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Riley's text wakes me up in the morning.

U awake yet?

I rub my eyes, grinning and text back: I am now.

Wanna come over? I love how eager he sounds. There's none of that morning-after awkwardness, with me wondering if he'll be thinking that he made a mistake last night.

Yeah, give me an hour or so, I reply. Then I throw my covers off and head for the shower.


I make it over there in forty minutes flat. I don't see the point in waiting, I'm pretty sure he won't mind me being early.

Riley's mom lets me in.

"Hi, Seth," she smiles warmly. "Riley's just finishing up in the bathroom. You can go to his room to wait for him if you want. I'm heading into Forks for a while."

"Okay, thanks."

I make my way down the hallway to his room and sit on his bed to wait for him. I'm buzzing with nervous anticipation. I can't wait to see him, but I'm anxious too. Everything's different between us now.

I get a book out of my bag and try to read, but I can't concentrate. I hear the sound of someone approaching and my heart flips in my chest as the door's pushed open. My mouth goes dry as I take in the sight of Riley, naked apart from a towel wrapped tightly around his slim hips. His hair's still wet and spiky from the shower.

"Oh, hi, Seth!" Riley looks surprised. "I didn't know you were here yet." His cheeks go a little pink and I realize that I'm staring at him, my mouth is even hanging open a little. Now it's my turn to blush when I realize how goofy I must look.

"Sorry," I drag my eyes up to his face and grin apologetically. They'd got caught somewhere around the faint line of hair on his belly, leading down into the towel. "I was early."

"That's okay," he smiles back.

He heads over to his chest of drawers and pulls out some clothes. He drops his towel and steps quickly into his underwear and I try not to watch as he pulls them up his legs. I remember the glimpse of his half-hard cock in the near-darkness last night and feel a tingle of arousal.

Once Riley's dressed in some jeans and a white t-shirt that hugs his slim torso, he comes over and sits on the bed beside me. He has a single bed, like me, and I'm sitting sideways near the foot of it. He sits cross-legged, his back to the headboard and bites his lip nervously before smiling at me again.

Just like last night, Riley's the brave one, taking the initiative. He shuffles closer and puts his hand on my forearm. It feels cool and his touch is light. I'm still gripping my book tightly and he slides his hand down, uncurling my fingers until I release my hold on the book and am holding his hand instead. He tugs gently and I turn to face him, folding my legs up to mirror his posture.

We face each other and I just look at him for a moment. His face is beautiful to me. Full lips, dark eyes, high cheekbones. He's looking back at me just as intently. I hope that he likes what he sees too.

This time it's me who leans in to kiss him and he smiles as I move, leaning forward to meet me. His mouth feels surprisingly soft against mine and I explore the shape of it with the tip of my tongue as he sighs and parts his lips. The kiss deepens and our hands slide into hair and around the backs of each other's necks.

But our knees are in the way and we can't get any closer, and I want more. I need to feel him against me. Made bold by my desire, I untwist my legs and kneel, without breaking the kiss, and push him backwards onto his pillows. He chuckles in surprise as he falls back, but his hands slide around me, pulling me with him eagerly. His legs fall apart and my body finds the space between them, a perfect fit that feels so right.

Kissing him feels amazing, I want to go on forever but my dick is hard and aching in my jeans now, trapped uncomfortably and I have to pull away to adjust it.

"Sorry... I just..." I mutter, embarrassed as I stick my hand between us, into my pants to rearrange myself.

He laughs, his face beautifully flushed and his lips wet. "That's okay," and he reaches down to do the same.

We kiss again, and now that my cock's in a more comfortable position I find myself unable to resist the urge to move against him. Riley obviously likes it because his hands grip my hips and encourage me as he pushes up against me. I can feel the hardness of his dick against mine and it feels fucking awesome. But with his hands on me and his tongue in my mouth, I know that I'm going to come in my underwear if we don't stop soon.

But I don't want to stop.

I drag my mouth away from Riley's lips and kiss his neck. He smells clean and soapy with just a hint of his own scent that the shower could never wash away. I graze my teeth on his skin where neck meets shoulder and hitch my hips again. It's no good. I have to stop moving or I'm going to explode.

"Fuck... Riley," I mutter. "I don't wanna come in my pants."

"Me neither," Riley chuckles and he stops grinding against me as I lie still for a moment. Then he murmurs in my ear. "I really wanna make you come though. Would you let me?"

Oh my God. "Yeah," I gasp against his neck. I want it so much.

"Lie on your back." He wriggles out from under me, scooching over and rolling on his side to make room so that I can lie beside him on his narrow bed.

I feel nervous and I bite my lip as I wait for him to do something. My cock is straining inside my jeans, the bulge clearly visible and Riley's eyes fix on it for a moment before he looks up and leans in to kiss me again. His hand is on my belly and he pulls my t-shirt up, then slides his hand up underneath, stroking my abs and chest. He grazes my nipples with his fingertips and my breath hitches.

"Can I take this off?" Riley pushes my t-shirt up further. I sit up and help him pull it over my head. When I lie back he stays leaning up on one elbow, looking at me carefully, running his free hand over my body admiringly. "You're so fucking hot," he says.

I squirm, not good at taking compliments. But I guess my body looks okay. I've filled out a lot recently. "Thanks," I mutter. Then I tug on his t-shirt too. "Can you take yours off too?"

He wriggles out of his shirt and lies back down beside me. His fingers tease my nipples again as I put an arm around him and stroke the smooth skin of his back. "I'm scrawny compared to you." He wrinkles his nose. "I swear you've gotten bigger just since I've known you."

"You're beautiful," I frown at him. "I think you're amazing." And it's true.

I pull him on top of me and we're kissing again, hot and breathless and the grinding resumes. But then Riley rolls off me and I feel his hands on my fly. I moan into his mouth as he pops the button and pulls my zipper down. His hands sneak into my pants and curl around me through the fabric of my underwear, stroking tentatively. The head of my cock is wet and sticking to the material. He explores the shape of me, never breaking the kiss and I moan, my dick twitching up into his hand.

He pulls away and kneels up, grabbing the waist band of my pants and briefs. "Is this okay?" He looks at me for reassurance.

I don't think I'm capable of speech so I just nod.

Fuck, yes. It's more than okay.

I lift my hips to help as he tugs my clothing down around my thighs, and the hungry expression on his face when he looks down at my cock for the first time makes my toes curl. I feel exposed, vulnerable, but I'm too turned on to care. As he settles back down beside me again I pull him toward me and kiss him, running my hands over his chest and shoulders as his warm hand wraps around my dick.

It's a little awkward as he struggles to find a rhythm. I'm distracting him with kisses and by the huff of his breath and the urgency of his lips on mine I know that he's feeling pretty desperate too. I want to open his pants and touch him as well, but I don't think I could handle multi-tasking right now. So I let him get on with it, feeling the heat surging and tingling in my groin as I get close.

I'm lost in sensation. The warmth of Riley's body against mine, the sweet, musky scent of his skin, his hand gripping and sliding on my cock, the huff of his breath on my cheek and the hot slide of his tongue in my mouth.

It's all too much, and exactly what I need.

I pull away from his lips, arching up and pressing my face into his shoulder as I groan and come. He keeps moving his hand as I shudder and twitch and then fall back onto the pillows, panting and grinning like an idiot.

He looks down at me and smiles as he traces his finger through the mess on my belly. His breathing is fast too and his face is flushed. "Wow!" He says.

"Mmm," I agree.

The movement of his other hand catches my eye and I see that he's rubbing himself through his jeans.

"Let me," I say, reaching down to work on his button.

He helps me, releasing his cock with trembling fingers. "Oh Fuck," he hisses as I take him in my hand and stroke. "This won't take long," he warns me.

"I'd be a little offended if it did," I grin as I grip and slide, smearing the slickness at the tip over the head of his cock with my thumb.

His body curls into me and his hand clutches at my hip as he moans and comes after only a few strokes. His cock jerks and spills into the curl of my fist. I try to catch as much as I can in my hand and then carry on stroking him, feeling the slickness of his release smoothing my movements while he continues to buck into my hand.

When he stills I pull my hand away and he rolls to lie on his back beside me. The only sound in the room is our breathing as it gradually slows and steadies. And then, out of nowhere, Riley starts laughing. It's infectious and I join him, even though I'm not sure what's amusing.

When we calm down, he turns and kisses me lightly and then scrambles over me to grab a box of tissues from under his bed.

I quirk an eyebrow at their location.

"What?" He shrugs and grins. "I'm practical like that."

We clean up as much as we can, although our jizz is already drying and getting sticky. There are a few spots on his duvet cover which the tissues do nothing for.

"Laundry day?" I wrinkle my nose.

"Yeah," he sighs. "I would just turn it over but I think there might be a similar issue with the other side already."

I laugh aloud again. "Horndog," I tease him.

He shrugs and smirks. "Yeah, well, it's all your fault."

Once we've got our clothes back on, we sit back on his bed, side by side, and start to half-heartedly pull out some homework. We work on math problems for a while but somehow we end up getting distracted and start kissing each other again.

We push our books aside and lie back down together, enjoying the chance to kiss and touch in a more leisurely way now that we've both gotten off and aren't quite so desperate.

We get hard again, of course, but when I start squeezing Riley's cock through his jeans he stops me.

"My mom'll be home soon," he says reluctantly. "And knowing her, she'll just barge in."

"Does she know that you're gay?" I ask, curious.

"Yeah," he replies. "I told her a few months ago. But I guess now I should tell her about you." He smiles.

I grin back, happy that he thinks I'm important enough to mention. "Tell her what about me?" I tease, wanting him to clarify.

"I don't know," he flushes a little. "Maybe tell her that you're my boyfriend... if you want to be?" His eyes are hopeful.

"Of course," I feel a huge smile spread across my face. "That sounds good to me. And I guess I should tell my mom, too."

"Awesome," he kisses me again and we get lost in each other for a while.


It's weird on Monday morning when I meet Riley in the line for the bus. We both told our moms about our relationship yesterday. As expected, neither was particularly surprised, and both of them were happy for us. But by mutual agreement we've decided not to be open about it at school for now. We figure there's plenty of time for that if things work out and it gets serious between us.

So when I see him on Monday, my heart jumps in my chest and I have to stop a ridiculously huge-assed grin from filling my face when he approaches with a smile and a "hey."

I'm shocked by how badly I want to kiss him.

We stand by Quil and Embry as usual, and listen in as they talk about the party on Saturday night.

"...I really thought Jake was going to land one on Newton," Embry's saying.

"Newton's such a dick," Quil comments. "But I've never seen Jake get so mad before, he's usually pretty chill."

I suddenly remember that Jake wasn't feeling well on Saturday night, and look around to see whether he's in line for the bus but there's no sign of him. He must be sick. I notice that Kim is with Leah but there's no sign of Jared either. Both girls look equally pissed.

I get that strange, unsettling feeling again that something's not quite right. But I can't work out what. I frown and turn back to the others and catch Riley looking at me questioningly. I shake off the moment of weirdness and give him a small smile, trying to reassure him. By the time the bus arrives the feeling has passed.

After school I ask Riley back to my place and he agrees eagerly. It's been really difficult being together all day at school and having to hide our relationship. I can't wait to be alone with him again.

Leah walks back with us after the bus drops us off. She walks in silence, her head down. As soon as we get home she disappears into her room, slamming the door hard behind her.

My mom's in the kitchen so Riley and I go through to say hi to her and grab some drinks and cookies to take to my room. Mom smiles at us as we hurry back out. "See you later, boys."

I close my bedroom door behind me but I don't lock it. I haven't had a conversation with Mom about house rules yet since I told her that Riley's more than just a friend, and I don't want to push my luck. I'm hoping she's not going to insist on an open-door policy like some parents do.

As soon as the door closes we face each other and step close, letting our bags slip off our shoulders and dropping them on the floor. Riley grabs me by my belt loops and tugs, and I fist my hands into his t-shirt, pulling him towards me.

I've been waiting all day for this kiss and it's such a fucking relief to finally have my lips on Riley's and feel his body under my hands, his hands in my hair. We reconnect, re-claiming each other after a day of being together, but not together.

When the kiss starts to get heated we pull apart, breathless and grinning.

"Fuck, I missed you." Riley says.

And I know exactly what he means even though we've spent half the day in each other's company.

We settle down on my bed, side by side with our books out and we study while we talk and pause to kiss now and again - nothing too heavy. We're both very aware of my mom and sister in the house.

When it's time for Riley to go home, we stretch out on my bed and kiss for a long time, rolling around together and rubbing up against each other until we're hard and horny.

"I'm gonna make good use of my secret stash of tissues later," Riley smirks, his lips pink and shiny from my kisses. "Just so you know."

I pin him down and kiss him again. The idea of him jerking off later, thinking about me, is so fucking hot.

We finally make it out of my room, a little rumpled but presentable.

In the kitchen, my mom has the TV on and has paused mid-dinner preparation, staring at the screen, her face concerned. She's watching the local news and I turn to look at the screen but then the report finishes and it cuts to the ads.

"What's up?" I ask her.

She shakes her head, and I see real fear in her eyes for a moment before she turns her attention back to the beef that she's chopping. Her fingers are red with the juices and the kitchen is filled with the smell of raw meat.

"Another missing person," she says, her voice carefully calm. "His car was found parked up by the road. He'd broken down and called for help, but when the rescue truck got there he was gone. No trace."

I catch Riley's eye and I'm filled with that cold sense of foreboding again. The iron tang of the bloody meat is suddenly overpoweringly strong and I feel a wave of nausea. I tamp it down and jerk my head towards the kitchen door and Riley nods imperceptibly.

"Bye, Sue," he says. "I need to get going. Thanks for letting me come over."

"That's fine, dear," she says. "Not that I saw much of you." She smiles, a little more knowingly that I'm comfortable with.

I see Riley to the door and kiss him good bye again before he leaves. Just a chaste brush of lips as I pull him into a hug.

"You okay?" he frowns, concerned.

"It's just freaking me out a little, all this stuff in the news."

He nods. "Yeah, it's kinda creepy. I might steer clear of hiking in the forest for a while."

I manage a half-smile, still jittery and unsettled. "You do that."

"See you tomorrow," he turns and waves before he walks away. I watch him go with a smile on my face.


Tuesday passes in much the same way as the day before. School is school, but the day goes by quickly. Riley comes around to my place again in the afternoon.

Leah's in an even worse mood than yesterday and mutters something about us being 'joined at the fucking hip' before stalking off to her room. The whole house rattles with the force of her door slamming.

I roll my eyes at Riley. "Don't mind her," I say.

In my room we study a little, and then we kiss a lot.

I wish that we could do more. I want to touch his cock again and make him come, and have him do the same to me. But I don't think I'm ready to do that unless we're alone in the house.

"My mom works late tomorrow," Riley says as he lies with his head on my chest while we take a break from making out. "Will you come over to my place?"

"Hell yes," I tighten my arms around him. "Try and keep me away. Not only do I get some alone time, we also won't have to put up with Leah being a bitch. It's win-win."

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