Today at work, one of my coworkers said "It's a good day for lemonade!" I, being the perv that I am, thought at first that she said "It's a good day for a lemon!" -_- But still…it is a good day for that flavor, no? And when is it not? *massive perv grin*

In the back of my mind, I reflect on how strange it is for me to take the initiative whole heartedly for once. My musings are interrupted by a delicious rush of Usagi-san coursing into me, millimeters away from my prostate.

I can't get enough oxygen; I feel almost light headed with the absolute conviction that this is where I always want to be, in Usagi-san's arms, surrounding his cock, literally being his other half as we becum one.


My lover drives further into me, rendering me absolutely incoherent in any language but the one Usagi-san alone has taught me. If only English was so easy…

Usagi-san has his hands on my hips; my rabbit's large, graceful paws are now gripping me firmly, but gently, lifting me up and bringing me down.

Strange how much more in Heaven I am as I sink lower and lower, right onto Usagi-san's cock. I take a moment to take in Usagi-san's face; I feel bright heat flash across my cheeks when I realize his eyes haven't left my face in quite some time. He seems to be thinking something along the same lines.

His eyes take on a mischievous glint before he says "The more I feel buried, the more I feel alive."

My own eyes, widen, narrow, and then scrunch shut. "Baka! Don't say such embarrassing things!"

I stop lifting myself for a moment, too caught up in my own embarrassment. Usagi-san leans forward, places a cool hand on my cheek and kisses my forehead. "Misaki. It's not any less true if I don't say it, you know" he whispers into my ear before nuzzling into it.

"But Usagi-san!" I protest, holding myself down as he tries to lift me back up. He raises an eyebrow at the position I'm fighting to stay in and lets his hands rest on my hips.

"But what, Misaki?" A cool hand gently brushes aside my damp hair before resting again on my hip.

"…don't say 'buried'…" I mumble as I lay my head on his shoulder.

Usagi-san's breath catches and I can feel his cool palm rest on the back of my head. "I'm sorry Misaki. I should have better words for what I'm feeling. I should have better words…"

I shake my head jerkily. "No, it's just…that dream…I…" I swallow hard, reflecting on how it is me who needs better words. Usagi-san keeps himself still, his cock still inside me, waiting patiently

"Misaki…" Usagi-san whispers my name like a quiet wish. I pull back and look up into his eyes and then feel the words bubble up inside.

"Usami Akihiko. I've already lost my parents. I'll be damned if I'm going to lose you too." Usagi-san is speechless and too stunned to move. I however, am ready to resume our lovemaking. I lean forward and whisper in Usagi-san's ear.

"So don't you ever forget, that if I'm yours for the rest of my life, you are also mine for the rest of my life. Don't ever leave me, Usagi-san…" My arms snake around his neck, drawing him in for a kiss. Usagi-san responds enthusiastically, letting his tongue dance with mine, and as I lean backwards with Usagi-san in tow, he realizes that he is now on top.

My silver haired lover pulls up , breaking our kiss. His arms slightly tremble. "Misaki…Misaki…I…" Usagi-san's eyes are now brimming with tears of joy.

"Usagi-san, I know. But right now, please…" I squirm a little, trying to take more of him in, despite the fact I'm already sheathing him up to the hilt.

"Butt? Right now? If you insist…" Usagi-san growls playfully, acting more like his normal self.

"Mmm, pervert…" I breathe, my brow creasing and then relaxing easily. Usagi-san slowly resumes thrusting, the lube letting his engorged cock slick into me easily. I feel so much right now; Usagi-san's cool palms gently gripping my hips, his hot, smoky breath wafting over my face, his hard, pulsating cock gliding in and out of me, giving and taking, giving me comfort and taking away my fears…

"Misaki…look at me…" Usagi-san pants slightly, though he's nowhere near the level at which I'm gasping.

"U-u-sa-ah-gi-sa-ah-an?" I manage to choke out in sync his plunges. My eyes are full of tears again, from the overwhelming sensations.

"I'll…nev…er…ev…er…leave…you…Mi…sa…ki…" Usagi-san says, punctuating each syllable with another thrust as he gently kisses my tears away.

I briefly wonder if there's any part of me that Usagi-san hasn't tasted. My forehead, my eyes, my tears, my face, my neck, my chest, my stomach, my

"Oh! Usagi-san…"

I stutter as Usagi-san wraps a cool palm around my cock. His skilled hand moves up and down my shaft in time with each snap of Usagi-san's hips. He breaks into a new pattern; he draws out slowly and then surges forward, the force of it making our thighs slap together and my moans to go up and down in volume in sync with Usagi-san's hand.

Usagi-san uses this pattern for a few minutes before adopting a slower, deeper thrusting rhythm. I'm certain that if I were to look at the back of my thighs and the front of his, the skin there would be bright red, but right now, rather than smacking into me, his legs slide smoothly along mine. Well, almost smoothly. My skin is lightly dusted with goosebumps, snagging Usagi-san's own skin every so often. The chill must be psychological; as soon as the combination of Usagi-san's body warmth and his devotion to me really hit home in my heart, the raised flesh there smoothes out and we fit together even more perfectly.

It's so easy to think all of this, but so hard to articulate it! Before I can even dwell on that however, I can feel a tingling warmth build back up in my lower regions. Moments later, with a half shriek, half moan, I cum all over Usagi-san's stomach, chest and hand. A few gasps later, Usagi-san fills me up to the brim with his seed with a sated groan.

For a few minutes, we just lay there, Usagi-san on top of me. It's a comfortable weight though; I'm in no hurry for him to move; not when he's so warm even after the sweat covering my body begins to cool. My hand lightly strokes the back of his silvery head. Usagi-san's chest gives a rumbling sigh of contentment. I shudder as he draws away and pulls out, but when he gathers me up in his strong arms and rolls so I'm on top of his chest, I snuggle up under his chin.

"Well…that was different." Usagi-san murmurs, and now he's the one stroking my hair.


"Mmm, yes Misaki?"

"…please don't write about tonight in one of your novels…" I cringe slightly. "I don't want it to be something you write about and just hand off to somebody else to read; me wanting you tonight is something that I want to remain just between us…"

Usagi-san lifts my chin and gives me a small peck on my swollen lips. "Alright. So long as it's not the only gift I'm allowed to give you today."

I blush slightly. "No…that's alright…you don't need to give me anything else…"

Usagi-san smiles an shakes his head. "I don't need to, but I want to. It's nothing over the top, I promise."

I hesitate and then look up into Usagi-san's eyes. They're filled with a quiet joy that speaks volumes without uttering a word. Overwhelmed, all I can do is nod. "Good. Happy birthday, Misaki." Usagi-san's arms tighten ever so slightly as he claims my lips once more. Again, I snuggle up under his chin. Usagi-san…I love you… I think as my eyes droop.

"I love you too, Misaki."

Too tired to dwell on whether or not I said those words out loud or not, I drift off, encompassed by my desperate love for the man holding me.

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