Chapter Eight

I, for some reason, had extreme trouble sleeping that night. I tossed and turned for hours. When I did get to sleep, I only sleep for a few hours and then woke up again.

From up where Rodrick's bed was, I started to hear muttering. I rose from my bed and when to listen. I was curious, OK?

"Flor…."He said. I wasn't sure if he was awake or sleeping

"Rodrick?" I whispered. No response. He was obviously sleep -talking. Funny, he's never done that before

"Flor… don't go….come back" He muttered and rolled over. My heart started racing. What was he dreaming about?

"I… you" He whispered so quietly, I almost missed it. If my heart didn't slow down soon, it would burst out of my chest.

But it wasn't like he actually was saying that to me. He was just dreaming. It didn't mean he was actually in love with me. I mean, that's just ridiculous. Why would a guy like Rodrick want me?

I quietly climbed up the little stairs and knelt next to Rodrick's bed. He kept turning and muttering things that made no sense

I poked him in the shoulder. He rolled over again. "Rodrick!" I whisper-shouted at him. I punched his shoulder again and he groaned

"What the hell? Florence, is that you?" He grumbled and rubbed his eyes. He stifled a yawn

"Uh, yeah, you were talking in your sleep" He stiffens and looks slightly alarmed

"What was I talking about?" He asks me, slow and seriously

"Uh, um, cheesecake?" I say it like a question, but Rodrick looks too tired to notice. He also doesn't notice the fact it's a total lie.

"Oh, weird, because I was definitely NOT dreaming about cheesecake" he mutters quietly. My heart speeds up again. Does that mean maybe he was dreaming about me, like I dreamt about him?

This sounds very, very cliché

It's so cheesy, I feel like throwing up.

"If you don't mind, Flor, I'm going to sleep" and with that he flops back onto the pillow and goes to sleep almost immediately. I envy him for it

I got back to my bed, with my head echoing with too many thoughts.

Hopefully, I'll sleep easily.


"Flor! Florence! Get the freaking hell out of bed!" was the next thing I heard. I sat up and rubbed my eyes to find Rodrick leaning over my bed. Once again, personal space has been invaded. Not that I mind. His face is only inches from mine. He suddenly pulls back and looks rather ill at ease.

"What time is it?" I say, tiredly

"It's ten to eight, get ready or we'll be late and I'll get grounded" He runs a hand through his hair and looks at me with a frustrated expression

"OK, OK, keep your panties on" I muttered, jumping out of bed and starting to pull up my suitcase. Rodrick walked up the ladder to his room and I heard him swear under his breath as he walked up the stairs.

I rushed to the bathroom, got out my toiletries bag and had a quick shower. I got out of the shower and realized I had dropped my panties.

"Damn it" I cursed and slapped my forehead. I wrapped a towel around me, praying I wouldn't run into anyone

I managed to get to the basement and when I opened the door and found myself face-to-face with Rodrick.

Who was holding my panties, which were my most embarrassing ones, since they had I Heart Rich Boys in glittery writing on the back and were slightly see-through

"I think you dropped something" he looked sheepish. I blush like my face is on fire. Holy crap, someone kill me

"Uh, yeah, thanks" and with that I grabbed the panties, and rushed back to the bathroom. I looked at the clock. I only had about six minutes, so I quickly got dressed, brushed my teeth and hair and slipped on my ballet flats

"I got your lunch" Rodrick held out my bag to me. I grabbed it, with a thankful nod and ran down towards Rodrick's van.

"This is awkward" I said, after what felt like a million blocks of silence (when in reality it was only, like, five)

"Um, yeah. Should we pretend the pantie thing never happened?" Rodrick suggests and I notice he goes slightly red. Maybe I'm going crazy? Or maybe I'm getting over imaginative due to lack of sleep?

"Agreed. Motion carried" I thumped down on the car dashboard.

"You are a strange person" Rodrick shook his head, but smiled. It looked ridiculously attractive when he smiles. How do people get that attractive? Not meaning to sound like some sort of teenie bopper, but do some guys go to summer school to get that attractive, or is it natural? If it's natural, why must a poor unfortunate like me not get the magic attractive gene? Life isn't fair
"Hey, like you can talk. You're in a band called Loaded Diaper, plus you wear shirts and drive a van with the name on them"

"Good point. Sometime, you are too smart" Rodrick mock-sighed, as though disappointed in me

"It's a natural thing" I shrugged

"Modest as well" Rodrick grinned at me.

We pulled up in front of the school. I was glad to see that I wasn't late at all, not matter all the rushing I did. I could have put on make-up but no matter. I only wore a tiny bit anyway.

"You rushed me!" I exclaimed dramatically and punched Rodrick lightly in the shoulder

"Well, if you took as long as you usually do in the bathroom, we wouldn't be at school til lunch"

"You're so funny" I said, sarcastically

"I like to think so"

Then in we walked to another day of gruelling schooling

Oh a rhyme! I'm a poet, didn't know it

I am so like a pro

I'm going to stop that now. It's like talking to myself and people say it's the first sigh of madness.

Actually, thanks to Rodrick, I may have already gone around the bend.

A/N: Sorry, this chapter's been a bit blah. I'll try to make the next one better!