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The last performance.

The rain drizzled down the black cab's windows and the only noise inside was the wipers swinging side to side. In the rear seats a girl dressed in all black who gazed outside whilst the boy next to her just stared at his hands. He too was dressed in black. He gave the girl a quick glance but she didn't respond. She was too deep in thought about what had happened. What that man had done. What that monster had done. They were all dead now because of him. The girl and the boy next to her were the only ones of the flying Grayson's. They had both lost those who were dear to them. They only had each other now.

They arrive at the manor. The manor of Bruce Wayne, who had taken them under his wing. He had been there that night as well. Perhaps because he too turned an orphan when he was a child was he showing them kindness now the girl pondered. What few belongings they had brought with them were brought inside. An elderly man in a tux welcomed them with a warm smile,

"Ah, master Richard and Zinira. If you follow me I'll show you to your rooms so you can get settled in." Bruce watched them follow Alfred up the stairs before making his way to urgently finding an answer to his question. Richard and Zinira had rooms next to each other. Richard was unpacked within minutes. With nothing better to do he decided to check on his sister in the next room. He knocked and then poked his head in. She was sitting on the bed staring out of the window with her bag still next to her. Richard came in and sat by her. Still nothing from her.

"You know, it wasn't very nice when you didn't talk to the police or mister Wayne." He said trying to break her trance. Whilst they had all tried to get an explanation on how she managed to put one of the mobsters into a coma; all she had given in return was a cold stare back from those grey eyes. She stirred.

"Mother and Father always said that it should be kept a secret." She murmured. They had found out about her "little secret" when she was creating sparks between her fingers and a metal pole. It came to a shock when she suddenly jumped from creating sparks to a full blown electrical current that induced a coma. Richard thought for a moment.

"It's okay; I'll keep it a secret!" Richard said with a huge beam on his face. Zinira couldn't help but smile a little. He was always the cheerful one when she needed it. There was a knock on the door and Alfred came in with a silver tray with two cups on it.

"There you are master Richard; I have prepared some warm milk for you both before you go to bed. I'm sure you're both tired." After they drank their milk they went to their own beds.

That night Zinira had the strangest dream. There was a bald man in orange clothes. He was with a green lizard on his shoulder. She knew where they were because she had been there herself not long ago. It was a huge central park with winding paths and vast amounts of grass perfect for dog owners playing fetch. The sun was just starting to rise. The man was looking for somebody. Zinira didn't know why but she felt as if he was looking for her. She suddenly woke up sitting up. She was breathing heavily. It felt like what she had seen was very real. Looking outside the window she saw the sun just starting to rise. Funny, it had been like that in the dream too she thought. She stood up and started to get dressed. She was about to do a second crazy act in her life, to see if the man really was there. Jeans, trainers, long sleeved top and jacket would be fine. Every single item of clothing she owned was black. What could she say, black was a good colour. She looked out the window to check how high up she was. It was fine; she had climbed down from higher and with fewer places to grapple. Before she could start she thought about her brother waking up and she wasn't here. She crept into his room and shook him gently.

"Whaddayouwan." He grumbled.

"Just letting you know I'm going out and I will see you later."

"Where are you going?" he said starting to sit up.

"Nowhere special, I'll see you later okay."

"Okay…" He said uncertainly. As she left for the door he blurted out,

"Wait! Promise you will come back."

"I just said I would."

"But promise!"

"Fine." She sighed. "I promise I will promise to come back. Happy?" Richard nodded his head and started settling down again.

Zinira made quick work of climbing down and ran for the park. Fifteen minutes later she arrived and wondered about, trying to find the exact place she had seen in her dream. After a while when the sun got higher she began to think that what she had seen was just that, a dream. At least she got a chance to break away from everything that had happened lately…

The next thing she knew she had come to a complete stop because in front of her was the man in the dream.