And here is the slash, and believe me it gets heavy (well afterwards maybe), please review.

Rouge unlocked the door to bushes room and snuck in. Bush looked up from where he had his head in his hands, and smiled at her.

"Would a woman such as you really kill an intoxicated man?" Bush asked feebly. Rouge smiled and shook her head.

"Not normally but right know, William, I believe I am just as intoxicated as you" She said with a smile.

"Well then, a drunkard like you should not have this" Bush said, taking Rouge's knife from her hands and placing it on the bedside table. While in the close proximity, Bush kissed Rouge on the lips. She smiled and kissed Bush back, forcing him onto the bed.

"What are you doing?" Bush asked freezing under her ministrations.

"William, I want you to take my maidenhood away, right now" She said.

"No, I can't" Bush said.

"Why the Hell not? Are you afraid of taking a woman's maidenhood?" Rouge asked. Bush blushed scarlet.

"Not while I am under the influence" he mumbled, she laughed then kissed his lips.

"How about we change that?" she asked pushing him onto his back. Bush wasn't having any of it so, he moved out from under her, and lay with his back to her. Rouge pouted silently behind his back but, then saw the reasonableness of his actions. She then curled up against his back.

Once Bush was sure, Rouge was asleep he moved a hand down to his throbbing member. He let out little grunts and moans as his fingers played along his considerable length. Rouge stirred slightly beside him, but by that time he was too far gone. He lets out a groan / grunt as he releases his seed over his stomach. Bush then quickly cleans himself off with a rag, then falls asleep, with Rouge's warmth at his side.