A/N: I wrote this, while having a Friends marathon, watching all of them in order. It got me thinking on how Janice had a fake address to write to Chandler, and that she might have tried to tell him about her dating Ross breifly. This is my first Friends fanfic.

Disclaimer: I don't own Friends.

Janice's Letter

With her long acrylic nails, tapping against the wooden desk, Janice wondered how she could tell Chandler about what she had done. Her time with Ross was nice, but nothing could compare to Chandler Bing. He was the love of her life. Just when she got over him, he was there to pick her up again. She absentmindedly doodled on the corner of the page, while she tried to find the words to explain what had happened with Ross. Janice exchanged the piece of paper with a new one.

Dear My Bing-a-ling, Janice wrote on the paper with a blue pen.

I don't know how to put this... oh my god.. this is so hard. Ross and I had this thing. I know I promised I'd wait for you, but a girl has needs you know.

"No, that isn't right..." said Janice, out loud.

Janice crumpled up the paper with her well manicured hands, and swept it aside.

Dear Chandler,

From the first moment I looked into your eyes, I knew you were the one. It's like you call out to me, when ever I need you the most. I always think 'oh my god!' when my heart races at the sight of you. Sometimes I wish you were here with me, instead of in Yemen.

I want you to know how much I love you, and I wish you all the best. You are probably too busy to write back to me.

I've started to date again, but I feel guilty cheating on you. If our relationship has a future, Chandler, please write back to me.

With all my heart, Janice. X

Janice read the letter twice, before she folded it in half, and put it in an envelope. Her manicured hands trembled, as she held the pen. Could she really let Chandler go? Chandler was her one true love, the other half of her heart.

"I love you, Chandler Bing," said Janice, while writing the address on the envelope.