Déjà vu

Chapter 10

The next morning, the Titans were sitting in the kitchen, eating breakfast. Nikki was still asleep, having a shocking day yesterday. Last nigh, she helped the titans put sheets on the couches so they were able to have somewhere to sleep. Well, Robin and Starfire that is, since Beast By turned into a dog and slept in one of the doggie beds on the floor. (Maggie decided to sleep with Star on the couch). Raven was taking a shower upstairs, so Nikki decided to bring one of here parents mattresses down to the study so Raven could have some privacy. Bringing the mattress down the stairs was not easy, especially doing it quietly as to not wake the three sleeping Titans. Luckily, she didn't wake anyone up.

After a few minutes, Raven's bed was ready to be slept int. Nikki didn't tell her about it because she wanted it to be a surprise. Raven said she would just meditate and that does require a bed, they all protested, but later gave up, realizing Raven had her mind set. Nikki, however, preferred Raven have at least something to sleep on. So when she was all done making the bed, she decided it was time for her to lay on her own as well. Before she did, she wrote raven a note, and placed it on Raven's bed.

Later that night, Raven came down the stairs, done with her shower. She headed to the study, planning to meditate the whole night. When se saw the bed in there, she was unsure if it was for her or not. When she saw a note with her name on it, however, she knew that that bed was for her. She bent down, picked up the note, and started to read it.


I know you didn't want a bed tonight, but I forbid you to sleep on the floor (like you would ). I thought sleeping on a mattress in the study would be better then meditating in the living room with Beast Boy (I wouldn't either!). Also, I know how much you like privacy, so I was trying to help you keep it. Anyway, I hope the bed will be comfortable. We have a long day tomorrow. (hope you don't' mind shopping malls!)


Raven smiled, surprised by the girl's kindness, she folded the note and stuck it into her cloak. It was still there this morning, and she actually had an undisturbed sleep for once.

"Ugh! Does Nikki have any tofu?" Beast Boy complained, looking in the fridge for something vegetarian to eat, but had no luck.

"There is cereal in the pantry," Robin suggested, he himself eating a bowl of Cheerios. "I doubt there is any meat in it."

"Oh, I knew that!" Beast Boy said, walking over to the pantry and getting some Corn Flakes.

"It is most kind of friend Nikki to let us stay in her home!" Starfire said, eating cheerios also, never having them before. She thought they were wonderful (well, she thought life was rainbows and sunshine), and thought the current situation they were in was no big deal. She was just happy that she made a new friend. "She is even going to take us to the mall of shopping!"

"It's the shopping mall," Nikki corrected, coming down the stairs. She had on purple sweat pants and a loose gray t-shirt. Her hair was in a ponytail and she had a silver necklace around her neck.

"Friend, morning greetings to you!" Star practically cheered, hugging Nikki.

"Okay Star, you can let go now!" Nikki gasped from the strength of Star's hug. In the episodes, the power of her hugs could kill someone but they never died. Here? It would.

"Have I damaged you?" Star asked, releasing Nikki and looking at her, worry glazing her emerald eyes.

"No," Nikki replied. I have to teach Star proper English! She thought to herself. "And the mall is still a go. I was planning around one o'clock?"

"That would be glorious!" star staid, swirling in the air. Nikki rolled her eyes in Raven's direction, which rolled hers in return. They both shared a smile.

"You are really kind, but you don't have to take us shopping. Really." Robin said, finished with his cereal and drinking some orange juice.

"Yeah, you're right," Nikki said. "But you will have to have some clothes. I mean, you can't really walk around in the streets with your uniforms."

"But why-"

"Remember? You're a cartoon character?" Nikki reminded Robin, who temporarily forgot.

"Oh right."

"Dude, do you have any tofu?" Beast Boy asked Nikki, his cereal all done and still hungry.

"No, but we'll get some when we go out." Nikki promised. She went over to the bread basket, got two pieces of bread out of the bag, and put them in the toaster. "You know, not everyone likes tofu."

"What's wrong with tofu?" BB argued. "It's perfectly healthy!"

"If you're a animal turning vegetarian who can't keep his mouth shut for more then five seconds." She answered sarcastically. Raven smiled, put a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing.

"Hey! That is not nice!" BB pouted, acting hurt. Nikki laughed.

"I'm kidding BB! There is some salad in the fridge, apples in the pantry, and bread over here! If you actually get up and look, maybe you won't be hungry!" Everyone laughed. Well, everyone except Beast Boy.

"Please friend Beast Boy. Do not be so unhappy! Nikki was only trying to help!" Starfire said, trying to smooth out the air in the room. "She even helped us get in contact with Cyborg!"

"Yeah about that," Robin said. "Why did you call him Victor when you were calling him?" Nikki was silent. Her toast was done, and she slowly started to put peanut butter onto each peace, trying to stall time. Finally, she came over to the table with the rest of the Titans.

"Remember how I keep telling you that here; you're only real in the TV?" She started.

"Yeah." The Titans replied in unison.

"Well, I went with Robin's advice to use the communicator because of this weird dimensional flip thing." Nikki continued. "Well, I was trying to reach him from this world to your world, and even though he is known as Cyborg here as well, that is only a, uh, nick name."

"Like a secret identity?" Raven asked. Nikki nodded.

"Yeah, Cyborg is his secret identity. See, you are not just a cartoon series, you are also a comic book series that was made into a cartoon series."

"Cool! So we're comic book characters!" Beast Boy exclaimed, always wanted to be one in his world.

"Yes and no," Nikki explained. "Remember how I said you were created by DC comics? DC stands for Detective Comics. They make several different comic book superheros: Superman, the Flash, and Batman…" Robin winched slightly at the mention of his old mentor, who he had not seen since their fight years ago. "Teen Titans were another comic. However, the comic is very different from the Teen Titans animated series. In the comic, the team mates (you) know each other's past, and real names. Since Cyborg's real name is mentioned in the comics, it was the only way to reach him in your world, since they both have the same names."

"And that's Victor, right?" Robin said.

"Yes. Victor. Victor Stone."


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