In the blink of an eye it happened. Mirror masters fiendish plan set into motion. The bomb. Barry. An explosion, the factory collapsing around us. Glass shatters, not before the criminal escapes. The flashes lifeless body.

Oh God, Barry! My mentor. Uncle. The man that took me in when I had nowhere else to go. The fastest man alive, he was right next to the bomb. I – I wasn't fast enough. If it wasn't for me this wouldn't have happened. My mentor. My uncle. My idle. My fault. Uncle Barry managed to keep the bombs pure power from reaching the city, stopping it killing millions of innocence. Unfortunately at the cost of his own life. I was so foolish I chased after mirror master instead of helping Barry. Idiot! A complete foolish bastard.

As I held him, his blood covering my hands and arms. The red liquid still leaking from his opened veins. Liquid covering his face. But not blood. Tears. Mine. My tears rain down onto my mentors face. Despite the sacrifice my uncle looked at peace. Police sirens of Central cities fire trucks and police force approached.

I managed to pick him up and carry away from the rubble and smoke. And ran. The Citizens of Central city couldn't see him like. I. Wally West was to be haunted by this for the rest of my life. My guilt. My curse. My fault.