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"What!"Everyone cried in unison. Masamune arms instantly tightened on him as if he feared that Ritsu would bolt at any time. Everyone was yelling and talking at once! He couldn't even hear himself think!

"What do you mean—"

"How could you—"


"That's not—"

"HEY! SHUT UP!" Ritsu yelled. Everyone looked at him, momentarily stunned by his outburst. However, Masamune continued (He was used to Ritsu's outbursts).

"What are you talking about? I though we settled this! I—"

"I SAID, SHUT UP!" Masamune raised an eyebrow. Everyone inwardly groaned. Ritsu squirmed on Masamune's lap (he hadn't wanted to sit there anyways, but Masamune…insisted) but Masamune wouldn't let go. Ritsu sighed and gave up. Shinzo tried to speak up, knowing those two could argue forever.

"Ahem, Takano-san… Give him a chance to explain himself." Masamune glared at him, but Ritsu cut off the remark he was about to snarl.

"I have to go to America. It's for the company. Isaka and I had a meeting not too long ago, and he wouldn't take 'no' for an answer. That, and Marco sent me a very generous offer. After I declined, he called me about two weeks ago. I couldn't refuse, so I told him I would come at the end of the month." Everyone's jaws dropped (except Ari, because she heard him on the phone, but she had figured after meeting Masamune that Ritsu wouldn't leave).

"Why didn't you tell me?" Masamune demanded hotly. Ritsu glared at him.

"I DID!" He yelled.

"No you didn't! I think I'd remember—"

"During that storm! After we had sex, I told you that we needed to talk! You said 'okay' and you nodded, and you listened—or so I thought! Well, it's nice to know that you listen when I talk…" Ritsu huffed in annoyance. Masamune was dumbfounded. He racked his brain. He could only remember a little bit, but then he had fallen asleep!

"Er… I, um… Why haven't you said anything else about it?"

"I was going to talk to you about it that night. But…" He trailed off. The memory of what happened with Masamune's half-brother was obviously still painful. Masamune squeezed his hand. Ritsu continued. "I originally wasn't going to leave until the twenty-ninth, but then I noticed that there was a ticket in the envelope, so I was going to use that instead." Ari thought for a second. The twenty-ninth was in two days…

"OH MY GOD!" Everyone jumped at her outburst.

"What's wrong?" Kano asked worriedly. "T-Takano-san, can I talk to you in the other room?" Masamune glanced at her, and then at Ritsu. He still didn't want to let him go, but he sensed that this was important. He stood up, Ritsu still in his arms, and kissed Ritsu on the top of his head.

"Hey-!" He chuckled and sat him down. He rolled his eyes at Ritsu's glare and followed Ari to the living room.

"What's the matt—"

"We forgot!"

"Forgot what?" She glared at him and pulled out her phone, showing him the calendar. He paled.

"It's Ritsu's Birthday." He stated.

"Oh really?" Ari asked sarcastically.

"What do we do?" He asked, trying not to panic. Ari was thoughtful for a minute.

"I'll get everyone out of here. Bring him to Kano's place around eight tonight. That gives you time to plan something and take him out to dinner."

"…Evil genius…"



Ritsu sighed happily. It was almost eight o'clock. Masamune had given him a wonderful birthday. He was getting tired though.

"Ah ah ah, you can't sleep now."

"Why not?" He yawned.

"Because… I… I left something at Kano's house and I need to pick it up. You have to come too."

"But—"He silenced Ritsu with a kiss.

"I'll make it up to you later." He whispered seductively. Ritsu shivered and couldn't help but smile.


Later that night, let's just say that Masamune got creative with the frosting and Ritsu won't be able to walk for a week.

8888 TWO DAYS LATER 8888

Ritsu sighed as he dragged his suitcase behind him. He was about to get on a plane. Masamune stood beside him, holding his arm. Ritsu thought he'd have a tough time getting him to let go.

"Masamune… It's only for a little while…"

"Two and a half weeks." Came the sulky reply.

"We already went over this. I have to go. I have to help set up the new company building. They'll need a translator—"

"Then why can't they hire one?" He growled.

"They're going to need more than one, and I would be a good asset to the team because I know all three languages and I am an editor myself."


"Don't pout."


"You're such a baby!"

"…Can we do it one more time?" Masamune asked hopefully.

"BAKA! Y-you just m-made me do it in the utility closet like ten minutes ago!"


"Goodbye, Masamune." Ritsu said, rolling his eyes. He pretended he was about to turn and walk away, knowing Masamune would grab him and pull him back. He did.

"What—mmph!" Masamune kissed him. Hard.

"Now remember, you belong to me. If anyone tries anything, have Miko beat them up." Miko had decided to go with him, to promote her now international company. (She owns a string of lingerie for men and women stores.) What really happened was Masamune wanted her to keep watch over him, not that he didn't trust Ritsu. He just didn't trust anyone around Ritsu. He was too cute for his own good!

"Damn it, Masamune! I can take care of myself!"

"I know." He smirked, kissing him again.

"Last call for flight 107G! Last call!" Ritsu sighed and picked up his suitcase again.

"You know, it's funny… Every time I go to America, my flight number is 107…"

Masamune decided that he hated the number 107.

"I love you." Masamune whispered in his ear.

"I-I love you too." Ritsu stuttered.

Ritsu kissed him one last time and boarded the plane

Masamune groaned. He already wished Ritsu had stayed, and the plane hasn't even left yet!

This was going to be a looong two and a half weeks!

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