stephen'. As she sang the words melted in my head… It was no longer hey Stephen, it turned into hey Danny. I smiled and looked into his eyes. Before I could process it, his hands were holding the sides of my face, fingers tangled in my hair. He leaned in to kiss me…

In a Jimmy Neutron-esque way that would put the big headed boy to shame, a thousand images flashed through my head, of me, of Danny, of an African-American kid with a beret that I didn't know the name of. It was me, but… not. I had only known Danny for less than a week; the images flashing through my head were from high school and before. As soon as they disappeared, Danny whispered, "Did you just see that?" I nodded, not trusting my voice.

He leaned in and kissed me softly, making my insides turn to jelly. It seemed as if everyone was cheering, all around us screaming, wolf-whistles, clapping, you name it. It was extremely loud. Nothing could distract me, however, from what I-we- had just seen. It was surreal, how we both saw it, clear as day, yet neither of us remembered.

The rest of the concert passed without incident. Once it was over and we were sauntering back to my car, Danny said, "I'll need to speak with Clockwork about this." I looked at him strangely, not having a clue who that was, but not caring enough to ask. "I think… I think someone has altered the timeline."

I peered up at him. "Altered the… timeline? That's possible? How come I didn't know about this? Could've come in handy," I joked. He smiled at me briefly before nodding.

"Yes, and I think that it's possible that we knew each other before, and you… you were taken away from me. I want to fix it," he replied, a steely edge in his voice, no trace of humor in his tone or features. He seemed genuinely angry that someone had, effectively, removed all traces of me from his life. "I want to fix it," he repeated.

We finished the walk to my car in silence. Once we got in, I just sat there. Driving seemed out of the question for now.

"Do you remember how earlier today you asked me what I was thinking about? After I was petting your cat?" I nodded. He glanced at me before continuing, "I… for some reason, I thought I had seen her- Lilith- before. I had a… a vision or some sort, where she was sleeping on top of my best friend's PDA, and he was looking for it, and we… we were laughing. But I don't remember that happening," he paused before saying, "We were fifteen."

"That would have been five years ago. The year after I got her," I said. I thought about how if I had never hid my head while riding the other day, I probably would never have met Danny. We would never have known (or at least we thought we knew) that we had been friends before. "How could this have happened? I mean, how could someone alter the timeline?"

Danny pondered this for a moment before replying. "Well someone could have wished for it, from Desiree. She's like, a genie. A wishing ghost. I don't know why they would though. Then of course there's Clockwork. He could have altered our pasts so we never met, or someone could have gone into the past and caused it so we never met on accident…. But then we probably wouldn't have these memories. Desiree is more likely." His hands clenched into fists.

I finally started the ignition and began to drive home. This time, I went just below the speed limit.

One thought was settled into my mind, however, as I drove- I hate whoever wished for a timeline in which Danny and I had no knowledge of each other.

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