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In this one, you get to meet a few more people from Ritsu's past, and possibly from Masamune's as well.


Ritsu walked into Emerald without looking up. He knew what he would see if he did. He felt like a jerk, but he'd been avoiding Masamune for two days. When he asked if Ritsu wanted to move in with him, Ritsu panicked and feigned sleep. But he knew he was a terrible liar and Masamune knew it too. He couldn't look him in the eyes at all.

Masamune was pissed. If Ritsu didn't want to move in with him, he could just say so! Instead he just kept avoiding him. Masamune knew it was partly his fault. Ritsu'd had a bad week and then he sprung that question on him. They'd only been dating (officially) for about four months. If you counted their highschool romance, it was eight. Was it too early? Did I scare him? But I just wanted him to stay, to wake up in my bed…our bed.

Ritsu sighed and sat down. His mangaka were all doing fine. All except one. Kano was still skittish about seeing him. He was terrified that he would hurt Ritsu again. Ritsu felt bad about what happened. He was lucky that Kano's last storyboard was the ending of his book, or else it could have gotten ugly. Now the media was demanding a release date for the new volume, and he had no idea what to tell them. Shinzo was trying to reassure Kano that everything would be fine. Besides, he hadn't even really hurt Ritsu. He only accidentally knocked a bookshelf down and Ritsu saved his life by pushing him out of the way. The office phone rang, snapping him out of his thoughts.

Masamune watched with mild interest as Ritsu answered the phone. He had nothing to do because he'd already yelled at all of his mangaka and he knew they were working. He noticed a man (who was also on the phone) come up behind Ritsu as he was talking, but he dismissed it as a new guy who was lost or something… until…

"Hello?... W-what?...P-Please tell me you're kidding!" Ritsu sputtered, oblivious.

"NOPE!" The man shouted, scaring Ritsu half to death. He jumped so bad he fell out of his chair. Kisa just stare, open-mouthed, and Hatori was still not in yet. The man caught him right before his head hit the ground and put him back in his chair. Ritsu was still frozen in shock. By this time, Masamune was already right there, ready to yell.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Who the hell do you think you are—" His snarl was cut off by the man extending his hand and smiling.

"Hello! I'm Tokamo. Onodera Tokamo."

"O-Onodera?" Shit. The first Onodera I meet and I just yelled at him. But he did scare Ritsu half to death… He didn't think the man was his father, though. He'd briefly seen his mother, and all he got from her was his eyes. This man had black hair, grey eyes, and was almost as tall as Masamune himself. They looked nothing alike. Ritsu recovered and asked,

"Uncle Tokamo! What are you doing here?"

"Well, your mother was worried about you… And I wanted to come see Ishikaru, too."

"Okay, but why are you here, as in here." He motioned to the room around them.

"Oh. I just wanted to see how work was going. Plus, this nice young man named Isaka-san told me I could stay and watch for a bit." I'm going to kill him.

"That would be up to my boss, Takano-san." He pointed to Masamune. His eyes positively screamed 'don't say yes!'

"I don't see why not." Traitor!

"B-but uncle Toka! W-what about Ari-chan?" The man was quiet for a moment. He sighed and said,

"She… she really doesn't want to talk to me right now…"

"Why—Ah, never mind. I have to get to work! Stay if you really want to—"

"Nah, I probably will tomorrow though. I'm staying with you until further notice though, so could you give me a key?" Ritsu sighed. He couldn't say no. It was his uncle!

"Okay. I'll be home around seven, so just text me what you want to eat and I'll bring it home."

"No, I'll cook for you. It's the least I could do!" He half-hugged Ritsu and walked away. Ritsu went back to work, straightening up his papers and calling his authors. I can only think of one good thing that could come of this… And I know I'm an ass for it. He knew that as long as his uncle was there, Masamune couldn't touch him. Stupid Masamune! We've only been going out for four months… Am I over-thinking? I mean, it would be kind of nice not to have to go back and forth…. But what if we had a bad fight? I couldn't just run home and lock the door… I'd be stuck there with him. I mean, we fight all the time, and it's usually not that bad, but still… Maybe…


"Oh, sorry, Kisa-san! What were you saying?"

"I was asking if your mangaka, Nuriki-sensei, was done with her latest issue yet. I can't wait to see it!"

"Oh… Yeah, she is. She just wanted to wait until next week to release it though." Kisa nodded.

"It's good to do that sometimes. It can raise demand and add suspense."

"I have a pre-copy in my desk if you want—"

"YES! Oh, thank you, Ri-chan! You're the best!"

At least someone thinks so.


Ritsu glanced nervously at the man beside him on the train. He failed to escape Masamune at the end of the day. Masamune didn't say anything, he just grabbed onto Ritsu's hand and held on. Ritsu was dumbfounded. He was also kind of annoyed. Masamune knew he hated any kind of public affections, but he let it go. Just this once…

Once they were in front of their apartments, he let go of Masamune's hand. Masamune groaned inwardly when he realized he couldn't follow Ritsu into his apartment. I guess I'll have to make do with just kissing him goodnight then…

But Ritsu ducked out of his grasp.


"That's for being a traitor. And because my uncle is right in there." He motioned to the door. Masamune growled softly. When Ritsu turned around, he grabbed his shoulder and spun him back around, right into his lips. After a second, Ritsu pulled back and hissed,

"You Bastard! What the hell are you doing?"

"Well, I was kissing you—"

"Shhh! Not so loud!"

Suddenly the door opened to reveal Toka, smiling and wearing an apron.

"Oh, Ritsu, you're home! Good. Who's this?"

"Th-this is my boss, Takano-san. He's also my neighbor."

"Oh yeah. I remember. I met him briefly earlier, didn't I? Anyways, I made a ton of food. Do you want to eat with us?"

"I would love to." Masamune said, smiling. He ignored Ritsu's glare and walked inside.

Ritsu's blood ran cold. The invitation Marco had sent him for the job in America was on the dining room table!

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