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The guys at N.E.S.T. and the robots had bought her excuse and hardly ever brought up the subject again. Just so long as she was not hitchhiking or getting attacked on the streets, any way she got to the base was fine with them. They had more important things to worry about, like Decepticon raids and the progress of Wheeljack's new invention.

If M.E.C.H had anything to say about it, the Autobots were about to have a lot more to handle on their plates. Especially if Willa succeeded in getting the information that she desired. M.E.C.H. would win this time for sure.


Willa sighed in contentment as the hot water cascaded down her back. She had said it before and she would say it again. Her quarters here at Autobot base were much nicer than the ones back at M.E.C.H. The shower alone was heaven. Not to mention the Twin sized bed that was all hers. There are some perks to being a mole. Especially in a joint like this.

Quickly finishing up her shower, Willa scrubbed the last of the soapy bubbles from her hair and shook off any excess water. Toweling herself completely dry, she headed towards her small closet to get dressed for the day.

Last night, an off duty M.E.C.H worker had dropped her off a few blocks away from the Autobot base. No one had seen her walk in except for the two soldiers in the guard shack. It had taken a couple hours of convincing, proof of her identity through her driver's license, a showing of her clearance card, and one tiny call to Captain Lennox before she was let in. The guys here at N.E.S.T were about as serious with their security as M.E.C.H was. And that was saying something!

After Willa had finally been allowed, albeit hesitantly, inside of the base by the soldiers, all she had to do was slink to her room without being spotted. Easier than taking candy from a baby. In no time at all, Willa was unpacked and settled in for the night. She had originally planned on staying at the Autobot base for the rest of the week; maybe the next week as well. As long as it would take until she got all the information she needed. But when Willa received a text from a M.E.C.H intelligence officer later on that same night, that plan had gone up in smoke. Silas was moving the date of the original attack forward. Willa no longer had the two weeks that she thought she would have to gather more information about the Autobots and their secret weapon. Now she was going to have to gather as much data as possible by tomorrow, or rather, today. At least Willa wouldn't have to resort to late night espionage at ungodly hours and spiked Energon in all of the 'Bots rations. The bad thing was that Willa had to come up with a completely new plan. Silas did not want to be failed again.

Dressed in a comfortable T-Shirt and a pair of yoga pants, Willa checked the time on her wall clock. She was running late for the training that she had signed up with the untrusting black robot, Ironhide. Right now, Willa didn't really care that she was running late. Granted, she was supposed to be worming her way into the Ironhide's trust, which was why she had originally signed up for the training in the first place, so that meant that showing up on time would really help, but if Silas' plan was already being called into action, she didn't really have to try anymore. She would be out of this place, mission accomplished, by tonight. Willa couldn't tell if she was pleased of disappointed by that. The rooms were really nice here. I think I'll miss the hot showers the most. she mused absently.

Checking the time once more, Willa deftly tied her still slightly damp brown hair up in a ponytail and strode out of her room to head down to the training center where the robot was sure to be. "Let's get this over with." she sighed to wasn't worried about the intensity of the training. Ironhide's regime wasn't going to be anything close to the training that she had to go through in order to join up with M.E.C.H. What she was really worried about was whether the black robot would squish her today if she pushed him a little bit too far. She did love to push that robot's buttons. Sometimes he made it too easy.


"I'm here! I'm here! Don't start without me!"

"Told you she'd make it. Since when has Willa ever missed a session? Cool your circuits Ironhide."

Willa pretended not to hear the multiple groans and teasing jeers about her lateness that were sent her way as she jogged into the weapons range to take her place in line with the rest of the signups. She had to at least pretend to be worried about her tardiness. The way that the weapons specialist was glaring at her was a good sign that she needed to pick up the pace. Willa snapped to attention in her place in line. And with that, so started another monotonous day at Health and Human Services. Or rather, the Autobot base. Who choose such a weird place as a hideout for a group of exterritorial robots was beyond her. Wouldn't a technology centered department be more suited for them? But it didn't matter. It was all going to be blown sky-high soon anyway. Or rather, blown apart and completely pillaged. Either way, the boredom was going to end very soon.

Willa bent over and pretended to catch her breath. Ironhide ceased glaring at her long enough to do his regular inspection of the other soldiers in line. The Autobots may be an alien race from another planet, but that didn't mean that they didn't act human. From what Willa had seen, they had picked up on human customs and behaviors surprisingly fast. The black mech in particular. Whatever personality he had back on his own planet was replaced with one of the strictest military generals. The gruff Autobot expected no back talk and complete obedience during training. He also expected for all soldiers to be on time and presentable. Two things that Willa was not.

I'd love to see how this guy would behave under Silas' training…Or rather, torture. I wonder if he'd withstand it…or completely crumble. Willa pondered as she straightened a bit more and looked towards the approaching mech.

When Ironhide came to Willa's place in line, he harrumphed and crossed his arms over his chest. "Lateness is not tolerated. Get on the track and do twenty laps. On the double." he bit out.

"Aww 'Hide! Not laps! Last time you just had me do pushups!" Willa playfully whined.

"Make that forty. Now move before I start shooting." Ironhide growled out before tuning on his pede to start morning drills with his original trainees.

Willa smirked at the robots retreating frame. Ironhide hated that little nickname of his. Which goes to show that Willa loved using it. Her mouth was going to get her blasted one of these days. Good thing M.E.C.H was a good muzzle. No one dared to speak out and be snarky at M.E.C.H. Silas had eyes and ears everywhere and one thing that he did not approve of was comedians.

Chuckling a bit to herself, Willa started to jog towards the small jogging track that was inside the room.

Only to turn when someone tapped her on her shoulder.

Eyes widening a fraction, Willa said with disbelief, "Sam?"

Damn…This sure put a kink in her new plans.

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