Wire walked down the street, nodding to a random guy who walked by. It was starting to get dark, and she was heading home. It had been a pretty good day, she decided as she kicked a rock. A damn good day.

Then she heard a yelp from behind her. She turned to see the guy she passed earlier get dragged into an alley, followed by several other guys. Oh hell naw. That isn't sitting well with her. She jogged back into the alley to see the poor, innocent guy getting thrown onto the ground and kicked. She scowled. Fuck. No.

"Hey asshats!" She yelled before running over and kicking one of the guys in the side. He cried out and fell to the ground as the others surrounded her. There were six, and they all had their hoods up, and a few had bandanas over their faces. Just one of your typical, wannabe gangs... One of the guys hung back with a camera and filmed everything. GOD, humanity makes her sick sometimes… One of the guys rushed forward and punched her in the mouth. She barely even felt it… Wire shoved him back, easily, and laughed.

"You call that a punch?" She snickered, "By the gods, that was weak. You guys must think you're so tough." She chuckled, "You're not."

"Who do you think you are, bitch? We're from the Steel Guns!" Wire stopped smiling and scowled. These guys really are wannabes.

"First of all, you're all idiots. The Steel Guns disbanded a while ago," She spat, "Second, the Steel guns have class. They wear suits and shit, and…you all look like a bunch of dirty fucking hobos. And lastly, the Steel Guns wouldn't let a couple of cowardly, weak, pathetic assholes like you join in. I doubt you would survive the joining, anyways. They… leave their mark. In other words, they burn the mark into you." She saw a glint of metal and looked closer. One of them was putting on brass knuckles.

"How would you even know that?"

"Simple… I was one of them," Wire said as she smirked, "I was way up there, too. If I wanted to, I could have been second-in-command. And since I'm such a kind person, I'm giving you asshats one chance to leave now, and not get your asses kicked." As soon as she said that… They must have gotten really pissed when she said that, because they all jumped at her.

There was a flurry of limbs, and blood. Oh yes… lots of blood. Wire wasn't entirely sure whose blood it was, but she didn't particularly care, either. Every now and then, she felt a stab of pain from a lucky hit, and she could taste blood. She made sure to leave every single one with a little gift to remember her by…

She had knocked out three of them before they gave up, and she was pretty sure that she broke one guy's wrist, and another's leg. The one with the camera, the only one that wasn't hurt, threw a rock at Wire's face. It hit just above her right eye and (more) blood ran down her face. But she wasn't too worried about it… she just picked up the rock and returned the favor. She broke the camera, and as the guy cursed and spat at her, she punched him in the nose; grinning when she felt his nose break. He cried like a girl as he ran, and the others ran as well, leaving their three friends behind.

With the problem solved, Wire tuned back to the guy huddling against the wall. He looked around her age, actually, with short, black hair and pale skin. And he had on a backpack, which was probably the main reason he got mugged. She held out her hand for him to grab, and when he did, pulled him to his feet. When he got into the light, she winced. He was pretty banged up… his eye was bruised and swelled up so much that he probably couldn't see anything out of it, and he had scrapes on his jaw, and his nose was bleeding. She felt guilty as she pulled a tissue out of her pocket and offered it to him, which he took gratefully.

"You okay?" She asked concernedly. He wiped away the blood and nodded. Despite all the cuts and bruises, and the swelled-shut eye, the one green-blue eye she could see was bright and happy.

"Yeah, I am," He told her, "Thanks you. Who knows what else they could've done to me if you hadn't come along…" Wire shrugged.

"Beat you to near-death, steal all your stuff, including your clothes," She suggested, "And it's also possible that they would have gang raped you…" He gulped and laughed nervously as he rubbed the back of his neck. Then Wire realized that… that probably wasn't comforting him very much. Oops…

"You uh… you sure you're okay?" Wire asked again. He smiled again and nodded. "Maybe I should… walk you home… in case those guys try to come back, yeah?" He paused and thought about it for a second, then nodded vigorously.

"Yeah… good idea." He agreed as he started walking, looking back to make sure Wire was following, before heading down the street. "So… I'm Joshua. Call me Jay. Everyone does." Wire raised an eyebrow and smirked, but didn't comment.

"I'm Carrie Elyswyer. Call me Wire." She told him. He nodded and smiled to himself. Wire noticed that he was tall… really tall. Almost six to eight inches taller. And his build was pretty similar to Seth's. Pretty skinny… but she was sure that he could pack quite a punch if he really wanted to.

"Soo… where'd you learn to fight like that?" Jay asked, "That was incredible!" Wire chuckled.

"Lots of practice." Jay beamed.

"Dude, you are like… awesome," Jay said, "I have so many questions!" Wire shrugged.

"Ask away, it's all good… I got time," She told him as she took off her glasses and hung them on her shirt, "By the way… next time you go out for a walk, don't bring a backpack. That's probably the main reason you got mugged… and I might not be there to save you next time." Jay smiled sheepishly, and gratefully.

"Will do… and thanks again."

-Back at home-

"Honey, I'm home!" Wire called through the house as she slammed the door shut. She shook of the snow that had started falling when she had neared the house like a dog and kneeled down to greet Vigil. He looked up at her face, and his tail stopped wagging as he whined worriedly. Before she could ask what was wrong, Seth came over. She looked up at him and his smile fell. He hurried over and gently held her face between his hands.

"What happened?" He asked. Wire shrugged.

"Nothing much," Wire told him nonchalantly, "Walked around town a bit, helped Bear around the shop, walked some more, stopped a wannabe gang from mugging a guy, fought the wannabes, walked the guy home. No biggie. Did you know it was snowing?"

"Wire…" He sighed exasperatedly before pulling her into the living and lightly pushing her onto the couch before going to the kitchen, probably to get the first aid kit. She looked around for Jack, Alex, or Sara.

"Hey Seth, where is everyone?" Wire asked. Seth came back with the first-aid kit and a wet towel, and then sat next to her. He leaned closer and gently cleaned away the dried blood.

"Alex took Sara to go shopping, and she made Jack go." He answered. Wire raised an eyebrow.

"Okay," She said slowly, "So… why didn't you go with them?" Seth shrugged.

"I wanted to stay so you would not be alone when you got home," He said, before quickly adding to Vigil, "Not that you and Junkyard aren't enough…" Wire grinned.

"Aww… that's so… sweet and romantic and stuff," She chuckled, "You're lucky I love you; you know that all the romance-y stuff doesn't appeal to me. I only put up with it for you…" Wire joked, "You better love me for this." He smiled kissed her forehead.

"I do," he assured her, "More than anything." Wire made a face.

"Oh, it's a shame you don't blush anymore when you say stuff like that," She sighed, "It was adorable… What do I gotta do to get you to blush now? Grope you?" Seth's cheeks turned pink and she laughed, "Nope, not yet… I still got it." Seth rolled his eyes and pulled away the now bloody towel, then cocked his head to the side.

"You are… missing a part of your eyebrow." He told her. She gave a meep and quickly covered her eye and eyebrow. He rolled his eyes and pulled her hands away. "I would not worry about it… you look fine." Wire made a face.

"I should've punched that guy harder…" She muttered. Seth fought off a smile and turned her head a few directions, checking for any more damage. Finding none, he put some antibacterial cream on Wire's cuts before putting it back into the first-aid kit and setting it on the floor. Wire wiped the blood off her knuckles then threw the towel on the first-aid kit and settled into the couch with a content sigh. Vigil lumbered into her lap and Seth wrapped his arm around her shoulders as she turned on the TV before grabbing the XBOX controller and turning it, and the XBOX itself, on.

As she started up Skyrim, her phone blared out the Pokémon theme song. She set down the controller with a sigh and opened her phone, automatically setting it on speaker-phone. It's a bad habit she has…

"Wire!~" The familiar male voice called. Seth stared at Wire curiously. She smiled sheepishly.

"I… may have given the guy who got mugged my number…"

"Who you talkin' to? Actually, no, don't answer that, it's none of my business, but listen; you wanna hang out later?" Seth raised an eyebrow and Wire felt him tense up a bit. She rubbed the back of her neck.

"He's just a friend, don't worry." She assured him. He continued to stare and she sighed before putting her phone under the pillow so Jay wouldn't hear her be… sappy. "You know I only like-like you…"

Seth smiled and gave a satisfied nod, then relaxed. Wire pulled the phone out from under the pillow.

"Well? You wanna hang?" Wire grinned.

"Hell to the yes!" She replied.


Author's Note-

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