Author Notes:

(I completely forgot to give you all a heads up.) I can't express how overjoyed I am in having gotten so many reviews, readers, and support for "Potion of Love." Though I am sad that it finished I wanted to let you all know that the sequel has already started. "Unraveled Destiny" is the name of the sequel and takes place 6 months after "Potion of Love." You can find the story in my profile page here or search for it by name. Here is the summary and a short preview of the first chapter titled "Truly Yours."



Arthur finds himself in a life threatening predicament. Without his knowing, Merlin finds a way to get him out of it by disguising himself as the King and taking his place. Will Merlin be able to succeed in his plan and save his lover and beloved King or will a past enemy reveal his deceit and put them all in even greater danger? Slash/Merthur


"Merlin, seeing you standing there blushing from a single kiss is great and all, but I do have a knighting coronation to attend to." The young King said as he raised his arms to show that he was still missing some of his clothes. Merlin set the pillow down and retrieved the rest of Arthur's attire from his dresser, pausing in front of the bare chest that threatened to make his heart beat out of his own chest.

"Dammit Merlin," Arthur cursed as he shoved Merlin against one of his bed posts and slammed his lips against his manservant.

Their kiss was deep and full of desire as their hands wandered to every bare flesh they could find, Arthur's clothes resting quietly near their feet. Merlin thrust his tongue into Arthur's mouth, tasting the sweet mixture of fruits and cheeses there; he could feel the hardness pressed against his own heat expanding quickly from between his legs.

Arthur pushed his hands under Merlin's red shirt, his fingers trailing across the pale and soft skin with great need. He rubbed against his manservant, prying his legs apart to get better access of the hardness there.

"I want you so bad right now." Arthur gasped between kisses, the pressure between his trousers becoming unbearable.

Merlin tightened his grip on Arthur's waist as he moved his hips upwards to bring them even closer together. He licked his lips, anticipating what was to follow and his eyes darkened with desire. Arthur kissed him one last time before he pried himself from the arms of his manservant and rested a hand on the pole sustaining Merlin.

"I need to get going… they're waiting for me," Arthur said in between breaths as he tried to calm himself, the sad look on Merlin not helping any. "We can continue this later." He assured his lover as he picked up his clothes from the floor and moved behind the screen to change, the thought that maybe Merlin wasn't the best person to wake him running through his mind.