Dastardos floated about in the twisted tree, listening to the rain drip onto the rotting bark. Some water seeped through, but not much. Nothing was going on, and Pinata's weren't getting sick, and when they did, Patch would beat him there.

That stupid doctor... He said, gritting his crooked teeth. He looked over at Magnar, who let out a small yawn as he stretched his little legs out. His eyes opened from his nap, and he looked up at Dastardos with wide green eyes.

"Stardos...?" He squeaked. Dastardos's irritated face softened at the little Macaraccoon.

"Yes Magnar?"

"I'm hungry..." He said sleepily. Dastardos let out an sigh.

"I will feed you, don't worry..." He whispered, looking outside his house. The rain was heavy, and nothing, not even a single wild pinata, was in sight. All the pinata's in Dustin's garden were inside, not a single one frolicking in the heavy downpour. He sighed in annoyance. How come nothing was getting sick in such weather?

And at just that moment, his Alert System went off.

Dastardos turned around and floated over to it, taking a look at it. He smirked.

Finally... A pinata is sick... He thought to himself, before frowning at where the location was. Dastardos growled.

I can't believe it's in her garden... The clinic isn't too far away I'm going to have to move quickly... He thought as he left, giving Magnar a quick scratch on the ear before floating out into the rain.

Thunder boomed across the sky outside, and it was keeping her awake.

Maddie Builder laid awake in her bed. Her eye's were tired, but the rest of her felt as if it had just woken up. She gripped her tattered quilt, trying to force her eyes closed, but they would snap open at the sound of the thunder, or at the flash of lightning. After about the third time it had happened, she groaned loudly and forced herself up, her greyish-blue hair falling in front of her face.

I might as well get some work done if I can't sleep... She thought to herself as she got out of the small bed.

She tip-toed down the stairs softly, looking back every now and then to make sure her parents weren't awake. Her arms crossed and she shivered, the tank-top she was wearing not giving her much protection form the cold in her house. She made it to the bottom of the stairs, and she wondered over to the closet, pulling out her rain boots. She slipped them on carefully, grabbing her raincoat as she drifted to the back door. She looked outside, examining the heavy rainfall. She sighed.

It could be worse... She thought as more lightning crashed in the distance. She ignored it and went on out, pulling the hood of her raincoat over her head. She walked out into her garden, hearing the faint snoring of pinata's through the rain. Her eyes squinted a bit as she walked out, trying to see a little better. It wasn't long before she tripped, her face falling into the mud.

Maddie sat up on her knees, spitting the soaked dirt out of her mouth. She turned around to see what she had tripped over, and her eyes widened.

There was a sick Macaraccoon on it's side, breathing heavily. It was a sick green color, and it's eyes were glazing over. Maddie placed her hand over it, her eyes darting around.

Oh shit... How long has he been here? She thought to herself. She took a deep breath. Her alert system was inside just on the table, and Patch wasn't too far away. Hopefully she could call the doctor before he showed up. Nothing to worry about, she thought to herself.

That was until she heard the singing.

"No..." She hissed, turning around. The singing was faint, but he wasn't terribly far away. She only had seconds to do this.

Leaving the dying Macaraccoon for only a few seconds, she darted to the house, frustrated with the fact that her boots kept getting stuck in the mud. She finally kicked them off and darted to the back door, racing to her alert system. It didn't have much power in it, but she had just enough to send Patch the alert. She raced back out of the house, grabbing her new improved shovel that was propped up next to the back door.

Dastardos hummed his melody, his whacking stick in his hand. His eyes traced the outline of a sick pinata, a Macaraccoon in fact. As much as he loved Macaraccoons, this had to be done. Besides, Magnar had to be fed.

He continued to float over, the Macaracoon becoming much clearer in the rain, but he noticed something else right away.

"Maddie Builder." He hissed. He looked before him, a glare in his eyes. Maddie stood over the Macaraccoon, a shovel in her hand. Her raincoat looked much too big on her, and her hair was soaked and was stuck to her mud-smeared face. Her brows were knitted together in anger, and her blue eyes were blazing.

"Get out of here Dastardos. Patch is already on his way!" Maddie hissed. Dastardos smirked.

"You forgot your mask I see." He said.

"I didn't have time to grab it before your slimy ass floated it's way here." Maddie growled, her hands trembling to swing out and smack the floating freak. Dastardos gave out a laugh, his silver hair smoothing out from the rain. He raised his whacking stick and started to float even closer.

"Look, I don't have time for this." He said. Maddie swung the shovel out, and smacked Dastardos clear across his face. Dastardos flew back slightly, his cheek throbbing with pain. He glared at the smirking girl.

"I guess you didn't see my new shovel head." She sneered. Dastardos glared over at her, whipping his mouth with his sleeve. She was smirking, and then he saw it himself.

The 'shovel'.

"You finally could afford one with your mom's ridiculous prices?" He hissed, facing to her again. Maddie shrugged.

"I have my ways." Dastardos glared at her still, his scarf giving off a hiss. He gripped his whacking stick tighter. He had to get that life candy.

"Move over Builder, and I won't hurt you." He said in a low tone, floating over again. Maddie brought up her shovel, as if daring him to come closer. Dastardos stopped, gritting his teeth. He didn't like to feel pain, and he certainly didn't like it when it came from his enemy.

"What? Are you scared?" Maddie challenged. Dastardos was fuming and he darted forward, drifting aside, just missing the shovel. His glare hadn't ceased the whole time, and neither had hers.

I can't get close... Not with that shovel in her hands... Dastardos thought to himself, raising his whacking stick back up. Maddie rolled her eyes.

"Oh come on, your not going to get within two feet of this thing without- OOF!" Maddie called out as Dastardos knocked her over. He loomed over her, a nasty look on his face as the lightning lit it up.

"Listen, I do not have time for you right now. I'm going to take care of that little pinata and be on my way." He said. He started his way over to the Macaraccoon, who was mewing pitifully as it's soaked stubby legs twitched from the cold. He was ready to put the thing out of it's misery when he was knocked over. Maddie stood there, her shovel in her hand, half her body coated with mud.

"I'm not letting you kill him!" She shouted. Dastardos staggered a bit, seeing stars. It only lasted a second before his vision returned. He looked up, seeing faint blue and red lights. Patch was almost there. Dastardos growled.

I'm not letting that pesky doctor beat me again! He thought angrily, And with that shovel, that bitch won't let me get anywhere near the pinata! His hands found a rock on the ground, and an idea sprouted in his head.

"You want to play dirty Builder?" He said, lifting off the ground, the large stone in his ghostly hand, "Then we'll play dirty." Before Maddie could have even reacted, Dastardos quickly darted around to her back, and bashed her over the head with every ounce of strength he had.

Patch tried to keep his eyes open as he drove. This was no time to sleep. He could see two shadowy figures in the distance, and he stepped on it harder, the red and blue lights showing him the way. As he got closer, he could make out the figure of Maddie, as well as the figure of him.

Oh no... Patch thought in his head. He jumped out of his car, his medical kit in his hand. He was right there, so close-

But the pinata was already gone.

"It's been a while since I had gotten a piece of Life candy..." Dastardos cooed, smiling evilly at the doctor with the Macaraccoon patterned candy in his hands. Maddie was lying on the ground, face down in the mud. Patch glared at his enemy, his teeth gritting.

"What did you do?" Patch said, not a studder in his words. Dastardos was floating backwards out of the garden, the rain making it look as if he was fading away.

"I told her to stay out of my way..." Was the last thing he said before he was gone. Patch glared out, then leaned over to Maddie.

"M-Maddie? Maddie, a-are you- Oh dear..."