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Zoro's alarm clock went off at 6.30am, rousing the swordsman out of what had been a very good night's sleep. He rolled over and blearily opened his eyes, expecting to see his raven-haired fiancée-

Snoring, drooling,not attractive and certainly not smelling attractive either.

He shot up, looking as if he'd seen a ghost. "LUFFY! Why the hell are you in my bed?!"

Luffy yawned –letting out very meaty breath into his poor friend's face- and looked at Zoro as if they were in a perfectly normal situation.

"I'm your best man, remember? Nami and Sanji told me my job was to not let you out of my sight on the wedding day!"

Zoro scowled, he was going to kill the Witch and the Shit-cook someday.

"Luffy, that doesn't mean you have to be right next to me for the entire day! It's just a- wait, what did you say?"

The rubber man looked at him as if Zoro was a bit simple.

"Your wedding, it's today right? At 11? Did I get the wrong day?"

Zoro didn't reply; he had already sprinted to the bathroom and gotten into the shower.

Luffy knocked on the door, looking confused. "Why are you freaking out now? It's not for hours!"

"There's still not enough time!" Zoro barked back. "I need to get ready and make sure I don't forget a single thing, have you on your best behaviour, double check that Sanji and Brook know the way and that they get there on time with the food and music, and make sure Usopp gets here on time to actually drive us there!"

There was a pause from the other side of the door. "So you admit that you'd get lost then?"

"Don't make me kill you, Luffy."

"Fine, sorry! But all that's not going to take nearly five hours!"

"Do you remember how long it takes to convince Franky to wear decent clothes?"


"You look beautiful, Robin!" Nami squealed as her best friend finished getting changed into her wedding dress. Robin's smile grew wider as she examined herself in the mirror, her dress really was perfect.

"I'm going to have to send Inazuma a lovely thank you gift for making my dress.." She mused to herself. The archaeologist had heard all the horror stories about things going wrong on wedding days, but was pleased to say that so far, her day had gone without a single problem.

There was a knock at the door. "I'll get it, just in case it's one of the guys and they've been idiotic enough to bring Zoro with them." Nami said with a scowl, remembering her own wedding day where Luffy had almost accidentally let Sanji see her before the ceremony.

Robin felt a chill go up her spine when she heard Nami gasp in horror. Her eyes widened as Soran, her flower girl, walked in tearfully, having vomited on her dress.

"I-I'm really, really sorry, Robin!" The little girl sobbed. "The s-skirt fanned out whenever I s-s-spun around so I did l-lots of spins and then I felt sick, I didn't m-m-mean to!" Tears were streaming down her face now; she was convinced that Robin was going to tell her to go home.

Having been momentarily shocked by the state of the dress, Robin shook her head and forced herself to remain calm and think clearly. There was only an hour and a half until the ceremony, leaving them no choice.

"Don't worry Soran, I'm not angry at you." She said calmly, giving her a reassuring smile. This seemed to comfort the girl slightly, as her sobs disappeared after a few moments.

"Nami." Robin said suddenly, giving her Maid of Honour a sharp look. She handed Nami her purse. "Take Soran and drive to the shop where we bought our outfits, and try to find the same dress, if not then just find something that looks good. It shouldn't take very long. Can you do that for me?"

The Meteorologist knew that it definitely wasn't a question.

"We'll be back in 20 minutes."

Although the past few hours had been stressful, everything was going well so far. Sanji and the waiters from his restaurant had arrived with the food on time, Chopper was in heavy point and helping Brook set up the instruments he would be playing later, Usopp was keeping an eye on Luffy and best of all- Franky was dressed like an acceptable member of society.

It was all too good to be true, of course.

Zoro felt an all too familiar headache come on when he heard Usopp yell, and then the unmistakeable sound of Luffy choking on food.

"Someone help him before he dies, I can't be up there without a best man."

"Zoro, this is bad! He's choking on the rings!"

Oh no. This was not happening.

"Somebody get them out of him! At this rate I'm gonna have to shove Robin's hand in his mouth to put the ring on, Chopper, do something!" Zoro roared. He was pretty sure these morons were going to drive him into an early grave; it had all been going so well!

The young doctor already had his arms around Luffy's middle and squeezed hard. They all watched in morbid fascination as after a few moments, the rings flew out of Luffy's mouth and landed…On Usopp's nose.

"Oh gross!" Usopp cried as he quickly slid the rings off his nose.

Zoro would have laughed at how ridiculous the situation was if it he hadn't been on the verge of a mental breakdown.

"Great, now there's Luffy-spit and Usopp-snot on the rings." He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. Everyone looked at the (now slippery) jewellery in disgust.

His thoughts were interrupted as he felt a hand grasp his shoulder in what he supposed was reassuring. "You need to relax, Marimo." Sanji said in an amused tone. "Everything's going to be fine."

Despite the scowl he gave the Cook, Zoro did his best to get rid of the stress and tension that was building up. Although he would never admit it- Sanji was right. He had a feeling that things were going to be okay.

Usopp glanced at his watch. "Five minutes, we should get out there and take our places now."

Everyone was seated, nothing was missing or out of place, and Luffy was behaving. Zoro glanced at his best man, allowing only him to see the little bit of worry he still felt. Luffy grinned at him in return, silently letting him know that everything was okay.

Suddenly, the music began, and there were sighs and soft gasps all around the room as the bride began making her way up the aisle. Zoro turned to look at her and felt his face grow hot. She was absolutely stunning.

Brook played the final note as Robin took her place at the front of the aisle. As the ceremony began, she smiled at Zoro and leaned towards him slightly.

"You look rather smart today." She murmured.

A quiet snort from the groom. "You're not too bad yourself."

"No problems, I assume?"

"…Nah, everything's been fine. How about you?"

"Not a single issue."

"…I swear I saw the flower-girl in a different outfit earlier."

"Shh, dear. We're almost at the 'I do's."

It would be a few more hours until Robin told Zoro the story of how Soran soiled her original dress. It would be at least another decade before Zoro told her the reason as to why her wedding ring had smelt a bit odd when she first received it.

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