Two Harts can make a Home

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Tyler settled into Bluebell with no other problems. Without the threat of his parents hanging over him, he could enjoy the town more as well as finally treat it like his home. School went well for him but he had happily accepted to tutor some other students for free.

Zoe and Tyler had eventually moved into Wade's house after a lengthy argument about which house had more room. Wade had also dropped some hints to Lavon about keeping Zoe's house free for a certain brother of his who was thinking of moving down to Bluebell when he got out of rehab. And according to Lavon, the mayor's office was looking for a new accountant.

It was a few weeks after Tyler was back in Bluebell and he had celebrated his first Planksgiving. Unlike Zoe, he completely embraced Bluebell's weird tradition the first time. He had volunteered with Rose and Matt and they helped Lavon organised the festival. They were all dressed up and Matt even had a parrot on his shoulder. Both he and Tyler were waiting for Rose at Wade's house with Zoe and Wade so they could all go to the festival together.

"It's going to be great!" Tyler said to Zoe and Wade, who were also dressed up and standing on their porch. "We've got food, drinks and games and we even turned to gazebo into a pirate ship! And we...we...there's"

Zoe and Wade frowned as Tyler trailed off and he stared down the drive. Rose was walking down the drive to the house, all dressed in her pirate gear of a white shirt and red skirt with black boots and a red bandana on her hair. She smiled at them and waved slightly while Tyler was still standing there, his hand still raised in mid-gesture.

Zoe walked down the steps to greet Rose while Wade put an arm around Tyler's shoulder and turned him around. "Alright," he said, "I think we both know what's going on here and I have to give you some advice."

Tyler looked at him and Wade said, "You have reached a very critical moment in every man's life; you've finally realised that you have fallen for the one girl who can see through all your bull."

Tyler gulped and replied, "What do I do?"

Wade shrugged, "That's the problem my boy; I have no idea. No one ever does. Just be yourself and hope she's in a good mood. I know that much because I have no idea how I got Zoe." With that they both turned around and faced the rest of the group.


It was later that evening and Zoe, Wade and Lavon had gone back to Lavon's kitchen. The festival was over and Lavon was making hot chocolate for them before they went to bed; Lemon had gotten them all addicted to it. Zoe and Wade were sitting side by side on the couch while Tyler and Lavon were at the kitchen island.

"So," Lavon said, "Now that Zoe's your legal guardian, are you going to change your name to Wilkes?"

Tyler looked over at Zoe who shrugged and then he turned back to Lavon. "I'm not sure; plus I'll just have to change my name again when she become Zoe Kinsella."

Wade smiled slightly but didn't make a move in case Zoe freaked. Zoe stayed where she was but a small smile came to her face.

Lavon frowned slightly and asked, "How do you know they'll get married?"

Tyler gave him a look and Lavon nodded, "I know, stupid question. I realised that as soon as it came out of my mouth."

Tyler nodded and then Lavon said, "They could have the wedding in November! Bluebell is just lovely this time of year!"

Tyler pondered that for a moment and then said, "I don't know, May might be better."

They completely forgot the two that were sitting on the couch, listening to them.

"Zoe could have roses for her flowers! She loves those!"

"Flowers for what?"

They turned to see Lemon and George walk into the kitchen. "We were wondering if Zoe would like roses for her wedding when her and Wade get married," Lavon said and Lemon frowned at them.

"Roses? Oh no, lilies are much better."

"Plus, they smell nice," George said.

"Lily is such a nice name too," Lemon said, "They could name their daughter that!"

"How do you know it'll be a girl?" Tyler asked and George said, "True, they could have a boy first."

Tyler sighed and replied, "A girl with the Kinsella charm and Zoe's looks; this town would not survive."

"Lavon Hayes would not survive," Lavon said.

Lemon chuckled and said, "She would have the boys lining up to ask her out."

"Oh no!" Tyler said, sitting up in his stool, "She is not dating till she's at least...twenty five!"

"Don't be the overprotective brother!" Lemon said, "By the one who lets her do cool things and then beats the guys up who hurt her."

Tyler nodded and said, "Oh I can do that!"

Lemon leaned on the counter and said, "But anyway, back to the wedding details..."

Zoe and Wade were still sat on the couch in silence. Wade did not want to speak. Of course he wanted to marry Zoe; he didn't want anything else but was this the right time to tell her.

"They are all crazy!" Zoe said and Wade's heart sank slightly.

Then Zoe looked at him and said, "I want a June wedding."

Wade's face could barely contain his smile and he leaned down to place a firm kiss on her lips. He pulled back only a little bit and murmured to her, "I love you, Zoe." She smiled at him and replied, "I love you too."

A few days later, Wade was arriving back at the Rammer Jammer after collecting some stock from the suppliers. He was in a bad mood because not only had to suppliers refused to deliver to him, but when he had arrived there they had said that his truck wasn't big enough to carry all the stock. So he was returning to Bluebell with an empty truck.

But when he pulled up outside the Rammer Jammer, he could see that the bar was in darkness. He frowned because it was about the time that everyone usually went to the bar on a Friday night.

He walked in the front door and was about to call out when the lights came on and nearly the entire town yelled out "Surprise!"

He stunned for a few seconds and then he saw Tyler and Zoe hurrying towards him. "What is all this?" he asked, gesturing at the decorations and large cake on the table.

"It's a thank you party!" Tyler said, "For everything you have done for us over the past few months."

"Plus it is also for the fact that you didn't get a birthday party," Zoe said as she led him over to the cake.

Soon he was standing in front of this delicious looking cake with candles on it. "You need to make a wish!" Zoe said to him.

Wade looked around for a moment. The entire town was packed into his bar; people he cared about were in his own bar. He saw Lavon smiling at him and Lemon and George talking about the other food and drinks on the table; Lemon must have had something to do with the organising. Rose and Matt were standing on the other side of the table. Zoe was on his right and he had one arm wrapped around her waist while Tyler was on his left, and telling Rose, his new girlfriend, how to work the camera.

Wade looked down at the candles. Last year, he did have a birthday cake; it was a small one with just George, Lemon and Lavon there. He had not wished for any of this last year because he had never thought he would get it.

Tyler looked at him smiling and said, "Wade, pick a wish already!"

Zoe turned to him and said, "Make a wish."

Wade took a deep breath and blew out the candles with the cheering from his friends and family. When he stood back up, people started to congratulate him and celebrate a good party.

"So," Zoe asked him, "What did you wish for?" Wade looked at her and Tyler, his family and he smiled.

"That somebody will finally fix that fuse box!"