Okay so, I'm having a rough time with life right now so I felt like righting this. Saame was Riku's friend on Destiny Islands and when they disappeared she decided to go look for him and ended up in Castle Oblivion.

Saame's keyblade fell to the floor.

I watched her from my knees, standing in defense for me, when the man swung his scythe into her heart. She was trembling, and she remained standing even when he pulled it out. She was trying to be strong, but that just wasn't her.

"Get away from her!" I growled, standing up and running at him. I was too late to stab him or anything, he disappeared into a dark corridor before anything else could happen. I felt a shaking hand slip into mine and I saw Saame, eyes full of tears and fear, blood running down her arms and dripping onto the floor in small drops.

"Riku…" She said weakly. I looked her straight in the face and she smiled just a little before falling onto the floor. I caught her head and she shut her eyes.

"You didn't need to do that…" She whispered.

"I wanted to." I said. A tear dropped from her eye and hit the floor and she shuddered.

"I'm tired…" Saame opened her eyes and looked up.

I couldn't bare to look at her…I just couldn't. I didn't want to see my best friend die like that.

"I'll get you help." I said, reassuringly. "We'll fix everything and you'll feel better…just stay awake for a minute longer…"

She shook her head. "It'll…be better soon…you'll get back to the Islands soon and…" She stopped and took a long, deep breath. "We'll be together again…" Those last words…that was all that was left. Saame's chest stopped rising and her eyes fluttered shut.

I couldn't watch those last few moments. She looked so weak and tired then, I had looked away and I wanted so desperately to just cry. I only felt her body racked with one last breath before dying.

Tears escaped my eyes, I sighed, let out a cry and shut my eyes.

I always thought Riku had it rough. Oh well, sucks for him, he'll just have to live with it. I can't do anything about it.

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