So this is a random idea I had. It will probably be a sad story but I hope you guys can enjoy it. And please review. :)

This is the preface and will be short. The other chapters will be longer. =D

They say when you die your entire life flashes before your eyes. Some people even say you take a snap shot of the last thing you saw. For me? Neither of these things happened. Sure, I remember what I was doing and what I saw right before but it doesn't stand out in my mind.

At first, when I opened my eyes, I didn't realize what had happened. I didn't even understand how I had died. Everyone thinks of the afterlife differently, but no one really knows until their life is taken from them. You learn things. You learn who really loved you, who used you and what your life meant. I know all this now, things I wish I never had to find out. Now you will hear about them too.

Everyone says I'm crazy; they say I killed myself, but I know it isn't true. I didn't have any reason to want it to end. Not many humans can say this but my life was great. It may not have been perfect. Life never is. That's what causes all the excitement, the imperfections. If life was perfect, it'd be boring. I was happy though and that's what matters. What reason would I have to end my life?

The thing I think about the most is my family. Both of my families. I think of Will and Henry. My precious Henry, whom I won't get to see graduate, pass his drivers or even get married. And my Will. We had our wedding planned, but it never happened. My other family, I think about constantly. My team. I think about all of them. Hotch, Garcia, Reid, Morgan and Emily. My thoughts have even drifted to Gideon and Elle. That was my other family. The family I had before Will and Henry. The friends that were always there.

Death can take any of us. I just never thought it would take me so soon. A young mother, about to be married... I'd so often seen the victims. I'd felt sympathy for them and their families. I just never thought that I would be the victim. I'd so often worried, due to the facts I learned from my job, about Henry's safety. It was terrifying to even bring him to the park. My eyes were so constantly glued on him. I knew that even in a second, my whole world could be shattered and my precious baby taken from me. I just never really thought it could happen to me.

I am an FBI Agent. A profiler. Who could have seen this coming? I'd been determined to protect my family. But in the end, I couldn't even protect myself.

I can't change anything now, but still, I want to be remembered. I want my story to be told: how I died, why. All things that I wondered about at first, all things that I know now—all things that you will soon know, as well.