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"Glitch says you've been getting better each day," said my father, Ash.

He was talking about my fighting skills, Glitch and I train every day because Dad insisted upon it. He wants me to become as strong and skilled like him, so that one day I can protect all my loved ones like he tried.

"I try my best, Father," I said as we walked down to the throne room.

My Mother, Meghan Chase, wanted to see Dad and me for something very important, but Glitch wouldn't tell us what it was about before hurrying to take care of a different chore he had.

Dad smiled at me with proud and hoping eyes as we walked into the throne room. Mom was sitting on her "torcher chair" as usual, you could always tell she was uncomfortable on the chair since she always moved and changed her sitting position every minute.

Dad and I kneeled down at the foot of her throne, "Do you guys have to always bow to me like everyone else?" Mom asked.

Dad looked at her, "Yes, we do." He smirked and Mom let out a giggle.

We rose and as Mom and Dad's lips started closing in together I looked away. I looked at the corner of the room to see a redheaded girl with emerald eyes. She seemed to be in deep thought until she saw that I noticed her.

She smirked and cleared her throat, "Excuse me Queen," she started, "Now might be a good time to explain who I am."

Mom nodded, "Right, sorry." Mom looked at Dad and said, "This is Thorn she's here with a message for us from someone, she won't tell me who, from the Seelie Court."

Dad looked at her from head to toe, "You related to Goodfellow?"

"Yes, he's my father," she answered

Mom gasped, "You're Puck's kid?"

Thorn grinned and scratched her head, "Yeah."

"You couldn't tell?" Dad asked.

"Well I noticed she had the same fire like hair like him and her eyes where the same green, but I didn't think just because she has the same color of hair, eyes, and skin would mean she was his daughter," Mom explained.

"How is a summer fey standing here, in the Iron Realm, without looking deathly ill?" I asked interrupting their conversation.

Dad pointed at an amulet around her neck. "That is how she is still standing."

I looked at it with curiosity, but didn't show it.

"Where did you get that?" asked Mom.

"Grimalkin gave it to me so I could come here," Thorn answered.

"Grim made a new one?"

"No he had one just in case," Thorn smiled. "Now my dad wanted me to give you a message," Thorn explained looking at Dad.

Dad nodded like he had a feeling what it would be about.

"He wants you and Meghan to come to the summer court to visit him," Thorn said looking at Dad and Mom back and forth.

Mom smiled and looked at Dad to see what he thought. Dad stood in silence thinking about it. When he finally nodded smiling Mom kissed his cheek. He looked at thorn and asked, "When does he want us there?"

"Whenever you can make it," Thorn answered.

Mom nodded and looked at her chief advisor, Fix. "When do I have time?" she asked.

The packrat chittered something looking at Mom's planner. Mom nodded after a small discussion and Fix wrote down in the planner.

"So when are you free?" Thorn asked anxiously.

"Tomorrow," Mom answered.

"Great, I'll start heading back right now to tell my father," Thorn suggested with a smile.

"That'll take all night you should stay here," Mom said walking over to Thorn.

"No that's fine," Thorn walked towards the door as two iron knights blocked her way.

As she quickly stepped back Dad smiled, "Meghan is right you should stay."

Thorn looked at him, "If you insist, I'll stay."


Ash smiled shaking his head slightly obviously thinking of my dad, Robin Goodfellow.

"Kierran, show Thorn around as we get a room ready for her," said Meghan looking towards her son. He nodded and left the room as I followed.

We walked in silence up and down halls. Kierran seemed to be in deep thought, so I wasn't going to break the silence just to mess with the prince's head.

Kierran looked at me a few moments later and asked, "Why so quiet?"

"You want me to be annoying?" I asked looking at him.

"No," he answered, "but you are Goodfellow's kid so I was just expecting you to be loud."

"Many expect me to be as obnoxious as my dad, but I'm not."

"Be as obnoxious?"

"Yeah." I took a deep breathe, "My father would have one or two people trying to kill him by now, but I have only bothered you and your parents and no one wants my head."

"I see, so you have more sense than your dad?"

I scratched the back of my head, "I guess you could say that."

Kierran smiled, "You're so Goodfellow's kid."

"Your so Ice-boy's kid."

"My father's name is Ash."


"So, don't call him by a ridiculous nickname Goodfellow gave him."

"Is he still mad at my father?"

Kierran shrugged which made me sigh. I hate that Ash doesn't like Dad or say how he feels about him. Dad loves teasing Ash, but he mostly like fighting along with him.

Kierran raised an eyebrow, "You're not going to make a smartass remark?"

"I'm not completely like my father," I said sternly. "I thought we went over this already."

Kierran kept his emotions hidden which made me smile, but when he looked at me with his eyebrow raised again I quickly smirked.

"What?" I asked

"Nothing," He said turning away. I quietly sighed in relief.

We fell quiet and kept walking. Finally Kierran stopped when a man with shocking spiky haired, literally, came walking towards.

He bowed his head at Kierran and said, "Her room is ready, if you want me to take her off your hands?"

Kierran looked at me then back to the man, "it's fine, Glitch, I'll show her around more."

I was surprised that the iron prince didn't want to just get rid of me right away. He looked at me like he noticed my surprise, and as Glitch walked away-giving me a glare as he did- Kierran began walking again but before we got three steps took he asked, "Why do look so shocked that I didn't just hand you to glitch as quickly as I could?"

I looked at him and cleared my throat before speaking, "Because I thought you were like other iron fey who hates us summer and winter fey."

"I thought we learned from you to not judge a book from its cover." Kierran smirked in victory.

I sighed he was right; damn I thought a small smile escaping onto my lips. Kierran raised an eyebrow obviously curios about what I was thinking. Before I could even think of a sarcastic thing to say I said, "Sorry."

Kierran blinked him now looking surprised, "What?"

"I mean…. That wasn't supposed to come out like that."

"It wasn't supposed to come out like that?"

"I mean it wasn't even supposed to come out."

Kierran smiled sweetly but protected, "Then why did you say it."

I stood there a moment thinking it over and said, "Because I know how it feels to be judge just because of whom you are."

Kierran seemed speechless for a moment, "You really are like your dad, but you just act different."

"How would you know?"

"I've heard stories."

"Stories from Ash?"

Kierran hesitated for a moment before nodding, then said, "And from Meghan."

"Let me guess you know about their adventures and the love they both shared for the same girl."


"Get to the point," I demanded starting to get annoyed.

Thorn sighed and said, "Listen, I don't want us to hate each other just because of stories we've been told for bedtime when we were young."

I knew what she was talking about. Ash regrets his actions when he was younger and is trying his best to make sure I don't do something stupid like he says he did.

I nodded, "Alright."

She nodded also and turned on her heal, her back towards me. It confused me so I asked, "Where are you going?"

She looked at me over her shoulder, "Well, I thought I would get to bed so I can get home and tell Puck you guys are coming."

As soon as she finished I said without thinking, "Come on, I'm sure you'll be fine spending a few more minutes with me."

Thorn looked at me with a raised eyebrow and I couldn't help but just sit there and think over and over what I just said, but before she thought something I added, "I mean if you want to that is."

A smirk appeared on her face and she said, "Prince, I had no idea you wanted to hang with me."

"I didn't say that," I protested.

"You didn't have to."

We stood for a minute while I caught up with my thoughts. It did sound like I was trying to spend some time with her, but really I had no idea why I even suggested she stay with me a while longer.

As she smirked again she said, "A little confused, are we?"

I looked at her and, just because she was smirking, I smiled and said, "Not at all, come on."

I walked up to a balcony I knew no one would be at and showed Thorn the Iron Realm. It wasn't beautiful but it was looking better. There's grass here and there, not as much trash is around, and we don't has acid rain any more so the soil looked a lot healthier.

Thorn scanned the grounds for a moment before looking towards me with a look that, for some reason, made me almost kiss her. She seemed to realize his urge and stood frozen.

As we stood staring at each other I hoped someone would see us and stop the crime, but of course no one came, so with little hesitation I leaned in and softly placed my lips to her's.