I've returned to the wonderful world of fanfiction, after feeling that Kyle and Fanboy didn't get the ending they deserved I dreamt up this little story. It's only going to be a few chapters, no more than 10 no less than five, but I plan for the chapters to be fairly long.


"From the top to the bottom, bottom to top, I stop

At the core I've forgotten, in the middle of my thoughts

Taken far from my safety, the picture's there

The memory won't escape me, but why should I care?"

~Linkin Park 'Forgotten'

"Seriously, Chum Chum I'm screwed unless I can come up with an outline by the end of the month, besides they want more slashy comics. I can't write slash that has a plot, never mind managing to illistrate it." Ayden better known as Fanboy when he wasn't on business complained to his best-friend Chum Chum through his cellphone as he paced his vast studio, ignoring the over flowing garbagecan filled with rejected sketches as well as the blank word document on his laptop.

"Yeah ever since issue #1225 when Man-Artica had a one-night stand with the The Global Warmer because the two were under the influence of Kryptonion whiskey,bootlegged from planet Rbvkebhgbknrkgu I might add, was released the focus on comics have shifted to a different fan-base. But why couldn't you write a slashy series? You've had tons of relationships."

"No, I've have tons of one-night stands, besides I need plot. I need something that will catch their attention and leave them wanting more. I can't have these stories where everything has been done before. And don't remind me of issue #1225; people wonder why my loyalty to the series died."

"Alright, so you need ideas. How about looking into our old storage room behind Oz's comics when you get here. I'm sure that you'll find something that will inspire you. I haven't been in there since well...you know."Chum Chum chirped his voice fading slightly a definete sadness bleeding through, an echo in the background of what sounded like Yo. "Sorry, Fan I have to go. I'll see you Sunday, if you waited ten years to comeback, you can wait a few more days."

"Wait-" before he could finish the line went dead. A long sigh escaped his lips as he looked around his studio, the walls covered with prints of his comics. A wave of memories flooding back to him at the realization that it been ten years since he left Galaxy Hills. Oz had been shocked when he found Fanboy's acceptence letter from the top art academy in the state before the start of his junior year. Or maybe Oz had been even more shocked at the idea the he had even applied to an art school when he had been saying that he never wanted to go to colledge beforehand.

The years seemed to have flown by; he barely remembered packing up all of his stuff. Just grabbing random items from his side of the room to take with him and then throwing the rest into boxes which Chum Chum took to the storage room that Oz had installed after his mother had passed away.

Then he waved good-bye to Galaxy Hills choosing to travel across the country after he finished school. In that one decade he had manged to build up plenty of regret. He missed Chum Chum graduating (it had been found out that he had been sneaking into classes that he wasn't even supposed to be in being two years younger.) Oz's mother had died of old age and not even two years later Oz had died of a heartattack leaving the comic store to Chum Chum. Even after that he refused to return home. Instead he chose to go to countless conventions and tours to promote his comics becoming rich enough to move to Octane Cosmos the most expensive city to live in, a city where people sold their souls so they could make it.

Ten years and now he finally going home, to see his best friend get married to his highschool sweetheart, and then he'd be gone again. There was certain nagging in his mind from his coversation with Chum Chum the day he left.

"So that's it? You're just going to run and pretend that nothing ever happened?" Chum Chum shouted tears filling his eyes as he threw anything he could get his hands on at the older teen.

"What are you talking about? I'm just going to prove that I'm good for something, Chum Chum. That I'm not a waste of space like everyone thinks; its called growing up old buddy." Fanboy dodged the random items easily trying to understand what was wrong with him leaving.

"No! It's called being a coward! You didn't even fight for him! You let him walk away and now you're just going to run so you don't have to be reminded of your greatest screw up!"

"Chum Chum what are you talking about?" a nervous chuckle escaped passed his lips as brown eyes narrowed at him dangerously; his mask threatening to break.

"I'll never forgive you for this." Chum Chum spat before turning away and slamming the door behind him.

That was it, then ten years later he recived an invitation to Chum Chum and Yo's wedding taking place a month from Sunday. If he had kept in touch more often he would have flown out a week before the actual date, but a month of his time was just a drop in the ocean compared to the years he spent away.

Yet, there was a reason he left and reason he stayed away, although he didn't know the reason anymore. He had learned to bury the pain he had felt those years ago deep enough that they would be forgotten. Another pull of regret stabbed at his heart but its origin was unknown.

"Can't worry about that now, I have more important things to worry about. The past doesn't matter anymore anyway, this is my present and my future." Green eyes trailed over the 4ft. poster prints covering each wall, in place of colorful spandax clad heros were leather and chain decorated villians.

"It's funny you don't look like a wizard..." the memory was hazy at best recalling the sound of how his voice cracked at the begining of his teen years.

"How many times do we have to go over this? I-" that voice threw him for loop, unsure of who it belonged to.

"look like a warlock or necromancer."

"How the devil would you know the difference?"

"My heroes turned into villains is one way to put it."

"What on Earth does that mean?"

"I got bored of comics and started looking for something different. Horror just seemed the right way to go." Amber eyes locked with his an unsettling concern outshining the normal shimmer of distaste.

"Gah!" Fanboy jumped his ringtone pulling him from the memory as a chill ran down his spine. "Hello?...Look I'm not leaving town because I don't have a new comic idea...My best friend is getting married...A month from Sunday...I'm leaving early in hopes of finding an inspiration from my roots...Well what I count as my roots...No I can't promise that'll be slashy...I don't do love stories and smut...I don't have any decent relationships I could base a comic off of...Fuck you... You'll have a story by the end of the month be happy with that."

-Sunday Night Galaxy Hills-

"Hahahaha! I always knew that Yo would be the one to propose!" Fanboy laughed as they sat around the to be married couples apartment, which was a disturbing combination of orange and pink.

"It's good to have you back, Fan." Yo smiled sweetly, she had mellowed out in the last few years to the point where no one had to question her sanity.

"Yeah, I forgot what it was like to be back home, I mean Octane Cosmos is great if you don't mind being lonely," he chuckled to himself. "Oh, and nothing changes there, everywhere but there."

"Would you consider coming back then?" Chum Chum looked hopeful at the idea and it hurt the taller man to respond honestly. A silent thank-you echoed in his mind as the phone rang delaying his response.

"Sorry." Yo quickly stood leaving the two to themselves.

" To answer your question old buddy I'll just have to visit more often, but if I canned at the end of this month I just might come back for good."

"Remind me to take you down to the store one morning before I go to work."

"Why not on a day you're off?"

" I-It's too hard to be back there, I mean it's where the Fanlair was. Then of course the comic store...I was the one who found Oz, Fan. It's hard to see someone you've known your whole life dead. Although I thought you'd understand that." the last few words were laced with anger.

"Good-bye Sigmund." Yo's sharp tone caught their attention as she came stomping back into the room and grabbed Chum Chum by the arm.

"It's getting late so we'd better get to bed after all two of us do have to work tomorrow. Goodnight Fanboy."

"Good...night." he trailed off awkwardly watching them leave before making his way to the guestroom, catching bits of their shouting match.

"I understand that he was your friend, but-"

"Did he even say that-"

"He was considering-"

"-if so much as a whisper reaches his ears that-"

"-it's been ten years-"

"his heart was beyond broken-"

Fanboy shook his head trying to figure what they were talking about, but decided against it. Instead he fell onto the bed and dreamed of fire.