Two Harts can make a Home.

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Sometime Wade wondered how he managed to get so wrapped around Zoe Hart's dainty little finger. It wasn't like he meant to do everything she said or always help her when she needed him; it was just that when she looked at him with those big brown eyes, he literally felt his resolve drop in a second.

That was probably why he was driving back from a neighbouring town after picking up some supplies for her. Wade wasn't sure what they were but they smelt fruity and feminine and he wasn't going near them.

He was tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, humming away to himself as his car ate up the short miles to Bluebell. The dirt from the road was being kicked back behind him and he could see the town in the distance.

Suddenly he caught sight of a figure walking on the side of the road. With the weather like it was and the state of public transport in Bluebell, this was unusual. As he got closer to this person Wade saw who it was.

It was a kid, a teenage boy wearing grey jeans and a black t-shirt. He had a jumper tied around his waist and he was dragging a back pack behind him. A baseball hat was sitting backwards on his blonde head.

For those reasons, Wade realised that he wasn't from around Bluebell. No one who was from Bluebell or the neighbouring towns would go out dressed like that the weather they were having, which was feeling like another heat wave was about to hit.

Wade reached the kid and slowed the car down enough to look out the open window and asked, "You alright there, kid?"

The boy stopped and narrowed his eyes at him. "Just keep driving, pervert! I'm fine!"

A moment of shock hit Wade and then he said, "You really aren't from around these parts, are you?"

The boy scoffed and replied, "What gave it away?"

"The clothes, the walking and all that attitude," Wade said, "Do you like walking in the heat like an idiot or are you actually headed somewhere?"

The car had stopped by now and the boy was standing with his arms crossed, the bag by his feet. "Well I was looking for some hole named Bluebell but the bus doesn't go there! And now because of that, I'm stuck walking to it but I can't find it!"

Wade grinned and pointed to the distant buildings. "I think that's the hole you're looking for, which by the way is my hometown."

The boy just shrugged, not in the least bit sorry.

Wade sighed and replied, "Well I might as well give you a lift into town. Get in."

The boy raised an eyebrow and replied, "What part of keep' driving pervert' did you not understand?"

"The pervert part; trust me, kid, I like woman and woman my age." Then he looked thoughtful and muttered, "At least I hope they were my age."

The boy smirked and squinted at the distant town. With a sigh he walked around the car and got into the passenger's seat. Wade cranked up the AC and started driving again.

"So what brings a smart assed kid like you to Bluebell anyway?" Wade asked.

The boy sighed and whipped his hands on his already sweaty t-shirt, after pulling off his hat. "My cousin moved out here a few months ago and I thought it would be the perfect time for a visit."

Wade nodded, reading between the lines and replied quietly, "So things are crap at home then?"

The boy was silent and Wade said, "Trust me kid, you are not alone in the messed up family department; in fact I think I have a whole aisle in that place."

The boy just replied, "Don't call me kid."

Wade smirked again and said, "You really are an angry kid!"

"I'm fifteen!"

"Like I said - kid."

They reached the outskirts of town when Wade remembered that only one person had moved to Bluebell in the past few months. He looked at the boy and asked, "Wait, are you Zoe Hart's cousin?"

The boy looked at him, frowning, and for the first time Wade realised the boy was looking at him with brown eyes-with Zoe's eyes.

"How did you-watch out!"

Wade looked forward in time to avoid hitting another car. The boy had braced his hands on the dashboard and then said, "Wait, how do you know my cousin?"

"We're neighbours," Wade said, "She never mentioned a cousin."

"Nice," the boy said, "Can you just drive me to her house then?"

Wade just adjusted his hands on the steering wheel and kept driving. They had reached the town square and the boy raised his eyebrows at the sight of the crowd gathered around various tables and the gazebo.

"What is this? The Little House on the Prairie convention?" the boy commented and Wade smacked the back of his head.

The boy was looking at him in shock while Wade just calmly placed his hand back on the wheel. "That was for insulting my town again and if you actually got your head out of your ass, then you would see from all the cakes that it is a bake sale."

The boy just sat back in the seat with a sigh. He frowned when Wade stopped the car a second later and leaned out of the window.

"Hey Rose!" Wade called to the girl he had just spotted, "Please tell me those are some of your brownies?"

Rose smiled and hurried from the table she was standing at, to the car. "Hey!" she greeted, "These are my brownies. Do you want one?"

Before Wade could answer, Magnolia Breeland stuck her styled blonde head in Rose's way and said, "How about trying some of my apple pie. Made it myself."

"Ya, in your dreams," Wade couldn't help but think. Wade had barely opened his mouth when Magnolia turned to the boy in the passenger seat and asked, "And who is your handsome new friend?"

Wade turned to the kid. He was sweaty and dirty with a mop of blonde hair that was flattened from his cap but with a strong jaw and deep brown eyes, the kid had the makings of a good looking man. So that was why Magnolia was so keen to make an impression.

"Oh this is just some kid," Wade said with a wave of his hand, "And I'm afraid pie is a little difficult to eat while driving so I'm going to have to have a quick brownie."

Rose had been standing there, slightly put out because of Magnolia...again.

It seemed the kid saw that too. "Would you mind if I had one too?" he asked leaning towards the window, "I'm starving and they look great."

Rose beamed at this and handed them both a brownie. With a thank you to the girls, Wade drove off. As he chewed on his snack, he looked over at the kid, who had already finished his. The kid saw his look and said, "Shut up."

Wade just settled for a smirk. If anyone knew about doing nice things for girls and not wanting it brought up again, it was Wade.

Soon they were stopping outside Zoe's house and after Wade shut the door of the car he asked, "What's your name by the way? Or will I just keep calling you kid?"

The boy glanced at him and then back at the house. "My name is Tyler. And since your Zoe's neighbour you must be Wade."

"I'm guessing Zoe talks about me then?"

"More like long emails of complaint."

Wade smiled and called out "Hey Doc! I got something for you!" A few seconds later Zoe walked out of her house. Surprise came over her face when she saw them standing there and then she exclaimed, "Tyler? What are you doing here?"

"Hey CZ," Tyler said, bouncing up the porch steps to hug his cousin-who was a head shorter than him. "Just thought I'd stop by for a visit."

Zoe hugged him tightly and then asked, "Your mother is going to kill me when she finds out that you are here! You're supposed to be at boarding school in England."

Tyler shrugged and replied, "I bailed. I hated it there and my parents were the ones who sent me there so I came to you."

Wade had made his way to the porch at this stage and nearly burst out laughing when he saw Tyler give Zoe the same pleading, big eyed look that she had given him only that morning. "Come on CZ, let me stay for a little while?"

Zoe sighed and pointed to the door. "Second room on the left, I'll make the bed for you."

Tyler smiled widely and hugged her again before turning to Wade and saying, "Thanks for the lift." Wade nodded and Tyler went inside.

Zoe turned to him, her hands on her hips and a frown on her face. Wade held up her bag of items and said, "Here are your things by the way. No need to thank me for that or for helping your cousin. It's all in a day's work for me these days since you came to town."

Zoe sighed and took her bag. "Thank you." She glanced at the house and then at Wade, asking, "He didn't happen to mention to you why he's here? That reason he gave didn't sound like the whole story."

Wade shrugged but said, "I do think there is something wrong at home though. What's his story?"

Zoe sat down on the porch seat and Wade took his place beside her. "Tyler may not look like it but he's practically a genius. He's got photographic memory; he's scored high on IQ tests. His parents practically have his life planned out for him. The school he was at in England is one of the best in the world."

Wade snorted, not noticing that Tyler had walked over to stand beside the open window near them in the house and was listening. "Well no wonder he ran away. Poor kid has his life all planned by other people. I'd go stir crazy if it was me."

Zoe frowned and replied, "They're only trying to help him be the best he can be!"

"No they're trying to help him be the best at what they want him to be. Sounds to me like the kid needed an escape."

Zoe leaned back in her chair and replied, "That's one way to put it."

Wade shrugged and stood. As he walked towards his own house, he called back, "I'm headed to Lavon's so I'll inform him of your guest; he can come for dinner tonight."

Zoe stood up and walked into her house to see Tyler sitting on her couch. "He's a weird dude," her cousin said and Zoe snorted. "But he's not as bad as you said he is."

Zoe just pointed to the closet and said, "Well for that you can get your own sheets and make your own bed; we're also going to the Mayor's house for dinner tonight."

Tyler sat up, excited, "Lavon Hayes, right?"

Zoe, remembering how excited she was when she first met her friend, nodded. She ran her eyes over his sweat stained t-shirt and dirt encrusted jeans. "You can't go to dinner like that; you'll have to wear something else."

Tyler grimaced and replied, "Well you see, I kind of don't have any other clothes."

When Zoe frowned at him he held up his hands and said, "Hey, like you said I'm not staying that long."

Zoe sighed, "I'll have to ask Wade if you can borrow something."

Tyler raised his eyebrows, "Wade doesn't look like he would have anything tidy to wear to dinner either, even if I fit into anything."

Zoe sat down beside him and sighed. "Look, I didn't like Bluebell at first but this place has actually grown on me, so be nice. And Wade does have some things that will fit you."

Then Zoe shook her head and stood up. "Here I am talking like your staying!" She looked at him and pointed, "And you are not staying. A few days and then you are headed back to England."

Tyler sighed and rested his head on the back of the couch. Then he picked up his sheets and headed into the spare room. His quick eyes picked up the details of the room. There was a rickety double bed with a hand carved wooden desk beside it across from the door. There was a wardrobe against the right wall and a chest of drawers at the left wall. There was a window beside the desk and Tyler threw the sheets on the bed as he looked out at the Bluebell landscape.

Tyler decided that he had never been some place like this before and he wasn't used to seeing his cousin in the country either. Both of them were used to big cities with crowds of people and loud noises. Bluebell was certainly not that. There was a light breeze that moved the tree branches in the yard and lake water lapped against the shore.

His right eye twitched slightly and the teenager rubbed it with the heel of his hand. Sighing Tyler flopped down on his bed just as his phone beeped. He didn't even have to check who it was; he knew.

"I'm not going to be your puppet, Mom," he mumbled to himself, "Like the cowboy said, 'You only want me to be the best at what you want me to be'. Not anymore."

Now he just had to tell Zoe the other reason why he had ran away.