So I've finally decided to write a fanfic! This was originally going to be SanjixNami but…meh. Every scenario I made up for them somehow ended in Sanji's usual dorky praise for Nami (Unless it was angsty) so I'm gonna have to work on that pairing a bit more before I'm ready to write about them.

AU because I felt like it.



She was doing it again. Zoro stared at Robin, who just smiled at him and carried on eating her food. Every time they all had dinner together, Robin thought it would be fun to play footsie with him under the table. Yes, they were dating, but they had both agreed to wait a while before telling anyone. By doing this, they risked getting caught by either someone spotting what was going on under the table, or Zoro being asked about the interesting shade of pink his face had taken on.

There were only so many times he could give the excuse that it was too damn hot.

When she excused herself to go to the bathroom, Zoro decided that it might be time to give into the game. He never played footsie back, just sat there and watched her enjoy his embarrassment. Well, not this time! He grinned at the thought of her surprised face when she sat back down.

"Zoro, what are you smiling about?" Chopper asked, looking at the man a little nervously. It wasn't often that Zoro smiled like that, if at all.

Damn! Letting his glee get the better of him like that. "Ah, it's nothing. Just remembered that time last week when Dartboard-Eyebrow over there fell flat on his face." "OI! Be grateful that I even let you into my house tonight to eat, shitty Marimo!" Sanji said, glaring at him. "Anyway, it wasn't my fault that somebody left their freaking huge toolbox just lying there in the middle of the hallway." His glare turned to Franky, who just gave him a thumbs up before carrying on a conversation with Usopp. Sanji returned to his food, grumbling.

Robin came in and sat back down. Aha! This was his chance! Zoro reached his leg out until he found another one and almost grinned again in triumph. He ran his foot up and down, until he noticed that Robin…was not reacting at all?

Oh shit.

"What. The hell. Are you. DOING?" Sanji practically screamed, his face going bright red, whether it was from anger or embarrassment, Zoro wasn't sure. Possibly both. The next fifteen minutes were spent with the Zoro blocking Sanji's kicks, trying to give an explanation, while everyone else either protected their food or nearly killed themselves laughing.

Still laughing, and wiping a tear from her eye, Robin decided her poor boyfriend had had enough torture for one night. "I'm afraid this whole mess is my fault, Cook-san." "WHAT WAS GOING THROUGH YOUR MIN-What do you mean, Robin-chan?" He stopped his assault and looked at her, confused.

The next few moments were spent with Nami trying to convince Sanji that refusing Zoro food for a whole year for 'Seducing his poor, sweet Robin-chan' was just a bit harsh, while everyone else either congratulated the pair or snuck off to the fridge to eat some more. (Namely Luffy)

And that was how everyone found out about Roronoa Zoro and Nico Robin.

So happy I finally wrote this one down!

I like the FrankyxRobin pairing as well as ZoroxRobin, (they're both too adorable damnit) but decided I'd save any FrankyxRobin fics for another time :)